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  1. Welcome! I hope we cross paths ingame.
  2. Hello Mutant Womp Rat! Welcome to the community & most of all, Enjoy!
  3. Welcome! Good Luck with your Application.
  4. Hello and Welcome! Good Luck with your Application and Enjoy!
  5. Does anyone know when the hunger games event will be taken place? As I am a big fan of the hunger games it will be alot of fun
  6. Welcome! Good luck with your application, take time and effort to put into it, it's worth it!
  7. I'm not to sure of what his ID was which is unfortunate...
  8. Well over the past couple of days I have been Killed on site a few times. On the occasion that just occurred I was looting the Elektro school when some 10 year old kid came up in front of me and said "drop your weapon" So I followed as he said then he shot me in the back of the head for no reason? I'm not to sure of his ID but I'm just stating that a few people who are on DayZRP do not follow the rules, so just beware that there are a few idiots spoiling the experience for other people.
  9. Hello Toast, I had the same problem, you need to take off any other DayZ expansions you have enabled apart from DayZRP and then launch using the beta, hope this helps
  10. I found chloroform in a hospital.
  11. Hello and welcome, good luck with your application!
  12. Thanks guys, had a little play before, Awesome mod!