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  1. My Birthday

    Hello members and staff of the DayzRP server. It is my birthday and thats all i wanted to say so Happy Birthday to me :(.........
  2. Randy Sauer

    Randy, living in the United Kingdom alone, where expenses were becoming overwhelming. He was struggling to pay for his apartment and his choices became limited. During early 2017, Randy was forced to move. Even to the point where he had to move Country. Work was becoming harder and harder to find and he physically couldn't survive where he was. After much research he found a place, a Country, just South of Russia, called Chernarus. The Country didn't seem the most attractive or impressive, but after some sort of civil war that happened a few years back the prices on homes had reduced. Randy found an apartment in a small city called Elektrozavodsk. He left what he had and moved there with the remaining money in his bank account. For the most part it was peaceful. His apartment was place in the main part of town near the market place so it did get fairly busy, but he adapted and enjoyed his time. After the first month of his stay when he was running low on money he needed to find work. There was an available place in the market. He took the opportunity regardless of the low pay and worked for the following months. Randy lived a very basic life, he wouldn't even use his TV, he tried to stay away from the news. Nevertheless his life was prosperous; in it's own way. During the beginning of July, thing got very interesting. Ever so often military soldiers would be marching down the streets. It felt to Randy like some war was about to start. Days later, people started leaving the City, they packed their bags and left so desperately. A wave of refugees came into the City and started to camp out. Randy took his opportunity and took a ride with his co worker. He drove Randy North up the coast away from all the madness. They were both as confused as the other. Once they hit the town in the Northeast, some sort of factory just past it, the infected hit them. They were charged by them. They started attacking his co worker and it was too late for Randy to save his friend. Randy exited the vehicle and ran. He ran into the woods nearby, away from the mania. He just kept on running. Eventually he met a group of survivors. They taught him how to survive and kill. It turns out his home town was one of the last places to get hit. This is where his story begins...