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  1. Unapologetic (Poem)

    I'm sorry I left you, all alone I always told you, i'd return home I struggle to fit in with the people around here In the Sorella's pub drinking warmish beer. Gunshots daily, Anarchy mainly. I'm disappointed, weapons are pointed. I get to my knees and keep calm mostly, I wish I was with you warm and toasty. They steal my stuff but don't harm me. The birds in my ear, in perfect harmony. The voices ring in my ear. I saw them drinking beer. The next thing I saw was black. I never want to go back to that. I hope to see you soon. I love you to the moon. I remember our perfect room. you used to roll around with the broom. The loud ass noise of the vacuum. Shamefully they just want me for my goods. I hope to see you in our house in the woods. - You can search it, it wont come up. comepletely out of my head in about 2-5 minutes Anything is possible. Just make yourself plausible.
  2. RandyBiscuit's Intro

    Well if I have to keep coming to the helpdesk I wont enjoy it anymore!
  3. RandyBiscuit's Intro

    Hello users of DayzRP, I have been here quite a while now and I never have properly introduced myself. My name is Louis, I am 16 and play on a Lenovo z70-80. Yes I play on a laptop with decent 80fps so don't always push away the cheaper things in life :). Firstly I am not apart of any group at the moment and plan to expand my horizon over time, I hopefully will be taking part in the mentor program to become a better rp'er and to hopefully benefit some of the good roleplayers of the community. I personally have had my fair share of warnings/bans but I plan to fix that and show that I am better than I may depict. If you would like to contact me either comment on this post or message me personally, Thank you!!
  4. Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I do not believe it is fair as, some of the things that have been said have been incorrect and I completely understand why you shouldn't believe me but truth of the matter is that everybody who came up the stairs had guns in their hand and also at the time the only mention of people coming up the stairs that was said (without evidence) was that their was a man upstairs doing this and even though they are already banned, surely I should have heard the man talking in radio in game aswell no? Anyway you don't have to believe me I'm just here to try my best! Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I completely understand it was NVFL but as I have previously stated, it is unlikely that a man who has experienced his friends death is going to sit around and do nothing also at the time of the pub there was only about 5 of them which I had heard/seen even though that doesn't change much anyway. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I have re-read the rules twice as requested and do understand why I am wrong, I would like to be considered for an unban with the intent to follow the rules correctly and to try my best to follow them at all times! What could you have done better?: I could have just left the towns completely and waited for the Kill rights to end and I could have also stayed away from the area for a long time anyway. I should have also not intended to kill them as I was clearly outnumbered and I pushed my luck just a bit too much. I apologise and can solemnly swear to follow the rules as closely as possibly and I have understood the actions that have been taken to punish me for my foolish but brave actions!
  5. Just finished my first story I hope everyone likes it, please feel free to check it out at: 


