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  1. It appears that both indoor fire-places, and writing on paper with a pen are no longer working in this current patch. I'm not sure if these issues are just isolated to myself, or if others are experiencing the same. Further input and confirmation would be appreciated. I believe the firstly mentioned indoor fire places are more important than ever, given the new and colder weather in this patch.
  2. Worry not my friend, I wasn't serious with my comment and think both are needed as well. I merely took the opportunity to threaten S1's life, just as many had done to S2!
  3. Close s1 and make them all play on s2 now!
  4. Again, the point of the limitations of text-rp is irrelevant here. If you want a simple answer for that. Its that Text rp isn't disallowed to any degree. I've answered your points on deaf rp. After that your argument devolved into a personal belief that its grey. Why? Because you think so. That's fine, everyone is entitled to a personal opinion. Just leave baseless beliefs out of discussions. Now if you have another actual point about it, beyond a personal belief. Please say so.
  5. The point you were leading to about the limited range of text messages is pointless here and completely off subject and holds no ground. Its limitations of engine, not the RP. I could play what if's with you all day regarding the game. What if voip is glitched and no one is transmitting? What if someone is speaking in ts and thinks its in game? That is all irrelevant in this discussion.
  6. I'm on my phone now, so answers will be a bit more brief. You've completely changed your point from being about deaf characters, to being about text-rp. If you have something against text-rp or anything of the sort, then you should create a separate thread about it. Otherwise, keep your questions and arguments about deaf characters and not the /limitations/ of the text system.
  7. I've given you answers, though you seem pretty intent on ignoring them and rephrasing your questioning in an attempt to make my answers invalid. "What if someone's drops a mass initiation on the compound?" We're back to mental competence. Deaf or not, if you're in a compound and every is all happy cheery one moment, then people are running to their battle-stations with weapons out the next. Something is obviously going on and anyone can put that much together. Being deaf hardly challenges any rules, far less so than bandits constantly trying to rob and looking for a reason to Kill on Sight. Which is what I believe this whole rule-focus orientation is about. Are people so focused on the rules because without them, they'll just be killed on sight in an RP community for their loot or something? Right now you're asking the same question repetitively, only rephrasing it, again. What does it matter if they're out of text range but within voip? Does that mean all mute characters and text RP should be banned now? I know I've seen several guides on text rp, so that question seems a bit pointless. The answer is. If they're out of text range then they should close the distance, I'm assuming the text-rp'er has been initiated on and can't do so themselves.
  8. I was /initiated/ on twice by a group in the airfield and it went just fine. Like I said, being deaf or having another disability doesn't mean you're mentally incompetent. I stood where I was with my item in hand, glancing around with my head instead of turning my body. I kept from making sudden movements or reaching for weapon's, I made gestures toward them and signaled toward the mouths and my ears. They didn't seem bothered by it one bit. Now if they decide to just shoot you after you've complied, that would be RDM, Ruleplaying and overall Badrp. You can play rule lawyer all you want, saying what all it can and can't be. If someone's not willing to put forth and effort and patience to communicate during an initiation after you've complied, they're not going to bother at all. So being deaf, a mute, or anything doesn't really change that. People are so rule-focused here instead of RP focused.
  9. Being deaf or having a disability doesn't mean you're mentally incompetent.
  10. The rules say prioritize Role-play above all, so I don't really see how it would cause a grey area. I haven't really had any issues so far with my character and have been told by several people they love it. It is an initial challenge for new people to communicate with her, though once they get over the hill, they're golden.
  11. Piss off, Sod Off, Jog On, Bugger off, Take a hike, get outta here (With or without s.t.a.l.k.e.r. at the end.), Screw off, make like a tree and leaf? That's all I have really.
  12. You're far from cutting out a lot of RP. You have to find new and interesting ways to interact and communicate with others and it requires a greater depth and effort to RP. Though if you meant you're cutting out 5 minute loot and scoot bandit RP, then you're right. Those kind of character's aren't designed around quick RP sessions, they're meant for long interactions with a considerable amount of effort put into them. You could say that people who don't care to put it in effort or just shoot you right away don't really care for role-playing.
  13. I can't say I really have any issues with lag or desync on S2, and I have pretty terrible DSL.
  14. Katzevon

    Does your RP effect your personality IRL?

    My character's don't really affect my personality, though when I'm playing them I invest a lot of myself into them and try my best to be them during that point. When they're hurt I hurt, when they cry I cry, I act out and /feel/ how they feel. I find it helps me improve my RP, further the realism of the character, and provide an overall better experience. It is incredibly exhausting though, especially if you get into something like bandit torture RP. I do overall enjoy the investment and effort. (I guess it does affect me to some degree due to the attachment. Other than how exhausting it is, it does take a bit to recover from whatever emotional turmoil my character's have gone through that day. )
  15. Katzevon

    Wolves and KOS rights

    I think it depends on the situation and reasoning behind it. If you're doing it purposefully, with the intent of harming the group then I do believe that should be considered a hostile action and perhaps even failRP. I imagine you'd be able to get away with this if you found some relatively well equipped survivors and ran toward them screaming bloody murder and begging for help, then sticking around to help fend off the pack and RPing with them after. Though... If you're being chased by a group of bandits and lead them into a pack, or better yet. You fire off your weapon in the middle of a city to call the dinner bell on a group of bandit's trying to rob you, I think you should be A-Okay. Obviously you're going to be shot at though.
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