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  1. Ok guys. I think I see your point. I used to play wow in hardcore RP way (so geeky i dont want to talk about it even if i was on blizzcon). Ill try my best when I create story good enough for this server, but the main thing that made me write this was the comment on other forums where one dude says that he got rejected for bad grammar in post. I was really into getting on this server, but that grammar post made me write this post. One last thing I want to say is just be merciful (if that grammar rejection post was truth), i can speak well, but i cant write. thats it...ill give this registration form another try....thanks for the kind attitude
  2. I know you can whine "but i had to write it why the others dont have to do it now?" this isnt really an argument, things should evolve not being stale for a year
  3. Files release would help to spread the mod to different countires and people who actually cant speak english at all. Rules translations and servers for non english speakers would be AWESOME. And of course the admin of server can choose the way he whitelist people if you know what i mean
  4. Hello. Im not a native english speaker, but i speak fine when it comes to use voice communication ingame. Anyways for someone like me the requirements for playing on this server are just too much. I know you dont have to care about me and a few hundred ppl that gave it up when they saw "required 500 char.". Do i feel the need to write 1000 characters without sticking to it? Do you think this is normal, because i would rather say it is more like hazing really close to what i saw in army. I would love to play dayz in a really different way, but im affraid i cant explain NLR better than using 3 senteces with one example. Should i write then "stupid flanders...stupid flanders" when i get out of words ? it just doesnt makes any sence. I can only say, that I would love to see different attitude towards players, because it looks like you see every new player as a 99% hacker, 10 yo kid who cant read rules or complete idiot. Im not willing to spend afternoon registering on your server and possibly being rejected. Please consider releasing mod files to other server providers or lowering requirements for new people, because then you can open few more servers. Dont be affraid about people breaking the rules. 1000 char. essay doesnt makes you a better person and says nothing about ingame behaviour. Regards