  6. First of all I recommend putting Patrick Watson - Noisy Sunday In another tab as your reading it as it's a really beautiful song and I really hope it toggles with your emotions... thank you! Here is the song link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3a3MA9nHGI Johnny never knew what he was getting himself into, he never knew the repercussions of his actions and the places he would end up. It's too late now he's already gone.... I remember him as a little kid. A cute little baby boy who loved playing with his toys and swinging around on the swings and play sets. His family were not wealthy and they were not poor either, slap bang in the middle as Johnny used to say... Like any other little boy he used to stare into the dark empty hallways as if he was talking to the non existent ghosts. Growing up from this sweet innocent child he was, his parents split and as he was still quite young he didn't understand what was really happening to his family. His dad ran off with a prostitute, that's all I knew and I still miss him today but I will never know where he went. Probably somewhere like Barbados or Madagascar as he always talked about going there with his 'friends' and never involved me in any discussions. (sigh) enough about him, never was a good dad anyway... I always did the cleaning for lil Johnny boy, I always took him to the parks around and even I had to teach him how to ride a bike which he loved way too much and I had too take him to the park every day. But I loved seeing my boy smiling, giggling and enjoying his life. He always cuddled up with me after his bike ride and fell asleep in my arms, sometimes he even looked at me and told me to put him to bed even before dinner. Sometimes even in the morning he would stay asleep as if he was a teenager already... As a teenager not having a dad for many people caused a lot of problems and in this case for Johnny it did, he started stealing from shops and even if he was caught he would run away and continue to do it over and over. I never sent him to school as it never did me any favours so I wanted him to grow up and be taught by me. Later that year he was diagnosed with cancer... I couldn't afford treatment for Teenage Johnny as my ex-husband ran away and took all the money from me. Everyday he woke up in pain, crying and I would always cry into my hands like waterfalls from the hills above. I couldn't help him and I could hardly afford to live anywhere anymore, I thought it was time I gave him to the local children's care home so I didn't hear him suffer. From personal experiences my Grandpa had cancer too and everyday he would go to the gym to try and exterminate the cancer from his body. I bought Johnny a 6 month membership with whatever money I could find in my house hidden under cushions and in my small piggy bank's around the household. Gathering together anything I could just for him, I even tried selling old furniture for any money I could for him. I sold the house and the car and resorted to living on the streets where his thieving skills came in handy. His cancer had restricted him from being able to run away and a week after living in a tin shack in the middle of a forest we were caught with stolen food, medical equipment and electronics such as the DS and what not. We didn't have a plug so any plug outside of the house would be used to charge it and entertain him. I sometimes myself used his membership to get into the gym as living on the streets was difficult. The police caught us and split us up just like when my ex-husband left me. They began to take us into separate police cars where my own son pulled a knife and stabbed the police officer 16 times making the situation for both of us together even worse... My son then ran to the police officer dragging me into the car and put a knife against his throat and insisted to let me go, which he did. The radio voices were then ringing in my ears and they still do today, the sirens kept getting closer where we were greeted by guns, shields and weapons. My son was taken to a court the day after where he was guilty of manslaughter and then was thrown into a maximum security prison. Everyday I visited my son I remember seeing the glimmer in his eyes through the glass and everyday he looked worse than the day before where I finally built up enough courage to help him escape before he would die in there. He was becoming a mad man server almost eighty years in that prison and I wasn't going to sit around and let him die in front of my own eyes. One early morning I came to visit and sat down in the small cupped seat and waited to see him, I sat there in total silence with the few rations I had left over from the small camp we had. I was then free from the prison but still had no home to live and nowhere to go. I heard footsteps approaching and chains rattling towards the visitation pod which I had come t visit my son Johnny in. But then a man walked past looking like my ex-husband, we caught each other's eye and he continued to walk on but I tried to move through the visitation pods with this man but it was too late, a man in a security outfit already blocked my entrance through the large metal door. I walked into him not focusing on what was going on in front of me. I then was guided by the tall, large man back to my visitation pod where I had the sight of this man in my head almost staring directly at me with his right eye as he walked past. I then saw my son with tattoos, punch wounds and a broken nose... this wasn't Johnny, no way could this be him. Same eyes, Same hair, Same body posture as yesterday what had they done to him. He stared at me not saying a word almost afraid to confront me so I just used finger pictures such as the love heart and the googly eyes to try and make him laugh but he just directly stared at me with no emotion, a guard came to confront the man sitting in front of me. It wasn't Johnny I knew it wasn't. Johnny was nowhere to be seen so I left quickly so that the guards wouldn't see my cry and they told me they would look for him and would let me know when they find him. I put my face into my hands and listened to the wind brush against my long hair and my ears and I sighed to myself. I looked up and I saw a taxi with my dog in the backseat and Johnny next to him with the door wide open staring at me. I ran over to the taxi going to put my hand on top of it and it disappeared with a puff of dust and I looked around surrounded by fences and towers with armed men inside, I knew there was no way for him to escape. His only hope was to serve his time. I tried to get a job at local shops near this prison just in case and failed 3 time before managing to get a job at a small café called Angolo della scala which in English meant 'Stair Corner' and it didn't have many customers but anything to wait for my boy Johnny to get out. The same man who I saw bashed in the prison was later released that year and he came to Angolo della scala where I confronted him for claiming to be Johnny which he denied and ordered without even looking at the menu like he came here often, the only true customers were the officers from the prison who came here for their donuts and coffee. This man had a scar above his left eye and always glanced at the other workers giving them the death stare as Johnny so called it. He had his coffee and slammed the table without saying a word, he pulled a gun and pointed it to my head saying 'give me all the money out of the cash register and give me your car/house keys'. I stared at him with a tear dripping down his face and the same tattoo I saw on my own sons neck was on his arm. I immediately questioned him but the tension between him and I got tighter and he pushed me back behind the counter as I moved closer to him. I grabbed some of the cash and I said to him. 'My son has that same tattoo' and he lowered his gun and ran out of the café quickly with a sense of apology to his face. Still visiting my son I told him it's time he gets out so he drew with his finger in the air a map of the prison and showed me how he would get out but still didn't say a word just kept staring at me like I was a freak. He then showed me 3 numbers on his finger and told me to be here a year later on this exact day. Today was the day that he told me he was going to escape so I came to visit him at the normal time and I then entered the building to be greeted by the tall security man which escorted me to the visitation room into the visitation pod, and to my surprise there was nobody coming to see me and I waited and waited and then the memory of my small boy came back to me. I was then escorted out of the visitation pod after 10 minutes of waiting and got outside to the empty gravel, fences and guard towers that surrounded me like a cave. I then dropped to my knees and knew what my son meant by escape. He killed himself, that's why I never saw him again. I thought it was all over but then I blacked out and fell to the floor. My vision came back to me after moments of blurriness where I woke up to see my bedroom empty, and the same clothes I wore that day. But how did I get here and what happened to my son. I swiftly opened every draw that surrounded me and they were all empty so I quickly ran out of my bedroom into the exact empty dark hall that Johnny used to stare at. I heard tires screeching quickly away from the house and ran to the window where I was greeted with a note. 'Mum, it's Johnny. I've decided to take all of my belongings and leave you to be happy with a life without my health problems. I hope to see you again. Love Johnny' A small picture attached at the bottom. The one I took of him as a kid wearing my ex-husband's beret. I smiled holding the note closely to my chest and looked down into the photo staring at him trying to remember everything that I told him. I've lost my little boy. I hope he comes back to me I need him right close to my heart.
  7. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Your IG name and which subject are you interested in learning about? (Please chose from the above listed categories): Johnny Hart What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play?: GMT, all day every day How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word of mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)?: Word of Mouth If you had to judge yourself and your role play, what would you say are your strong points and what areas would you like to learn about or improve on?: No strong points, Everything
  8. King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)


