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  1. Anti - telepathic communication rule

    I always said that this was bullshit. If a certain group of people hadn't of changed the definition of surrender and used the plain English definition it would never have been such a big issue (as was originally intended). I distinctly remember when I first saw this in a report I was totally outraged by it, but everyone else saw it as ok. It's a stupid thing to allow. Better late than never I guess. I still maintain that changed for the worse. Sure the original definition may not have been perfect, but in those circumstances it was a significant improvement. As soon as you "surrender", just stop talking. This doesn't mean wait until your radio is taken. There are other good suggestions in this thread, including in all hostile situations forcing a double mic. I am not saying the original intention was the best solution or the only one. More stating that the change in definition was poorly thought out as it went backwards. I get the annoyance here, but I also get the counterpoint. From my experience of group dynamics not everything stated is IC while playing the game. So much of this game can be done on autopilot that you don't even have to talk too much about it apart from some basics or when something interesting actually happens.
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    I am proud of you, although I will confuse you and refuse to say why. This goes for you other red names also.

    1. Jamie


      That's surprising. 

      Can you elaborate? 

    2. Aiko



      What could it be!?

    3. Caesar


      You shall never know, or maybe you shall. Who can tell :D. 

  2. TS and Voip - make it more fair?.

    It has the same problem as things like ACRE. It's inherently less fun. Let me explain, people when playing during lulls will not always talk about in game stuff. In my experience there is a great deal of "shit talk" going on with people just having fun. If people had to broadcast this as well they could easily get hit with Bad RP. Is it ideal that people use radio when they can RP in game? No. but it also happens for a reason. This reason is not always malicious or attempting to seek an advantage.
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    • Cid

    Congratz, long overdue IMO.

    1. Cid


      I feel the same.  Thanking you.

  3. Today is a dark day, DayZRP has lost a true hero. A light in the darkness, a voice of reason in the insanity, the calm in the storm.

    We can only wait and see how this day impacts not only this day, but all days to come.

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    2. Caesar


      It's sad I got that reference.

    3. Rolle
    4. Iso


      @Rolle cheeky

  4. My heart goes out the the victims and their loved ones in the several terrorist incidents recently. I only hope that one day we can all come together and focus on our shared humanity, rather than the divisions of religion.

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    Are you bored? You seem bored.

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      I do not like you.

    2. Caesar


      Surprisingly enough, I really don't care.

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  5. New Lore = Re-Whitelist?

    As other's have said. A notice would suffice. Also as suggested change the PW to force people to check the PW and hopefully lore. Seems reasonable. Easily possible. Trust me on that one. You could easily do it.

    1. Roach


      My fuckin' idol right here! Remember, he did not shoot the deputy though. It's important in the court case. 

    2. Caesar


      It was self defence. 

  7. Get's called a hypocrite because you know, simple minds. So apparently if you say x rules should be removed that means you can never advocate harsher punishments for others, smh. That's the logic climate change deniars use. It's snowing so it can't be x.

    Another example someone might want drugs legalized but terrorists executed.

    To be clear I recommend removing points for templates and minor breaches of radio chatter protocol. I called these more procedural rules at the time.

    I still stand by my comments regarding multiple rulebreaks.

    But even if it was a break from my history. Who cares, intelligent people when presented with facts change their minds to suit. One of the many problems in this community. Very few act like this. They are too dogmatic.

    I am no hero of the people. I have my own thoughts and couldn't give a flying fuck if you or anyone else appreciate them.

    1. Nihoolious


      Why do you feel the need to lock your status update? Do you not want to have discussion with your fellow community members?

    2. Mexi


      Getting boring now to be quite honest, your updates were hypocritical because of how much you really wanted to push more punishments onto anyone that stepped out of line. 

      You're not magically some sort of community hero for changing your mind.

    3. Caesar


      Mexi you obviously didn't read. I am no hero. Never claimed to be, nor do I care to be so. I have my opinions and they are far more consistent then you give me credit for. You seem to be struggling with nuance.

      I believe the following:

      1. We have rules that shouldn't be rules or should result in a hide only. I stated this in staff. So it is YOU that is incorrect. In fact me arguing as much as well as others got Rolle to agree with the current more lenient system. That is a fact of history.

      2. I do believe all in game rule breaks should be punished. I have suggested a model that found broad support. 75% or people wanted a harsher system. A small group of people and the majority of admins I guess disagree. So be it, that issue is void I guess.

      A punishment to fit the crime.

      3. A few in game rules should also be mended. I stated this in my first meeting with Rolle. I would like to find ways of opening up playstyles without allowing abuses of the system. Easier said than done but there are ways. Some of this can come through the lore wipe and some through revisions of rules. For example the settlement rules.

      Nihoolious, you are correct. The kind of people that would have posted and did previously barring a few are exactly the kind I don't care to talk to. They have to date said nothing to dissuade me.

      I had intended for that to be my closing .02.

      If they wish to reply. They can on their own profiles.

  8. prb2.png

    A small part of me misses these days.


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  9. As someone who only occasionally says shit here I can say emhpatically now that I am an outsider, that I was way to close to the issue before. I can see that I was all too eager to ignore the childish bullshit in this community, only paying attention to it when things got "toxic". It is obvious that I wanted this community to be better than what it can be. I expected to much, it is a gaming community filled with people who are in fact for the most part, acting their age. There is no hope for raising the level of maturity and reducing the bickering in this community, it is inherent. It always has been.

    Not that I am suggesting it change. It can't and probably shouldn't. It's just time that people stop pretending. Staff, lighten up a little on the points. This community is about fun. Some of the rules that are more procedural leading to points should go. The best we can hope for is people don't flame or disparage each other. On that front alone you have more than enough to keep you busy.

    As for the community. Stop the pissing contests. No one is impressed. Continue on with your silly shenanigans. That wont ever change.

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    2. Dew


      @Rabbit No, but Thumper had always used to ask staff to relax with the points ever since I could remember. 

    3. Caesar


      1. Disregard my opinion because I don't play? So be it. That is your choice. I don't plan to either. Can't really blame you for that.

      @Nihoolious. You will have to remind me of the context. I am specifically talking about procedural issues. Including things like templates and removing rules like necroing. Also NSFW as a rule should be looked at.

      I admit I have partook in this pissing contest. People are kidding themselves if they continue to deny the fact that their friends started it and it continued from there. I never said I have been 100% in the right. In my case bridges were burned with people mentioned previously. It's sad really. I originally wanted to work with them. But after being accused of doing it just for the badge + other thing I had no reason to hold back upon leaving staff. Although it's likely we both read a little too much into each other's comment. While a few were relates. Not all were. I can't remember a %.

      Look. I could still theoretically bury the hatchet. My opinions wont sway much but if certain people and their friends saw their way into civility as well I would ask for their reinstatement. Hell they could all become admins. Let them try their way for all I care.

      I had a certain vision. At least with "double dipping" I wasn't the only one. It was changed for the worse and more than a few agreed. I am glad I don't have to enforce a system that is too harsh is some circumstances but illogically lax in others.

    4. Caesar


      I suppose you could say. The punishment should fit the crime. For example 2 in game rule breaks are worse than one. So a harsher penalty make sense. We did a good thing with systemic cautions. But I would do away with punishments for templates entirely. Replace with hiding the posts, like we close non compliant appelas/reports. Emote only radio chatter should also be hidden and never warned. Overly hostile radio chatter responses shouldn't be a thing. But if so, hide them also. I have other thoughts that I could state but I gotta go.

  10. In my experience some people don't even try to hide their self interest, let alone overcome it. They strive to bask in it's glow and push others into serving it. It would be refreshing if not so destructive.