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  1. Look. Facts here are that I was just running through town. All my friends are up in Novaya and I wanted to stop by the well to drink. I spotted one lone man and avoided him because I wanted to go north promptly. I spent plenty of time around the area at this point and never heard a single thing nor heard a single shot. You can claim I am lying if you feel that to be your prerogative but I was RDM'd and I have absolutely no idea how you can claim I wanted to be killed or that my negligence got me killed. When I started getting shot I was bewildered and had little time to react. I never crouched behind barriers, that's false. I never lurked, I went straight for a drink and then saw someone and decided I'd rather not stick around and dick about when I had somewhere to be because I didn't want to get stuck somewhere while people were waiting for me. From my end there was no way I knew anything was happening. If I had any idea something was going on, I would have 100% been recording for reasons specifically like this. It is not my responsibility to avoid RDM, it is yours to properly identify a target first and not kill an innocent. My RP has now been inconvenienced and you are speaking lies to attempt to paint me as shady and deserving of being shot. If you were truly 5 meters behind me, not only would I have heard your footsteps, but also would have seen you as I turned around as I was being shot because I was surprised. You really mean to attempt to tell me that in a tense fire fight that you decided to give a potential assailant time to leave and/or do anything at 5 meters? That right there smells fishy. You would have killed me instantly at 5 meters if your justification is that there was a firefight and this was wrong place wrong time. Simply because of the risk to your life. I am not going to back and forward. Any more replies are only at the request of staff.
  2. I heard nothing, and if you have video evidence that you did in fact say something then I urge you to post it.
  3. I never heard you. It's possible that the in game voice chat malfunctioned, as it often does, I never heard anyone say anything.
  4. I never heard any signs of hostility or conflict until somebody started shooting me.
  5. I was wearing a dark blue tuxedo with a black hiking backpack.
  6. Server and location: S1, Sosnovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME)2019-02-06, 03:40 Your in game name: Joel Paine III Names of allies involved: N/a Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/a Detailed description of the events: I was passing through Sosnovka on my way to meet up with my group. I noticed a man in the town, but went about my business and passed through. As I was leaving the town, I suddenly started taking fire from behind me. This confused me, because I never heard anybody say anything or try to initiate before I got shot. I was dead before I even knew what was going on.
  7. MetalHeadPatriot

    The Final Judgement

  8. Andre was born to a lower middle class family in Stockton, California. His father was a construction worker, and a former member of the Black Panther Party. His mother was a Chernarussian immigrant, and worked a part time job at a local grocery store. Andre was a decent student who took a great interest in history. As a teenager, Andre was introduced to his estranged uncle Frank, who was once a prolific member of the Chicago Black Panther Party alongside his father. The two grew close, and Frank encouraged Andre's growing interest in socialism and black nationalism. After graduating high school, Andre enrolled at UCLA to pursue a career as a history teacher. As a college student Andre became increasingly involved with local socialist student organizations, and participated in various protests and demonstrations. Andre developed a reputation for his lengthy and vulgar rants about the evils of capitalism, imperialism, and the systemic oppression of minorities in America. The notoriety distanced him from some of his more moderate counterparts, and eventually led to his co-founding of a small group he called the League of Anarcho-Communist Youths, or LACY for short. In late 2009, members of LACY discussed attempting to travel to Chernarus to enlist with the Chernarussian Movement Of The Red Star. Andre, being half Chernarussian, felt obligated to support the group's goals of communist revolution. However, by the time plans were drawn up the Civil War in Chernarus had ended. Andre eventually dropped out of college, and started working as a dish washer to support himself. Crippling student loan debt started to catch up to Andre, which pushed him to flee to Chernarus, where he hoped to start a new life in his mother's homeland. Andre arrived in Chernarus in spring of 2016. He wandered for quite some time, sleeping on the streets and under bridges, for a couple of months before he came across a group of people in Dolina who took him in. This group of loosely associated strangers called themselves "The Family," and The Family shared everything in what was effectively a socialist commune. Andre slept on their couch and started selling various narcotics to help pay for the family's expenses. When the outbreak started, The Family decided to fortify their house and hunker down. After a few months though, supplies started to dwindle, so they had to venture out into the world in search of supplies. After returning from one such supply run, Andre found that the house was deserted, with no sign of where the rest of the family could have gone. He has been wandering by himself ever since.
