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  1. Well, well done for waiting a month, but see the light, when i saw your message i refreshed my whitelist page and was 3rd, the lowest ive seen yet, and ive just refreshed again to see that i am now white-listed Dave, i wish you luck
  2. Right, so firstly Ganon.... i understand the concept of donation, and i am all about helping other people, i understand what the donation money goes towards - i don't need you painting a picture! And i wont lie, i wouldn't have donated, especially before i'm white-listed had my friend not asked me too so that i had a chance of getting into the game quicker to join him, but we made an agreement that we would BOTH donate to help make this happen. Also your right about me not getting advantages over other people, i don't expect an advantage, but im not in game yet, the donation all ready said it would speed up the process but really it hasn't has it. So by that theory im getting nothing, so don't come at me with that shit! And for the record before you say something else about not understanding donation, im paying out nearly £2000 of my own hard earned money to go to Ghana next year for 3 or 4 weeks to volunteer, and im currently trying to raise money for a small local charity called SVG Africa before i go too. Money that is DONATED by other people to help pay for waterholes for local communities, and to build schools for the children! and im a STUDENT! i aint rich.... Secondly.... Toorrik (I promise this will be more civilized) You are correct in saying i used to be white-listed but it wasn't 3 days before i wasn't white-listed, as far as i am aware it was a matter of weeks... Like i said i have other commitments and wasn't able to play much so i cant put a definite time limit on it. However as well as not being white-listed my login for the server was also gone, i discovered this after several failed attempts and when creating a new account i tried all the usernames i would have used, all of which were available. SO yeh, i created another account, applied for the whitelist again as i had copied my previous whitelist application (so it was a case of copying and pasting with a few changes) and re-submitted. By request of my friend we agreed to donate in the hope of the application being sped up (as it said this on the white-list page (and im fully aware of what a donation does)) As it had been a few weeks or months however since i played i assumed it was inactivity that caused the problem, and so i found no real need to bother an admin with this.
  3. Well like i said, the hope was that somebody who has rights would see this and 'shortcut' me to the front and make a decision as i have been previously white-listed before and taken off for some unknown reason. But as that clearly will not happen i shall bide my time until the end of the day, i have more important things to think about than have i been white-listed yet.
  4. Your right, they didn't (well to an extent... my friend did so i could play this game with him) but as someone who is studying games design at university i am happy to support a mod trying to make its way in this big bad world, i know its hard. But that doesn't change the fact that im sat here twiddling my thumbs while my mate is constantly screaming down the mic 'ohh i found this alice pack, and this weapon too... wish you was here to pick them up'..... while i play some game i picked up on a humble bundle deal for £3.55
  5. Yeh i understand it wont automatically be accepted but the way i see it from the 'queue' that apparently exists is that it hasn't even been looked at. I just keep moving further up and down the queue. They havnt declined it, or said well we dont have space atm so your going on hold but its been accepted, nothing.... just leaving me to wait. Am i waiting another 2 or 3 days, or am i waiting another 3 weeks, im not going to keep logging in to see where its at, eventually ill say 'f*** it, ive paid for a service im not getting why should i waste any more of my time with this?'
  6. OK so firstly, not 100% sure this is in the right place, yes it could go in troubleshooting but im not really in the game yet for that, but anyway here it goes. A while back, (a few weeks) i did the whole white-list application thing and had to wait 3 days for it to get accepted, and when i did i didn't get chance to play much... if at all during that time, i have other commitments, family, work, uni etc etc.... Anyway i came to log in a few days back and apparently im not white-listed anymore, but the friend i play with is still white-listed and he can play fine. So i have re-applyed to be white-listed and have even donated in an attempt to have the process sped up so i can play. However before i dontated my place in the queue fluctuated between 16 and 28, and now ive donated it fluctuates between 5 and 6. So my point is, firstly why does it fluctuate so much? why do i not get my place and it just goes down and down until my app is looked at? and secondly ive donated so why have i had to wait 2 days and im still waiting? Ok, so now a lot of you are going to say stay patient and thats fine, yeh i probably should (its just a game) but its a long wait for someone who has spent money on the upkeep of a server im not getting to play on, now that annoys me.... I should point out that my first white-list app was accepted before i was no longer white-listed again, just to throw that out there... but ideally someone will read this and end my wait as i have been previously white-listed before... any help appreciated p.s apologies as this is lengthy and i often get carried away when writing, and also sorry if it sounds rude, im just kinda bored