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  1. Yea, maybe this time around we can manage a more safe/well armed escort through some diplomacy with other groups to keep people safer
  2. As former manager of Freedom Corp. *An old bus/medic/repair service to the people of Chernarus* I have come back after many months to meet you wonderful people again and make more friends through the power of RP, community fun, and Survival BRING OUT THE PARTY HATS!
  3. It's been a fun ride guy for the past month or 2, I made some good friends, had some good laughs, and definitely some fun bus rides with everybody, but I think it's time I put my coat up for now. I might be on the forums every once in awhile to check-up and see how everybody is, but my DayZ mood is slowly dying, and it's better to quit sooner so it comes back sooner IMO. *That and BF4 came out, so I gotta run through that game for awhile* Goodbye everybody! I hope to see you all again someday!
  4. I think you're a 100% right red, and while we have already experienced robberies, the mistake bandits do is leave us alive, to which we come back with serious vengeance. While a neutral bus service should be anything but violent, I think it'd a necessity in the apocalypse. There have been plenty who saw it as a challenge and plenty of times where our backup has came along, hunted them down, and put hot lead into their brains. When we are endangered or harmed in a manner to which we can respond and level the fields to show we don't screw around with bandits, we show our tactics and tracking at our best levels. We have to have those qualities to deter people away from it, and every trip we've had, we've made friends that will remember us, so we want to keep this bus a rolling and keep it from being boring with offerings of special bus routes during certain times for people to enjoy them and see us as a chance to enjoy sometjing new and fun. I do understand with the no admin help, I will admit, so it is rather sad on that, but nothing special for us will make it more rewarding now that I see that. Thanks for the support from you all!
  5. We certainly hope to take the time someday and post an official picture of our bus route soon! *As for RedCoat, we have yet to see him on S1 as well, so I suppose we came in just as his business slowed down But this is fortunate for you guys * As of right now, we simply pick up people along the coast and tend to take them to safe places like Raven's Nest, Berezino, or any other northen cities/settlements as the southern seem to be more full of trouble! *Yikes*. We are certainly going to put up a recruitment post hopefully later today and get the word out for us to get some confirmed supporters/allies, as well as some protection and drivers to help keep a well oiled bus route! We don't turn down any passenger so long as they have a clean record with our bus line and a friendly attitude towards us and the passengers!
  6. *I wasn't sure where to present this so I'm sorry if it is in the wrong place!* As a part of the FBL *Freedom Bus Line: An unofficial public bus line* I would like to ask for a way to submit me and my groups services officially to the people in some form of role-playing way, through a permanent bus for our passengers, and to hold supplies for them *Anything from food to weaponry/ammo* exclusively for them, and not our own gain. We have been running this service for the past few days and made plenty of stories and adventure with perfectly random people in Chernarus. We have been thoroughly enjoying the thrills and fun stories/activities that the citizens/groups have been having with us on our bus routes/trips to their desired destinations, and I want to safely say that they have enjoyed the times with us as well for professionalism and safety. I know it may be a bit much to ask, but we really do enjoy providing this service, yet it is so difficult as we have no allies as of yet to help us really flourish and provided the level of security we would like. *Ranging from simple medics to armed protection*. We want to maintain neutrality as much as possible, and have been as of late so as to be able to communicate with everybody evenly and on a fun story level, and yet we need this help to really keep it going! My main suggestion though, is that we be allowed a permanent bus or some form of way to guarantee the Freedom Bus Line can keep on providing for the people of the land, through group, citizen, or admin help, because let's be honest, everybody loves to receive a nice walk/run free trip to where their friends are
  7. I have most certainly read the rules and FAQ's! My friend has also been informing of them so they're kinda stuck haha. I'm sure I will have lots of adventures when the whitelist goes through
  8. I'm hoping for this to be a fun experience for me and my friend, as well as any others who would like to join us for fun adventures :3