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  1. Chris Springfield

    As a kid Chris was very needy, he always wanted the latest top notch gadgets. But he never knew his parents and was never raised by anybody. He had to find his own way around and wanted to make friends in new places as he had never been to school. He always stole books out of the English library and read about places in the world such as Chernarus. This is why Chris is in Chernarus today and he wants to find out more about this Nuclear location as he loves to explore. But is always looking for the top notch gadgets and gear wanting everything he can get his hands on.
  2. My Birthday

    Hello members and staff of the DayzRP server. It is my birthday and thats all i wanted to say so Happy Birthday to me :(.........
  3. Yeah i was there with 1 friend and a random guy who came with us at the time who i can't recall of his name. We were walking along the road doing nothing wrong at all and we were initiated on so i turned around and shot at the guy who said to put our hands up and his friend shot the random guy who i don't know and i ran into the bus stop and waited for the guy to come closer and then i came out of the bus stop and shot my final bullets at the friend of the original man who initiated, i missed and decided to run into the school where i was shot at the door and my friend went into the apartment and had to go at the time of the fight and apologises for intended 'combat logging' but we were talking about logging in one of the buildings near us at the time and he had to go badly so i apologise on his behalf and do believe i was randomly initiated on.
  4. Sorry to bring this up, but i am confused what this is as i have read the discussion but i am not aware of the situation at hand.