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  1. Hi help me

    I now get this error... http://i.imgur.com/RQNYjB5.png
  2. Hi help me

    DayZ commander says: 1.62.103718 is installed, but when i go in game with the mod enabled, it says im running 1.62.95248
  3. Hi help me

    Yep done that, still doesn't work. Also, what mods do i need enabled? DayZRP, what else?
  4. Hi help me

    But I cannot join because of that
  5. Hi help me

    Version: 1.62 Required: 1.62.103718 Thats after doing the beta patch
  6. Hi help me

    Thanks for the help When i download the beta patch from the download section on this website, I run it and it says: "Wrong CD Key"
  7. Hi help me

    Hey I made my application around 18th of August 2013, and just got accepted a couple weeks back, but I forgot the name I put down, also I downloaded the mod all fine, but i'm on a outdated version so I can't join? Thanks everyone
  8. Database cleanup

    Will people who are on the waiting list be affected?