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  1. Ianan

    I Just Exploded with Happiness

    Awesome news, can't wait to finally get back on and check em out!
  2. Luckily I've not had anything like this happen to me yet, though I tend to avoid most people.
  3. This sounds brilliant, only thing I cannot stand about first person is the low FoV in ArmA 2. I suppose I'll have to change it for this server though!
  4. Hey guys, played a lot of DayZRP today (My first day) and I am loving it! I've only met one person, but seen a few. The one person I did speak too requested me to show I.D. Now, I just want to know if this is a RP thing or if there is a legitimate ID item in the game to show people? Thanks in sdvance!
  5. Yeah, sorry for not updating the issue. I ended up launching to menu with the launcher and searching for the server there. Thanks though guys! I have just one other thing, in-game the textures are pretty low rez. I know this is usually because of not being an owner of the PMC and BAF DLC, though I'm sure I've had high rez textures without owning them. I usually wouldn't really care but even some scopes seem low-rez (When aiming) which makes it difficult to aim accurately. Is this normal or am I not launching 100% correct?
  6. Hey guys, just been whitelisted today and have been trying to get into the servers but have had a few problems. I'm using the new launcher which shows both servers as offline, when I try to join I'm stuck on a black screen saying "Waiting for host". Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also, I read that we need to link our guID's to our forum accounts? If anyone could quickly explain how to do so that would be great, not been able to find the option anywhere! Thanks in advance!