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  1. I would say 2 minutes, if I could guess. Honestly--he didn't so much DC as just... well... completely disappear, which was kind of odd to us. There wasn't the usual 'sit-down and stand back up' dance that comes with log ins and logs out, but it certainly did seem like he DCd. Also: we looked for a DC listing in the server messages, but were unable to see one.
  2. Server and location: S1 Elektro Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7/27/2016 Your in game name: Donny West Names of allies involved: Murphy West Name of suspect/s: "RPisforNiggers", Unknown Friend Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Two men walked up to Murphy and I, and one proceeded to run into a wall. His friend said that the fellow's name was Nicholas and that he had lost his son. I decide to walk up to him and do a pulse, because they were being very fishy. I see that name, "RPisForN****' and ultimately decide to shoot him in the head because he was a troll. Logs should verify his death maybe. Regardless, I have a screenshot of him. I did not catch his friend's name, as he DCd almost two seconds into talking with us.
  3. It was great meeting you! Also, it was nice meeting Billy, Damian and his brother. Fun times all around!
  4. Maciuba

    Calling out...

    Donny West--as gaunt and as haggard as ever--hangs over his radio, fiddling with the knob and surfing channel after channel to either static or the conversations of others, mostly unknown voices. The particular accent attributed to one particular Irishman, however, forced him to pause and double-take, and was followed by a wild and antic hoot towards Jebediah to draw him nearer. "That you, boy?!" hollered Donny, his gloved hand beating against the shoddy plastic of their time-worn radio to clear static on their end. "I ain't heard you since them Nascar race track days! Shyiiiiiitttt, son! I swears, funnest moment I had, yeah...?! We was goin' 'least 60 wit' their truck, man, felt like I cou-..." Within moments, Jebediah's voice cut him off, accented as much by 'old south' as it ever was. "Bet you thought we were dead, didn't you?! No, sir... We squirreled off a while after we done got shot after stealing that truck, is all... played deader n' a possum, see. Donny got himself a bullet through the ear, swore he heard ringing for weeks... Big bab-..." "Nah, nah, naaaahhh!" crooned Donny, over the drone of Jebediah's level voice. "Listen, man! We oughta link up one-a these days, yeah?! Been too long, miss your fuckin' broom beatings an' shit, see, son... And 'sides, I got me some new..." A pause. "...theories, yeah, what'll put shit inta' fuckin' perspective, man...! 'Sides, you ain't met our sister yet, or fuckin' Leonard! HIT US U-...!" Though the line stayed open, the sounds of an ensuing scuffle--likely between he and Jebediah--thudded dully over the radio.
  5. After taking a look at the video and discussing it with him, I'm gonna close this report, as it lines up with what he said. Situation was confusing but it's been cleared up. Like I've said, though, I still think you should of worried more about your friend's life. He did die, after all. Staff, close please!
  6. Is that title better? Sorry; I think that was what you were referring to at least
  7. Server and location: S1, VMC Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 13:30ish Your in game name: Donny West Names of allies involved: Rob Stone Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Rob Stone and I linked up in Kab, and proceeded onward towards VMC. We have a pleasant conversation with a handful of people before we arrive at the location, at which point, we check the military barracks. A man named John Bambi walks up and begins conversation with me and Rob. From afar (and barely audible), we hear a pathetic initiation attempt, and automatically book it due to the distance of the voice. Rob is shot a handful of times but lives; I give him a saline bag. Rob DCs shortly afterwards but swiftly returns. We make it away for about ten minutes. Rob approaches (I think) John Bambi, and then later two more show up. They claim they are looking for an orange raincoat person who attempted to rob them, which I did not at any point, as I and Rob both ran. I run into the nearby field, at which point they surround me. Out of nowhere, I get shot from afar and die two minutes into speaking to them. They claimed afterwards that I attempted to rob their friend. Rob guns down two of them and is then also killed.
  8. Maciuba

    V3S Submarining/BadRP

    "Aw shit, man. You call that a "submarine truck"? You mind standing right next to it and giving me a lil wave so I can take a picture of you and that shit with this here old camera? Thanks, brother." http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/708528299116177509/8100413013E2DCA17726DB95299761A643DD058F/ These guys clearly have no idea how to RP, or they do it very poorly and actually thought submarining could be explained in RP. Honestly have no idea how they thought this was acceptable for RP.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://www.dayzrp.com/t-possible-abuse-of-game-mechanics http://puu.sh/gCT21/c96653fca2.jpg , specifically, was my post. Why the verdict is not fair: I was on Skype with John throughout the incident and I offered to put in my two cents. I'm friends with him and though not directly involved with the incident, he was telling me what was going down throughout it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: "or being on TS and hearing something that is relevant to the report and gives new information..." As the rules said, I was on voice chat with him and was just trying to verify his side and give a second opinion/voice witness, in case there is no video, which seems likely. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Have the three warning points removed. What could you have done better?: Said beforehand that I had been in contact with John over Skype, but it slipped my mind. :\ If that is not concrete enough to warrant my posting, then it was simply an honest mistake. Edit: John will verify this, if necessary, too.
  10. Orange rain coat bros.
  11. Me and my buddy when we RP as having been shot and taken out, and sum it up as: "Our papa used to tell us if you ever get a bead aimed at y' and a hail of bullets comin' your way, you play possum and act like one dead mother fucker. Only way you're gonna live." We tend to just squirrel away, in those scenarios, losing most of our supplies along the way.
  12. Then they would of KoSd us because there was no initiation and good samaritan is no longer a thing. It was your teammates, so they had KoS rights which we have no problem with. But, we did what we could in the situation, made the safest assumption we could (which ended up to be true) and Jeb did what he saw fit. Again, sorry it didn't unfold the way you wanted, but I would like if we could wait for moderator/GM response instead of continuing the back-and-forth, if that's alright with you.
  13. So, after you guys empty a clip into a man's brother, you expect that man to surrender and not make people pay for what they did? That's a very realistic and very warranted RP reason in my book. Revenge is a thing. I don't think that's a very realistic expectation to have on your part, honestly. Regardless, Jeb and I are going to await a mod or gm's say on this if you want to continue it regardless of our PoV's. I'm sorry that the encounter didn't unfold they way you liked, but we can say the same for us.