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  1. A 41-year-old Swedish roughneck working for the American based Drill North company, in Chernarus performing exploration drilling for natural gas in the north east of the country before the outbreak. Trading West Africa for Eastern Europe, Dan was always ready for a challenge and a new adventure. His job involving travel to exotic places for extended periods of time, this left Dan a bachelor by necessity, his parents dead long ago through old age, hence he was alone, with no real ties holding him back. After the outbreak, outside the major population centres, the drill crew lived in
  2. Blom

    A little DIY.

    Good to know, did make 3 sets myself but not checked yet. Gotta love Dayz...
  3. Blom

    A little DIY.

    Thanks for the feedback. Let me know how it goes with the persistence.
  4. Blom

    A little DIY.

    Do you place the barricades internally or externally? The base fortifications mod shows the planks on the outside of the building. Are these barricades persistent?
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