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  1. Jasper Dixon was born on 9/12/1987, at a local hospital in Blue Ridge, Georgia. He comes from a loving Christian family, who were farmers. The Dixon farm was passed on from generation to generation. Growing up, Jasper learned how to harvest crops and take care of farm animals at a young age. Jasper's parents was very strict and expected him to complete all of his daily chores and eventually one day take over the farm. When Jasper was in highschool, he played sports and was very popular. He excelled in football and was the starting running back for his highschool team, until he tore his acl in his junior year. After his acl injury, he would never touch a football again. Jasper eventually dropped out of school, to be more of a help on the farm. By the time Jasper turned 21, he became an alcoholic. He visited local bars frequently and he was known to always be around the ladies and also known for getting into bar brawls. A lot of people around town were scared of him because of his temper when he was drunk. He built up such a bad reputation around town, his parents pretty much disowned him. After losing his parents, he took work where ever he could find it. He worked at a car repair shop and dabbled in some hunting. Jasper spent his money almost faster than he earned it. He was a lonely man, living in his pick up truck, trying to find happiness in a bottle of bourbon. One day Jasper met a girl named Veronica, who was living in California and was on vacation at a lodge in Blue Ridge Mountains. They hit it off very well from the start. Veronica felt bad after hearing Jasper's life story and she asked Jasper if he would move in with her in California, to start a new life. Jasper agreed, and he really enjoyed California, but he struggled to find work. Veronica was a nurse and was trying to financially help Jasper, until one day she lost her job. Both Veronica and Jasper were struggling to find work. Veronica's parents and her to move back to Chernarus, were her family is from. She decided she was going to move back and bring Jasper along with her. Luckily, Veronica's parents owned a farm in Novaya Petrovka. Jasper fit right in with her parents, as he was used to the farm life. Although Jasper didn't speak the language and most of the Chernarussian people made fun of him, he found peace. That is until the outbreak occured. Veronica and her parents were missing and Jasper was all alone in a country that he knows nothing about. To be continued.......
  2. Léon was born in Brooklyn, New York. His parent were both Italian immigrants from Sicily, Italy. Léon's dad was murdered when he was 12. His mother had a hard time raising Léon by herself. Léon was a troubled kid, growing up in a rough neighborhood. An Italian Mafia boss named Paulie, used to give Léon little jobs here and there, mostly thievery and driver jobs for the Mafia Family. When Léon turned 18, his mother couldn't handle him any more, so she forced him out of her house. Shortly after, Leon joined the military and was in an infantry unit in the U.S. Army. He served some time in Iraq during the Gulf War. Leon's mother got real sick and passed away while Leon was over seas. Shortly after he resigned from active duty. It was difficult coming back to the states, Leon couldn't find work anywhere. Eventually Paulie (an Italian Mafia boss) found out Leon was in town and he paid Leon a visit. Leon didn't want any nickel and dime jobs that Paulie used to give him, when he was a young kid. So they both came up with an agreement for Leon to do a hit on store owner that was refusing to pay the Mafia their due's for being in the neighborhood. To make a long story short, Leon completed the hit successfully. Leon became a professional hitman for the mafia and was given the nickname the cleaner, due to all his jobs being untraceable. Eventually he met his Wife Lori and had a daughter named Natalie, who never would find out about his profession as a hitman. Leon also worked as a janitor for a local school to cover up his job with the mafia. When Leon retired, he wanted to get away from the mafia and live a life of solitude with his family. His hobbies were gardening and cooking for his family, so one day Leon and his family packed up and flew to Chernarus and purchased property there to live out his wife and his dream of being farmers, not knowing what was in store. His wife and daughter were among the many, that were infected. Leon was able to lock them in a room at the farm, hoping for a cure. It only lasted a few days until they broke free and Leon was forced to put a bullet in both his daughter and wife. Not knowing if he could live with himself, he left the farm and started taking out the infected around chernarus and looking for answers to what happened.