  9. Thank you guys! I went through all of the steps that you guys listed, and I'm not sure exactly what it was that fixed it but I can connect now!
  10. Over the past month or so since I've gotten back into DayZRP, I've been having frequent problems with being unable to connect. When I load up the game, find the server, and attempt to connect, I am unable to do so. There is no error message, it just won't let me on. Sometimes I am able to connect, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason about when I can and cannot connect. To date, I have tried the following actions to see if I could rectify the problem, all to no avail: Reloading, repairing, and reinstalling the DayZRP and Winter Chernarus mods. Unsubscribing and then resubscribing to the aforementioned mods. Deleting the DayZ documents folder. Verifying my local game files. Reinstalling DayZ entirely. Connecting through the DZSA Launcher. Connecting through the DayZRP website. Connecting through the Steam friends tab. I was able to connect to a vanilla server this afternoon, so the issue must be with the mods and/or server. I am honestly completely stumped and frustrated, and would appreciate any feedback taht might help me resolve this.
  11. We ended up resolving the issue. Thanks anyway!
  12. My friends are currently playing on the second server, I've been attempting to join them on there. Update: My friends switched to server one when server two restarted, and I was once again unable to join.
  13. I've been trying to join my friends on the DayZRP server for about the past hour now, but no matter what I always get the same "Connecting failed." error message. I've tried just about everything that I can think to try, but nothing works.
  14. Joel was born in the small, rural town of Parsons Tennessee to pastor Joel Paine II, and his wife Lucille. He had two younger brothers, John and Marcus, as well as a younger sister, Maria. Joel was a cheerful, adventurous child. He liked to spend his free time in the woods, hunting squirrels with his brothers. Joel married his high school sweet heart, Katherine, shortly after they graduated from high school. They had one son together, Jason. Around the same time, he got a job working for the Decatur county fire department. Joel's life took a sudden turn for the worse when Katherine and Jason were struck and killed by a drunk driver. He spiraled into a deep depression, and chose to spend all of his free time as possible working alongside his father for the church as a way to cope. Joel, along with his parents, his two brothers, his sister, and the majority of his father's congregation came to Chernarus on a volunteer mission during the civil unrest that preceded the outbreak. When the infection started to spread, the volunteers stayed behind in Kamenka to help treat the sick and wounded. Joel's father disappeared one night, which prompted Joel to lead a search party to try and find him. They eventually learned that Joel's father had been kidnapped and then killed in the crossfire of a gun fight in Novysobor. When the party returned, they found their camp had been over run by a swarm of infected, leaving many dead. With his father dead, and his people in need of a leader, Joel led his congregation to a rumored safe place to the north. Between bandits, the winter, sickness, and starvation, Joel's flock dwindled until he was the sole survivor. The deaths of his congregation and his family took a huge toll on Joel, and eventually drove him to madness. He took up the belief that his family was taken up in the rapture, and that he must lead any survivors of the outbreak on a righteous path toward salvation. After wandering alone for quite some time, Joel encountered a pair of men who claimed to be incarnations of war and pestilence, two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The man who called himself War revealed that they had been following Joel, and that they were with Joel's father when he died. Joel learned that his father had taken on the role of the first horseman, the embodiment of conquest. These claims seemed to mesh well enough with Joel's own delusions, so he decided to take up the mantle of his father and embraced his role as the new horseman of conquest. In time, he found that where War and Pestilence were able to detach themselves almost entirely from their old lives, he was unable to do so. They attributed this retention of his humanity to Joel being the second incarnation of Conquest, making him something of a flawed copy of his father. This also makes Joel a good candidate to relate the goals of the horsemen to common people. In time the horsemen became acquainted with a woman named Khandra, who they believe to be the Lamb of God and breaker of the seven seals which released them upon the world. Joel has become quite close to Khandra, as well as her protector Allison, and her sister Elly. He views the three of them as his new family, along side his fellow horsemen.
  15. After a few months away from DayZRP and away from DayZ in general, I have decided to rejoin the community. I've missed it here, and I look forward to playing with you all in the near future. P.S., Happy Holidays to you all!
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