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  1. it was rdm! yea you rp'ed it to very end but you can't just kill somebody for genuinely not knowing the answer to some questions when they have done everything you asked 100%. no point in reporting, it's clf...
  2. First few days were super fun (second day was the best) Last few days have been nothing but clf dropping me off at the edge of the map or shooting me for nothing. As much as I like running around for hours after being deported and getting harassed by same people who I do nothing to. I am going to have to depart. To whomever I played with and had fun with I would like to say thanks!
  3. the porta potty's are right by the food !
  4. Hello, I see some skins have the side note "may change clothing color and appearance every time you log in." Where and how do I do this ? Not really sure how or what to do.
  5. heh, dogpigs have actually been very friendly the 3 encounters I've had with them.
  6. i got robbed with a hatchet! i have never robbed or killed anybody and try to remain friendly. Will keep trying, maybe i can find a partner.
  7. Seems like I get robbed constantly. I don't care that I get robbed. It is easy to find things again. But theres no RP going on. Everybody is either super defensive when you meet them cause they think you will rob them it seems and yell at you to leave or I get robbed. Seems like these servers are just full of thieves who like to leave people with nothing. I got robbed twice in a row once with in 10 minutes and the guy didn't believe I had anything. He was so upset and I had to stand there and do nothing as while i guess he got kicks of being able to control me. Not much rp action going on tbh...
  8. Hello! I got whitelisted earlier and would like to say thanks! I played a bit earlier and got shot and died.I stumbled into some players while I was still unarmed(brand new character) and then proceeding to back away. I didn't hear any chat or see any messages saying to stop or anything at all. One guy proceeding to follow me as I backed away and then when I figured I was certain he wasn't going to do anything to me I got shot dead. I was gonna report it but to be honest I just started playing and didn't feel like wasting time trying to figure out how to report it when I may have missed him say something like dont move etc.... so I just chalked it up as a noob death and figured I missed them say something. Anyways I will be in game later and hope to meet some of you all and hopefully not by a bullet! If you see me I may make a statement that is really a question but not a question but you can answer me in a question.