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  1. Caesar


    It's obvious some people change their opinions over what is convenient for them. Either the majority of the server should decide how things are handled or the admins have final say. You cannot have it both ways. At Least I personally acknowledge that it is up to the admins to make the final decision. Even if I lose I accept that it is their decision to make, despite my best attempt to try and persuade through logic and reason.

    I guess self interest will will always win out for some people. As Trump would say, SAD!

    1. Pestol

      If I break both the KOS and the CL rule I can essentially say that I didn't know the rules for Combat logging and i'd be let off the hook. In fact I wouldn't even have to say that as I would only be punished for one of them anyways, right?

      If that is the case, I can definitely see how this is not only convenient for people but also a very flawed system.

    2. Caesar


      You don't even have to say that, the only time you would be punished is it a GM thought the second rule break "was bad" enough.

      Here I thought breaking rules by their nature was "bad enough", I mean aren't they rules for a reason?