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  1. Dimitri was born in Chernarus, on 9/12/1968. His mother was from the U.S. and was a trauma surgeon in the U.S. military. His father was a professional hockey player from Chernarus, who played in the NHL. With gifted and loving parents, Dimitri had amazing opportunities in life. He loved the medical field, like his mother and wanted to become a physician. Dimitri was able to get the best education, due to his parents being wealthy. He attended Cornell University in the U.S. for his pre-med degree after scoring high on his MCAT scores. At Cornell, Dimitri met his future wife Sofia. Sofia was a beautiful woman and had the same interest in becoming a physician. After four years of pre-med at Cornell, Dimitri was accepted into Duke University medical school. After completing medical school at Duke, Dimitri was hired on as a Neurosurgeon at Duke Medical Center and he married Sofia. Dimitri spent 8 years at Duke and built a very good reputation as a Neurosurgeon. He had patients from all over the world come to see him for extensive brain biopsies, craniotomies, and evacuations of brain hematomas. He and his wife eventually moved to Elektrozavodsk, Chernarus, where Dimitri started his own practice and practiced medicine at a few hospitals in Chernarus. Dimitri and Sofia had a daughter named Anna. At a young age, Anna developed multiple unexplained headaches. After multiple Cat scan and MRI scans, she was diagnosed with a massive brain tumor that was putting pressure on the brain stem. Dimitri and his wife were devastated. Dimitri decided to take on the case himself as no other surgeon would operate on such a case. Dimitri was able to remove the tumor, but it caused a massive hemorrhage in Anna's brain. He couldn't stop the bleeding and Anna eventually would die. After Anna's death, Dimitri could barely function and he went into a deep depression. He stopped practicing medicine and became a severe alcoholic. He was in and out of jail because of bar fights and public intoxication. Sofia couldn't stand to be around him anymore, so they got divorced. Dimitri became homeless and lost everything he ever worked for. When the infection came to Chernarus, Dimitri was able to survive on the bare minimum because he was already used to it. Now he travels around Chernarus without a care in the world and to him, it doesn't matter if he lives or dies.
  2. Mike was very athletic and had a bright future as a young boy, despite living his single mother in the projects in Atlanta, Georgia. Every male from Mike's neighborhood was either gangbanging or played sports. Basketball was his favorite sport and grew up watching Michael Jordan, his idol. As Mike got older and was very successful on the basketball court, by his junior year, he was getting athletic scholarship offers from top colleges. Unfortunately, in his senior year he couldn't keep his grades up to play basketball. After Mike found out that he could never play basketball again and those top colleges were not interested in him anymore. He was a mess without basketball. He struggled in school and started to hang around the wrong crowd. Mike and a few of his friends committed multiple crimes in his youth such as: grand theft auto and armed robbery. One day, one of Mike's friends named Rashad shot and killed a store clerk, while trying to rob a gas station. They both got away, but that put a lot of tension between Mike and Malik. After that day, Mike wanted to change his life around and make a difference. So, he went to a Army recruiter and eventually joined the military at 19 years old. He spent 6 years in the military and eventually became a Corporal (E-4) and spent some time in Afghanistan. When Mike got out of the military, he was hired as a police officer for the Atlanta Police Department. He was eventually recruited into a gang unit, due to his street knowledge and military experience. Mike was very well liked and respected in the Atlanta PD. One day, while on duty, Mike ran into Rashad (Mike's childhood friend) at a coffee shop. They talked about the good old times and how much fun they used to have. The next night, Mike and one of his partners were in pursuit of a vehicle with multiple suspects that matched plates from a bank robbery earlier that week. The vehicle crashed and all suspects took off running through a neighborhood in multiple directions. So, Mike jumped out of the car and ran after one of them while his partner chased another suspect. Mike eventually takled the suspect and tried to restrain him, until he noticed it was Rashad. They were both in shock and Mike told him "get out of here"! Rashad called Mike the very next day and asked to speak with him in person. Mike was hesitant at first, but decided to pay his old friend a visit. Rashad told Mike that he's been working with a group of guys pulling off heists and making a lot of money doing it. He then threw a bag full of money at Mike and said "this was for helping me out last night and there is more where that came from, if you want in." After a week of contemplating, Mike decided that he was in. The group called themselves the Ruff Ryders and they were all about making money. They were into anything and everything they could be into that make them money. They sold drugs, pulled off heists/robberies, and even real estate. These guys were making real money and so was Mike, when he joined up. He kept his job at the Atlanta PD as a cover up, but it didn't take long for the PD to notice that something fishy was going on with Mike. He was getting heat every where he went, every corner he turned he felt like someone was watching. Mike was paranoid and knew it was a matter of time before they caught him in a lie about everything that was going on, so he quit his job at Atlanta PD and he convinced Rashad to go with him to Chernarus and invest in a coal and mining company and real estate. Mike and Rashad were in Chernarus only a month before the infection took place. Mike came home to an infected person tearing through Rashad, so he ran back out and locked them in the apartment, only to find out that most of Chernarus was infected. Mike has been on the run ever since.......
  3. Léon was born in Brooklyn, New York. His parent were both Italian immigrants from Sicily, Italy. Léon's dad was murdered when he was 12. His mother had a hard time raising Léon by herself. Léon was a troubled kid, growing up in a rough neighborhood. An Italian Mafia boss named Paulie, used to give Léon little jobs here and there, mostly thievery and driver jobs for the Mafia Family. When Léon turned 18, his mother couldn't handle him any more, so she forced him out of her house. Shortly after, Leon joined the military and was in an infantry unit in the U.S. Army. He served some time in Iraq during the Gulf War. Leon's mother got real sick and passed away while Leon was over seas. Shortly after he resigned from active duty. It was difficult coming back to the states, Leon couldn't find work anywhere. Eventually Paulie (an Italian Mafia boss) found out Leon was in town and he paid Leon a visit. Leon didn't want any nickel and dime jobs that Paulie used to give him, when he was a young kid. So they both came up with an agreement for Leon to do a hit on store owner that was refusing to pay the Mafia their due's for being in the neighborhood. To make a long story short, Leon completed the hit successfully. Leon became a professional hitman for the mafia and was given the nickname the cleaner, due to all his jobs being untraceable. Eventually he met his Wife Lori and had a daughter named Natalie, who never would find out about his profession as a hitman. Leon also worked as a janitor for a local school to cover up his job with the mafia. When Leon retired, he wanted to get away from the mafia and live a life of solitude with his family. His hobbies were gardening and cooking for his family, so one day Leon and his family packed up and flew to Chernarus and purchased property there to live out his wife and his dream of being farmers, not knowing what was in store. His wife and daughter were among the many, that were infected. Leon was able to lock them in a room at the farm, hoping for a cure. It only lasted a few days until they broke free and Leon was forced to put a bullet in both his daughter and wife. Not knowing if he could live with himself, he left the farm and started taking out the infected around chernarus and looking for answers to what happened.