    I am distraught as this is quite late in the evening for me and I don't want to keep up my family by doing my 'war cry' so shamefully I have to opt out but I hope everyone else enjoys it!!
  9. Survivors: Looking For Group

    IGN: Johnny Hart Country: England English skills: Top Notch DayZ Mod Experience: Never Played DayZ Standalone Experience: 3 Years Roleplaying Experience: 2 years of Roleplay Experience What kind of In Game role best describes you: Bandit (Jokester of the group). I believe I am very two faced, I am sometimes nice and sometimes mean depends on the character's mood. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope, Lone wolfed since birth Additional notes: Best way to contact you: Pm me @RandyBiscuit Backstory: Johnny Hart is a posh British man who pretends to be nice and when alone with another, becomes a devil. He wants to rid the world of all Communists and non English Speakers. When with a large group of people he is a nice calming man who does not fight. Nobody touches his hat or his hat TOUCHES THEM. His clothes symbolise his wealthiness and his great English heart. He is very proud to be British and hates when people insult the power of the British. He looks for a girl in his life everyday and wants someone to spend the lonely wastelands with. He plans to eradicate the infection and become the Leader of Chernarus. He is also a strong speaker and loves when people agree with his plans.
  10. Any person who was involved in this. I hope to come across you all again, we weren't the brightest bunch but it was still a fun rodeo! @Cal, @kimmylou, @XxGrAipYyxX, @Bruce Adams, @TheTrueHawk, @Ryan Carter, @anonymous, @PrinceCharles74, @AshleyJesse, @xdproslim11, @tynelson224.
  11. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    @Chewy The reason I thought I could take them on as I thought the people in the town may assist, and a few of them did and I didn't even ask them to so I thought to give it a go. Obviously I knew I was outnumbered but with having to see 1 friend die, hear another friend die and see 1 friend dying. In my personal view no matter how many there were in real life I wouldn't just sit around and do nothing, I would get people involved and in this case I went into the town and started spreading the news warning people that the Anarchists and killed 2+ people and were probably on their way into this town where most people decided to hide and a few people decided to take up positions in building but I have no idea who was helping me but I heard they were taking shots from multiple places.
  12. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    Well after watching 2+ friends die and telling me to put my hands up and some of your group trying to steal my stuff. what would you do in that situation? It just makes sense for me to revenge my best friend
  13. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    Were you the person who was shot first? standing still
  14. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    Well I apologise for Mis-ID'ing someone but if the Anarchists and the people with 'no armbands' made this clear I would have had more of an idea of who was In what group
  15. S1: Firefight Mis-ID in Severograd, 2/17/18

    Well some of the people who were with the Anarchists at the time were not wearing armbands so it is quite hard to tell who was and was not apart of their 'sort of group' and coming up to the place where I was killing them from with a gun raised looking out the windows just gave me a suspicion that you had plans to kill me