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  1. Hey everyone I have not played Dayzrp for about 9-10 months some may remember me as Darren Beans some as Andrew Shields. Anyways it's good to be back.
  2. xDingy

    Your bestest friends you made on DayZRP

    Owen k./ Ruslan / Jere / Ahmad Da Bomb. Great Group of guys
  3. yes people would give the password out....but then they atleast risk something doing so like when ppl got banned for playing with permabanned players from ska a few months back. people usually end up getting caught out one way or another and also if it was passworded if someone gave out the password it would be to someone that knows what rp means and eliminate the people that join randomly thinking its a PvP server
  4. so as there was an update i thought i would return to dayz as the mod does not do it for me anymore. Plzzzzzzzzzz admins have the server pass worded so only us white listed players know the password. and have a strict rule anyone caught giving out the password to non white listed players gets permabanned. this would have a good impact on the server and for players that actually want to role play to enjoy dayz again.
  5. Muntz who is the hot ass bitch in the pink dress ? Hook me up! Been with this community for 7 months now...Here is a face to the name and voice. Me at big day out (Australia day) And me and my son at a friends wedding
  6. would love to meet up with you but i been stuck unconscious for 2 days now. cannot respawn my body is not even where i got killed
  7. xDingy

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    How much longer will the server be offline ?
  8. xDingy

    Svetlo Community Thread -WIP-

    Welp, this proves our point, as far as the town's rules are concerned. Also, Sumos, we see we logic error. We just don't give a fuck. We're here to set up a safe RP environment for others. If people come here to fight, it doesn't matter what we do. They will fight. It's been proven time and time again in this town. Jared got murdered a few days ago, by some random who just didn't care about the rules. He shot Jared and shouted, "Get Fucked Sonny Jim!" Logic has no place in SA as it stands. Your argument is just as void of It as ours, since the server is unregulated, and unpredictable. At any moment, a player can kill another player with no OOC or IRL consequences what so ever, and that won't change any time soon. You can't be logical in that sort of environment. We will make enemies, and we will fight them. That's the only truth of the matter. OOC:we will roleplay and follow rules don't worry about that. IC: I Darren shields a ex prisoner of Svetlojarsk Prison have now been on the streets fighting the spread of the infection for weeks. then you guys come along telling me i shall not cover my face or carry a gun in my hands. So yer fuck The Police i am me property of myself and i shall never be controlled or owned by anyone ever again!
  9. xDingy

    Svetlo Community Thread -WIP-

    Police ? "Fuck The Police" - Darren Shields
  10. xDingy

    Why don't i see this in DayZ

    [video=youtube] my 1st visit to the ravens nest back in September. Video is blocked in germany