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  1. Luden

    Where u live? [State]

    I tend to move between Essex and Newcastle in England depending on work. But hey, there you go.
  2. Luden

    A guide to Roleplayers and Permadeath, and how to make it a little more reasonable.

    I'm so sorry friend. No one should have to relive this.
  3. Luden

    A prayer for the community

    That kind of behavior does not belong in DayZRP. It is not welcome, and the people who said such things are subject to being reported, and should be. I respect your bravery, honesty and candor in taking this and providing this information to the community, it goes without saying that many people are with you, whether it's to distract you from daily stress, or simply somewhere that should be safe. I am sorry this happened, and hope it is dealt with swiftly should you wish it to be and in a manner that is equal to the offense. Inexcusable. My best wishes are with you.
  4. Luden

    Force PK's in public executions.

    A few of you may be familiar with a guide I made here: This had to do with permadeath, the addressing of, in a manner of which seemed more suitable than a single life system that many of our core RP'ers are against. Now what I see a lot of in this thread are people jumping to immediately say no, I shouldn't have to, or yes, they should, etc. Many say this, few offer suggestions, though I'm glad to see a couple in the mix there. So firstly and for mostly should public executions as we know and operate them today result in PK? Absolutely not. Why? I'm going to be very cruel to be kind here, but I am of the mind that only one third of all hostile interactions resulting in death are actually RP'ed out in a way that is fair to both the victim and the assaulter. The RP provided is usually not up to a standard that would be required of such an event what so ever, and despite many people claiming it is, maaaybe we have to be a little bit more introspective than that. So, if we rephrase the question should PK's be allowed on public executions between characters with a long running IC history? Absolutely, but this has always been the case. So what can we do to offer a better solution for RP'ers, RPPVP'ers and executions as a whole? Quite simply communication. I know, I know the age old pebble in the boot but people really need to respect that this is the cornerstone of RP. All RP as you know it now even on DayZ was originally designed to be held exclusively in a pen and paper environment. In this environment things had stats, these stats were bound be rules and definitions and everything was very clear cut and precise because it needed to be. Move those rules into a live environment and you run into these problems, especially since the majority of all rule books I could source to you very vaguely cover PVP interactions, and even if they did it's with dice rolls. We don't have this luxury in DayZ. So what's a solution? Well there are rules for this sort of thing, rules we go by that stick a band-aid on the situation purely because there honestly is no better solution. There is no fair, easy way to handle traditional character death in this environment. If we were all brilliant actors and respected everyone and their characters as well as we did our own, we would never need to have this discussion, and while I'm sure everyone participating here is mature and understands these rules, our respect for the individual varies on, well... An individual basis. There will be absolutely no precedence or purpose behind implementing forced permadeath in DayZRP with the current community mindset. It is an impossible, unreasonable, totally otherworldly suggestion that keeps being brought up, likely because I believe RPPVP'ers are dissatisfied when their interactions being sometimes weightless and quite rightly so. You have to understand that while you dissatisfaction is justified, imagine the dissatisfaction on the other end of the camp if you simply publicly executed their character because, and I'll cite some quotes I've heard in the past: "I told them not to come back to this area ever again." "They've held me up in the past." "They had something I wanted." The list goes on, and what RPPVP'ers need to remember is that YOU ARE BETTER AT PVP THAN REGULAR RP'ers, the majority of all story-teller characters likely do not engage in firefights nearly as often as some who've chipped in to this chat, nor should they be expected to. The thing is the limitations we have in game =/= the limitations we would be expected to have in an RL scenario. So you've got the RPPVP'ers playing the game at the top of their ability, and the RP'ers playing the game within their set parameters. "Well they shouldn't "$%$£" me off. They shouldn't go against our group." Yes, and you're entitled to believe this, but revenge and setting an example should always come before blatant execution. I will say this now and I will likely say it again. Execution does nothing to further a narrative, it only serves to end one that may have produced so much more. So I want people to just try and realize a couple of these things. RP'ers, please try and understand that there are more than just one way to implement permadeath to your character, and still make it have weight. RPPVP'ers, please understand that standard RP'ers put all of themselves into their RP just like many of you do, but will only ever want to kill them off when they believe it will improve their narrative, AND yours. The biggest solution to all of this, every single detail is communication with your RP partner between sessions. If you have a long running rival or perhaps have cultivated a new enemy, don't be afraid to PM the rival group leader, or even the individual and set some ground rules for what you find comfortable between the two of it. It's gone on too long that we at DayZRP have stopped communicating for the sake of narrative. I see many trying to bring it back, but few actually trying to start such a thing. I hope this helps anyone come to their solution a little easier in the future. Minor Edit: While there it isn't always as sweet, being on the losing side means just as much to a story. It does not make you weaker, or inferior.
  5. Luden

