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  1. I salvaged a wheel from a vehicle cause I needed one, but I felt bad, put it back on and went and bought one for me lol, what I can suggest is find more out-of-the-ordinary hiding places
  2. Nope, all questions answered This can be closed now thanks
  3. Nah, all good, just found it weird he did not go sell the car, but I guess he can't right?
  4. Oh, thanks, well good thing it was a looted rifle and not a bought one.
  5. So, I had hidden my car somewhere, and had placed a G36C and some mags in it. Went inactive for two days, came back to see the rifle and mags were missing. (The car was still locked and full green). Some kind of glitch? Do weapons get wiped if in a car for a long time or...?
  6. TeZach


    Well I joined Napf but forgot to get my G36C on my character (sadface), but I'm liking it so far! New experience!
  7. Hello there, DayZRP community! After an abrupt break from DayZRP (and gaming in general) due to real life needs (mostly University/girlfriend - had to code an application for my C++ course (approx. 3000 lines), study up for the upcoming semester exams, spend time with my beloved one ), I'm thinking of rejoining DayZRP after I'm done with my exams (6 to go!). What I'm curious about, is the state of DayZRP, has it changed a lot? If yes, towards a better or worse experience? Is it worth investing my time in it once again? PS: Is there a DayZRP SA server up? Haven't logged into SA for ages!
  8. TeZach


    Hitting 22 on 2nd of Dec.
  9. Two first letters of my first name + 4 first letters of my surname. Haven't had a "Username has already been used" on any game since I started using this nickname
  10. Nope, it's tagged as "Donation" and "generous payback - rewards", not "Buy & sell store"
  11. You tell me, we've had a massive electrical storm over here, resulting to a pylon getting struck by lightning which somehow managed to cook the optic fibres beneath it. Been on backup connection lines for 3 days. Most unstable connection ever.
  12. Even if you WOULD sue them for "fraud" you'd lose the case. Seeing you DONATED, not bought something and never received it.
  13. *facepalm* DayZRP is not an established company. If it was, donation via PaySafe Cards would be available. You are donating, as you could just send money over to your cousin, or someone who sold you something. All fees are deducted via PayPal.
  14. Love how it seems Bender in your avatar seems amazed with what you posted haha
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