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  1. yeah tbh I don't think ive ever met you in game might be the other dutch
  2. Grew up in a trailer park the oldest of nine kids he grew up with a bit of a chip on his shoulder and trys to be alpha kinda of a hot head but he struggles with substance abuse he is a felon with split personalities one is just bad the other is pure evil ducth will say what he has to say to survive and do what he must to get what he want dutch started riding bikes at a young age and it wasn't long till dutch started up his own mc mainly comprised of members of his family they started selling drugs and got into illegal guns they were living the good life making money tell one night ditches younger brother died in a bar fight it sent dutch into a world of rage he started using thee drugs he sold heavy and started killing people he ran and fled the country to escape the rico case being brought up against him
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