    Immersive names for weapons and items.

    Without reading the Bohemia ToS so I wouldn't know, are we sure this isn't in direct contempt of their policy? More importantly, could this open DayZRP for possible copyright issues, or its streamers/content creators? I'm not entirely versed on the subject as I haven't brushed up on this recently, but these still are important questions. If all is well and we have the green light, massive +1 from me, the spoof names are weird anyway as I keep misnaming them accidentally. EDIT: Oh and, no outside mods.
  6. Luden

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    I completely, wholeheartedly agree with this. I believe the devs are already looking into options regarding materials and the ability to create them too, hopefully this comes soon. I'm still totally up for reducing military loot though, just saying.
  7. Luden

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    I think people are coming at this with rose tinted glasses. No matter how many good times were had on TS the fact remains the same, it isn't as user friendly, it's not longer a popular option for newcomers, it's no longer as supported or well developed, the list of reasons go on. Suggesting Roland doesn't care about his community because he stated his opinion and clarified that an official TS would not be coming back, is about the most ridiculous thing I've heard so far this year OP. Look, I get why some people want TS back, hell even part of me *really* wants TS back but the statement that it would bring the community together and stop people from creating their own TS' and Discords is downright false. People created their own private TS' in mod days and there were plenty of times during the latter end of Mod's life that the TS was no where near as populated as it used to be. Discord is superior not because it's necessarily a better product than TS, but because it is accessible, easily understood and most importantly will continue to receive support for a long time to come with its running success. TS should not come back at this time, as I just don't think people are thinking about this sensibly at all, but if someone is willing to put their money where their mouth is, create an unofficial DayZRP TS and show us that the numbers are there. Otherwise, you're asking for money to be spent on a service that has no precedence for long term use.
  8. Luden

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    I do not benefit from persistence for bases, as I do not have one, nor do I care for Gear, as this doesn't fit my RP. So I'm going at this from an unbiased perspective. Honestly persistence must be wiped at some point consistently. I think people underestimate how much server performance is effected by persistence and item hoarding. Eventually it just becomes too much. These server disconnections that are happening of recent aren't just happenstance, this has actually been a known issue with persistence since its conception. More items moved, more data stored, more items created and so on, the cycle perpetuates and slowly degrades general server performance. Now as of this moment the disconnections/micro crashes are tolerable, they happen infrequently enough not to cause me or many people I know much grief, but the fact it something needs to be done at some point. I know why people are whooping and calling over wipes because they have put time and effort into what they've built, and I totally respect that, but you must understand that Quality of Life must come before personal convenience if people are going to continue enjoying this game and logging on. We saw the effects of what happened when the game was in a state of such disarray through lack of consistency that people just stopped playing, and no matter how much you build, if no one is there to come, what's the point? I must say that the above statement makes me seem like a doomsayer but I have seen servers that have never wiped persistence, search any popular server under the term 100% persistence that has a player volume equal to our own and you'll see the issues there too. There are other contributing factors sure, but I urge everyone to look past what they've built and understand that this suggestion benefits players interested in gear yes, but it benefits the rest of us far greater than I believe some people are willing to admit. Just keep this in mind before you vote this poll into a 'No' oblivion.
  9. Luden

    On the Road Again [Open Broadcast]

