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  1. Barry and his family lives in northern Chernarus, prior to the outbreak, in a small town called Polesovo. His father was never around much due to his work which brought him to Kamensk and his mother never went out of her way to impact his life. However, the time that Barry's father was home was spent hunting and exploring the wilderness due to lack of other activities and money. When the economy began to improve due to the foreign investments, life seemed to take a turn for the better. However, with the country on the brink of a civil war and the political unrest, people only became more and more violent. When martial law was declared in 2017 we decided to move further north into the forest and live a life away from the townspeople. Due to our isolated position, the news came late to us. We were late to hear of the epidemic and once most had begun to migrate south to the safezone we were already deep in the infected area. My father never came back from work in Kamensk one day leaving my mother and I to wonder the worst. Soon after my mother showed signs of a sickness through symptoms like coughing and sneezing. Within a day she began to become delirious and unpredictable. Eventually, she became rabid and unresponsive. Being the young, scared adult I was I fled as I couldn't bring myself to kill her. I fled south in hopes of finding salvation and maybe even a cure for my mother. So far the trek has shown me the deserted wasteland Chernarus has become and I am slowly losing hope.