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  1. -Pre-epidemic Born as the youngest of 5 children, in a very poor family and Jamal had a very rough life from the start. His father was a gang member, known for selling drugs and his mother worked in housekeeping. Jamal's father died when Jamal was 3 years old and was raised by his single mother. He rarely ever went to school and when he did, he would end up fighting other students and even teachers. Jamal and 2 of his older brothers joined the same gang at early ages. He followed in his father's foot steps and sold drugs. His two older brothers were killed in a drive by shooting and Jamal was hit twice, once in the chest and once in the abdomen, but he survived. Even after that Jamal couldn't leave the gang life behind him and after his brothers deaths, Jamal went from selling drugs to robberies and gang related murders. The heat from the police was getting to hot for Jamal as he had multiple warrants for his arrest, so he eventually worked his way onto a shipping boat and fled the U.S. and end up in Chenarus only to be captured by Chernarussian officials around the beginning of the outbreak. Jamal was taken to a prison that was on a island, until Chernarussion officials could get him back to the U.S. -Post epidemic Too be continued.....
  2. Pre-epidemic Levi Logan was born and raised in the Blueridge Mountains of Georgia. He lived in a cabin in the Blueridge mountains and made a living on teaching basic wilderness survival skills and Levi also made an income on harvesting firewood. He was married to wife Nancy, who made a good amount of money in the tanning business, where they made leather/hide and leather/hide products. Levi was considered a local blueridge mountain man legend. It was said at age 17 he left his parents home to live in a tipi in the woods and has hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and claims to have killed a bear with just a knife. When his wife passed away, he sold his land and traveled the world teaching survival skills. He eventually traveled to Chernarus, only to be stuck there due to the infection. -Hobbies Hunting, Leatherworking, Carpentry, and Fishing
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