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  1. Insurgency

    Yea love this game,
  2. DayzRP Videos

  3. Teamspeak 3 - Push To Talk Button

    Mouse button 4 here
  4. The Last Of Us [SPOILERS]

    Reading this old thread and see the news the last patch launched with new maps, and i ask, someone have a clan or Last of Us Thread like GTA V DayZRP Crew? Someone still play? http://www.vg247.com/2013/10/15/the-last-of-us-abandoned-territories-map-pack-and-patch-1-05-trailered-detailed/
  5. The new girl!

    The Horde started in 3...2...1... Welcome
  6. *krrsk* Hey Welcome, if you ever comes across a little hungry, come to Gvozdno forest i invite you to a very tasty roast rabbit, over *krrsk*
  7. Confess!

    I see the serie 'That '70s Show' for 3 consecutive years daily non stop... I F***ng love you Laura Prepon
  8. [FMDS] Free Medic Defense Squad

    OMG i will cry :'( //Beautiful RP
  9. 1.3.0 Dance Party!

    Awesome Mason
  10. Project zomboid [Game thread]

    I'm still alive after several days, the map has been very helpful.
  11. Battlefield 4 Beta - Preload

    I tested BF4 with AMD Radeon 7850, run great on Ultra