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  1. You have a good point about metagaming. I would like to delete the post if someone can help me do that.
  2. Yes I saw a few chickens by my farm today.
  3. My character Cole MacFarlane has stumbled across a farm in the north between Zaprudnoe and Ratnoe. He will be running this farm and it is neutral to all parties. This will be very much like Green Mountain but will be organized. This will support the RP in the north that rarely occurs. Everything else you must discover in RP. See ya en "Highland" Laddie'.
  4. I was originally from the mod but this is great! I'm a huge fan of this!
  5. Paynekiller

    Chernarus Live Radio! [SoonTM]

    Is this radio always going? I'm confused at what it is. And is there an actually station that they are sitting in game?
  6. I was having some serious issues trying to join but Nico on the TS helped me so much! Thanks bro! #Nicolaev4CH