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  1. Cidm

    Testing out S3

    Sounds awesome been wanting a dayz server that uses ACRE for a LONG time!
  2. Cidm

    DayZRP 1.3.0 Bug Report

    Having the same problem Edit: Only happened 1st time i connected today reloged multiple times and it didn't happen
  3. I dont mind the amount of zombies or there power its nice to make them a threat, what i dont like is them respawning faster than i can kill them and there melee range seems to be upped which seems to be allowing them to hit us through walls in some places
  4. note system would be cool
  5. Cidm


    This is an RP server where is the RP in talking to your clan in teamspeak when a player in game stood next to you cant hear you? With ACRE it adds realism as then the player next to you will hear you just as they would in real life. Sort of makes sense to at least try it out or has the zombie apocalypse made players in clans telepathic with each other?
  6. Got whitelisted yesterday and played 5-6 hours on the server and all i can say is.... AMAZING!. Bumped into a good few people and found it hard to believe they were friendly! seen some clan hold someone up near haven and some heavy firefights that sounded intense so looking forward to playing some more on the server. Thanks for accepting my application
  7. Hello all just applied to get whitelisted, looking forward to getting on the server if i get accepted. Sounds like a'lot of fun Quick background of my character Yuri Bazin: Yuri is a Genetics & Molecular medicine scientist who has traveled to Chernarus to find out about rumors of an army experiment gone wrong that caused corpses to rise from the dead. can yuri put his knowledge to good use in finding a vaccine that will immunise the rest of the world from the disease, only time will tell.....