    *A static hiss returned shortly after the original response, the background noise was minimal, though the occasional whir of a poor signal muddied the clarity of the message.* "Not sure who you are friend, but if you find yourself in the East, near Krasnostav, I'd be willing to share some supplies if you end up running low, including some more soda." "Done pretty much the same as yourself, West is no mans land if you're looking to survive for a long period of time, so I've carved myself out a nice little shelter by this tower. You're welcome to stop by. People are dying for reasons I can't seem to understand, land, territory, rights to arms, who knows. Still, I travel down to Black Lake from here and enjoy the fishing, even in this weather you might still get a bite." "Take care."
  10. Luden

    Map Extension

    Unlikely. However it may be possible to make an in house map if we gather more developers interested in mapping exclusively, while we wouldn't be able to expand to your original idea, well, ever unfortunately. We may be able to map a smaller, instanced map perhaps around the Novigrad area? Food for thought, as while the original idea in the perfect world would be lovely, it just isn't realistic.
  11. Luden

    Is not eating healthy?

    This is true, you just have to become comfortable with the sensation of being slightly hungry for a while. Drink lots, it helps. In time it will seem a lot easier.
  12. Luden

    Aiding the East (Open Frequency)

    *A hiss of static as the PTT was pressed down, in the background the gentle whispers of wind and leaves is present as Bastian begins to speak, his gravely tone minced with an unusual positive tone that lightens his otherwise strange accent.* "A new cache, these things go so quickly I never seem to have enough time to replace what was lost. Same area, Black mountain, castle on the summit, within the standing tower at the top" *A dry chuckle follows.* "Let's see... What do we have here... *Minor rustling ensues.* Ah, Med kit and medicine, a lot of it and strong stuff too. Duct tape, binoculars, food, water. nails, battery. A few useful odds and ends for anyone in need of it. As always, take it all, take some, but continue to help each other. If you run into me, I'll be wearing a brown jacket, and I'll usually be accompanied by my shotgun. Perhaps we'll share a drink over a fire." *An awkward, forced laugh, then a sigh.* "Opatruj se... Take care."
  13. Luden

    Is not eating healthy?

    The mythos of eating 3 times a day stems from times where we had much less to each in general. Our bodies are not designed to consume at the rate we do, nor as often. You have to remember we come from a long line of evolutionary persistence hunters, who went easily 24 to 48 hours without and real food, burning their reserves until the next meal. Fasting itself is not bad for you, but I would not recommend doing it for any longer than 48 hours, longer than that and your metabolism goes into emergency mode, and anything you eat after will be stored directly as fat. Perhaps if you're looking into, try intermittent fasting, where you only eat within a slot of four hours a day. This usually means people will reserve their eating time for the evening, and it gives your body plenty of time to adjust. Just don't fall into the trap of sugars, fat is actually good for you as long as it's healthy, natural fat. Do not mix fat and sugar, but otherwise you're going to be fine. There's plenty of people here who have provided sound advice, but find what works for you, do your research. Not eating sometimes is healthy.
  14. Luden

    Post your battle stations

    Renovated part of the house for this. Still not finished, but worth.
  15. Luden

    Zombies Everywhere - Mod

    While I think the intention of your suggestion is good, I just don't think the mod itself is. I'm all for something in house to a similar effect as long as it didn't sacrifice performance or some other feature, but at this current moment in time I'm more looking forward to other projects the Development team are working on. That aside, while I can understand the frustrations some people have cited here regarding the infected, zombies, whatever you want to refer to them as, suggesting we remove them entirely without implementing another PVE alternative risk is a bit silly. I don't think anyone wants Chernarus to be any emptier than it can already be, and while not necessarily good, the infected add something that is necessary to the variety and longevity of the game. DayZ and by proxy DayZRP would not be the same were it not for the element of risk firing arms in a town would bring, it adds weight, albeit small, but weight none the less. The same argument exists for entering a town or POI at all, as if it didn't happen to be a hot spot for activity, you would find nothing there but buildings. I think instead of suggesting their removal we stick on the topic of the original post and suggest how to further improve our experiences with them in the game, rather than out.
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