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  1. My name is Lays, Patrick Lays. I was not born in Chernarus instead I come from southern part of Poland, although not infected at the time of my departure to Chernarus it's now completely taken over, from what I know the country is trying it's best to get back on it's feet by practicing similar methods to the ones used during black death plague. Why did I come to Chernarus? That I ask myself all the time for the past six months, I was hoping to use my connections in Miroslavl to traffic the goods left behind by the now dead families, some of which were wealthy enough and the goods lying around waiting for someone like me. However it wasn't as easy as I thought with the airport non-operational and my contact missing. I'm on the hunt for something more valuable now, weapons. Weapons unlike coal are infinite, manufactured by the corporations for the army in an effort to exterminate the infected from the world, I use this as an opportunity to become wealthy, international arms dealer - that's my plan. What I need to do right now is find allies with similar mindset, find location and stock up on that gold and eventually traffic it across to Russia or even Turkey - there always was and now more then ever is demand for it.
  2. Hey guys, Today, when not so drunk I was able to complete my application! Hopefully you'll be able to review it very soon as I want to jump right back in!
  3. Wow, surprisingly I found the pass-code but I failed on 1 of the questions thereafter, I need to wait 4 hours to continue - It's a bit sad considering I've already passed this but I approve the idea. It's a shame I can't play tonight though.
  4. I'm trying to get into TeamSpeak but the website is telling me it's invalid UUID even though I know for a fact it's the Unique ID: displayed under Tools > Identity
  5. Thanks for the reply, I wish an Admin could help me, I also wish if they had my old RP story I'd like to read it again so that perhaps I can remind myself of the story I imagined couple of years ago when I was younger That would be a blast to read! Dear Admin, If you're reading this, would you be able to help me out?
  6. Hi all!, After looking for "chillout" time I stumbled upon an email from DayZRP which got me curious about what happened for the last couple of years I've been inactive I decided to give it a shot and managed to get back my old account. I wanted to login and start to roleplay but the difficulty here is that I no longer know the password to get into the server although in the past I've done my story, I've completed the white-listing process etc. Which is fine, I need to refresh my memory and such. My old character name is Patrick Lays and for the love of me, I can't find the damn passphrase even though I have spent the last 2 HOURS! Reading the rules, I've read them 6 times in total very slowly and reading out loud I can't find it it's driving me crazy I'm wondering if you're able to help me, I want to play on this server and perhaps get back into DayZ, I love a bit of Roleplay and in the past people were quite grateful for my roleplay I wish to come back.
  7. Podli

    DayZRP Epoch

    Tested it out for about 3 hours and I must say its so much better, seems more interesting and I can see already the cities are more common and they seem to have new enterable buildings. The new trade city seems cool, I haven't explored much but + it was night time so cant really see difference in foliage but the terrain and variety is much better. Additionally new Epoch update made trading soooo much faster and more easier... no more crappy micro management of copper/silver/gold, everything automatically stacks nicely, this just made epoch my favorite since its no more pain to sell/buy I might actually consider making my own base now! To admins: Is it not possible for you guys to port that sweet AI with second primary slot into Epoch? Just curious
  8. Podli

    DayZRP Epoch

    OMG finally, some new variety. I actually started playing epoch namalsk on other servers but always get shot no now my dream come true Chernarus is sooo old and boring, people really need to try out something fresh and spice things up Edit: By the way how larger/smaller this map is compared to Chernarus? I hope it will be smaller to increase interaction
  9. Congrats to you Rolle Best of luck to you and your family
  10. you lucky son of.. Not really, this guns got me killed 30 minutes later
  11. I found tons of guns inside a tent by the burnt down small city leading to stary
  12. Podli

    "Under Age"

    Sucks he seems like genuine RPer
  13. I just played on S1, found some gunz and stuff, went to loot the house and SVR hold me up inside, telling they will throw grenade Awesome stuff, died because I didn't surrender Edit: Why everybody left S1 and gone to Epoch? Wtf?!
  14. Oh wow. That's from back in May, and this guy joined in August.. I smell multiple accounts. Test me