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  1. Not sure who anyone was unfortunately I don't know anyone or there Forum names, but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed being held up by some large group in vybor military base earlier! I'm quite new to the RP side of Dayz and it was my first proper full scale RP encounter and while I don't think my RP was great (getting better I hope) I still really enjoyed the whole situation. Very tense and I genuinely feared for my players life. A lot of mixed emotions from me! So thanks guys!
  2. * Kyle Continues to flick through the abundance of channels on his radio, he stops when he picks up the strangers request and sits upright on his seat in his secluded home. A small smile comes over him as he brings the radio up to his mouth* "I don't know much about construction but i imagine if your planning on building a settlement your going to need light, power and generators. Vehicles as well, repairing or maintaining for movement of tools, people, materials etc, I can help with that.." *Kyle takes a sharp inhale of breath, trying to consider anything else to say* "Let me know, ill stay on this channel" *Satisfied with his reply, he lets go of the radio and places it on the table next to him.*
  3. Kyle grew up on the English coast line. His father owned a mechanics shop while his mother was a office worker. He grew up around sailing from his mothers side and picked up the engineering side from his father. As a child he became a well skilled sailor. Competing for many events and almost making it into the Olympics but his father took ill and he had to look after his fathers business when he was 20. On his 18th birthday his father gave him a old car that he spent many years restoring and working on, his knowledge of engines and repairing and maintaining vehicles is very good. His father passed away when he was 21 and by 22 his mother was lost at sea during a channel crossing race. With no family left he took a job as a engineer on container ship. He had nothing to hold him to home and wanted to move on. By 24 he had become a great marine and mechanical engineer. At 25 he decided to take a change of pace and move onto a cruise ship job instead.