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  1. Well you clearly didn't read anything at all than. Pleace make sure you understand what you are talking about before making irrelevant post. If you would have read what we have said than you would know that we love guest in guba however this event was just made with out any prior attempt to contact us. I want to try and end this on a peaceful note. Now we understand you claim you did not know we run/own guba which may or may not be true who are we to say, but why don't we drop all this ooc hate and take it in game. Arrange a meeting via pm that only selected people know abouy and you can discuss this in game. Now to address the man claiming war against us who I have never seen before on forums. You clearly have no respect for RP as who would just go wipe a town of innocent civilians, yes civilians live there aswell we just run the town. If you really wish to carry out your poor rp well than I wish you the best of luck. But regardless of you trying to kill us we will just return and claim what is ours. We have actual RP reasons and backing for us to be there, were you what, just want to prove you and your friends are MLG kOSers? Anyways best of luck, if anything else is needed just pm myself, jared, vulric, Chris, yekiza, shane, or fruitpunch. It's quite laughable that you think you can claim my roleplay is poor from my simple statement but also very degrading from your own part and it's a shame to see that isn't it. These "mlg koser friends" you claim are infact top notch roleplayers I've roleplayed with them for well over 7 years now on a large collection of games so that's another incorrect statement from yourself , not looking good for you is it sir And as for your worries about civilians also living there then I'm afraid to say that if they are unwilling to just give in then they have to go too I'm sure you'll be aware when we are near
  2. Well after seeing the hostile replies to a community gathering event nothing is stopping me now from gathering a group of my friends and cleaning this town out just to prove the point of YOU do not own this town you meerely live there. I think it's time for new management if people aren't allowed to plan nice things there
  3. Spray WD40 on the brakes of his vehicle he deserves it Andddd it's untraceable with any luck you'll get the pair of them ..... Dayz taught me to be this mean Sorry to hear the shit news man and good luck on picking yourself back up o7
  4. oneandonlyash

    Rules on robbery aren't strict enough

    This I'd pretty much the reason I've stopped playing DayZRP too many pathetic robberies and much rule play such as the teamspeak which is mentioned it's like being arrested and the cop radioing base whilst being right next to you with you witnessing him just standing there motionless,then him turning to you saying your wanted because base told him Haha I've moved to the altis life server and it's on a scale of 90% better than where DayZRP is atm ingane community wise and that server is still in test lol
  5. oneandonlyash


    Your argument is invalid. How do you know that this is a woman? Just saying.........
  6. Cause everyone carries their driving license in their back pocket in a zombie apocalypse. Cause everyone visiting are nice folks. To be perfectly honest, anyone complaining about not being able to enter becouse of ID check should just turn around and leave from camp - simple. CRs are regular humans, aiming to have some fun for both themselves and others, some people are to be allowed,some aren't of entry, means of identification in game are poor and they have every right to limit entries inside. Every visitor is highly potential threat, threat that may turn a camp into yet another firefight. If CRs would let everyone as they go camps would be a constant shithole and nobody would enjoy it, and if CRs don't enjoy it - then they will shutdown the camp, GG & GJ to assholes that contributed. Instead of focusing about RP aspect, look at highly more important one - fun/strength of a human playing on the other side of a cable there. You are one out of thousand when there is only a group of 20/30 CRs to handle the mess. If you don't like rules at a camp - don't visit it, pure and simple. Or hows about if they don't have id then they get refused entry .... there is NO excuse to go ooc none what so ever in such a situation the CRs get enough protection as it is let alone giving them permission to go ooc when they please personally ANY ooc parts in my presence ruin my own immersion and cause me to leave the area .... its unacceptable in my view .... naming and shaming is also an effective way of getting told members to quit it so keep it up
  7. That is Sir Robert Loxley of Nottinghm was nice vid ... robbery was rather plain but seems of so far
  8. well lets look at it from how i saw it .... one guy on his tod comes up to attempt to rob me .... if i can see him as he approaches then you bet i'm going to give him a 3rd eye on his forehead as soon as he mentions ill be shot. its getting a bit more common for solo/duo groups to attempt a robbery at the present time which i completely don't mind as it gives my guy the opportunity to lay them out which is what he is accustomed to. i was robbed recently by one guy claiming he has 4 friends with heir sights on me .... as it was dark and he snuck up on me then i guessed i had no choice but to give min my Winchester and one can of beans which was all i had ( great robbery huh? ) ..... then how stupid i felt when i realized it was only him in the vicinity. But back to the point its difficult to call bad rp on it sometimes as night time doesn't help a situation but to say that "every" time you get robbed you must bend over and lube up doesn't really sound too much of a positive direction
  9. oneandonlyash


    I'm not going to deny that he had an impact on the server. DayZRP was already fairly popular before the influx in May but he certainly helped making it more famous. However, saying that his contribution is up there with the best is kind of an insult to all the community members that have spent hours after days after weeks after months of their time making this place what it is now. PsiSyndicate's contribution is more of a coincidental one, and it can't even be compared to what people like Goz, Morgan Riggs, Livs, Tosme, etc have done. THOSE people you should thank. THOSE people should be "archived". Im not denying those who you've mentioned no need to divert it that way .... those people continue to contribute mostly and ofcourse i appreciate it, we ALL do but you look at most who've joined since psi begun streaming/YouTubing dayzrp i'm quite sure it was much more of an influx in a short time than months and months before etc. If they find what i wrote insulting then i personally laugh there are many different ways of contributing he chose YouTube and twitch which is the public advertising route to which i'm thanking him on that part i'm sure if i chose another direction id be thanking the others but i didn't the thread isn't about them
  10. oneandonlyash


    Archive this kid ..... his contribution to the server is up there with the best .... maybe not all of the people he brought here was good but a greater number of those were great and i think this community owes him that much i read all of this thread and i know one guy was warned but there are a few others that hide hateful/provocative intent ..... people need to realize that its guys like Psi that make or break mods such as this, without their reviews they go pretty much unnoticed. I personally thank you Psi for what you have brought to the plate, its a shame to see you leave like this but to make it blunt , shit happens . Good luck with whatever you decide to to in the meantime. o7
  11. only the first half is slightly correct. stahp using google translate biatch! I didn't Dutch is easy, pal "Good luck dude, hope you continue to keep in touch with us!" is what you're meant to translate it to cutesy of my dutch fodder ... i mean point man ... have fun whatever you decide to do fuzz
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    Not too dissimilar to real eastern european countries. Most have a population of 10%+ Russian. Or just come to the UK we are like the whole world in one little country ...... would make more sense for dayzrp to be located here with all the variant accents lol
  13. oneandonlyash

    Let's Not Metagame

    I think you got it wrong, I heard CLF destroyed Kremlin and killed any of remaining russians. They managed to transmit a distress call luring SKA back,just to ambush them with deadly result. It might be a gossip, but CLF goes to Russia,SKA vanishes... coincidence? Maybe... I heard clf's bus crashed on the way to Russia .... They never made it *shrug* People should just use their imagination about this stuff my character couldn't care lads what happened to ska but if he knows it'll wind people up then he is clearly going to make up random crap about them lol just don't get offended ooc