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    A mass of radio static whirrs through separate frequencies, the message plays in interludes of ten minutes, stopping on within an hour of the first. //Transcript Below:
  2. Baron

    I'm back innit

    Welcome back Matt. It's been a while.
  3. I would agree Rover, except it wasn't always that way and the server was fine. You have the option as a hostage to tell a quarter-truth, half-truth or any amount of truth you please as long as it conveys a reasonable amount of information to the request of the hostage takers. It is unfair to remove any form of available roleplay hooks in terms of obtaining sensitive information by force, there is evidently a middle ground that exists here that is not being addressed, regardless of Roland's decision which I do not 100% agree with. Such is the discussion.
  4. In response to you @Rover: When would it be asking too much? There wouldn't be a limit, the hostages should comply within value for their own lives, the hostage takers can ask what they please. This is the cornerstone of hostile roleplay and the roles can easily be reversed at any time. Can you ask a hostage to turn over every stash location of your group? Yes, of course you can. They're welcome to lie however. Can you ask a hostage to turn over every base of their group? Same as above. Can you ask a hostage to turn over the names and details of every single member of the group? Their allies? Plans? Etc? Same as above. - Essentially what you find is true from the OP's perspective, there are too many OOC rules in place to protect hostages when it really isn't needed to this degree. Hostage takers should be able to call out someone they know is lying and use that as a matter of non-compliance, which it is. Hostage takers should be able to ask for anything they please, after all they are now in the vulnerable position of defending themselves, their hostage and their best interests all while maintaining RP and questioning. Just because a hostage lies and chooses to never break the lie indicates far more to me a lack of value for their lives and an OOC knowledge that in some, now proven, way they'll not be punished for it. There are outlying contexts, exceptions to the rule of course, but this was an identifiable threat with identifiable repercussions. If it falls outside of that the same rulebreaks apply that usually do anyway, why provide more defence of the already heavily defended OOC?
  5. Is there some form of war against textRP at the moment? I personally think many of the people here have put this as best as we can already, initiation by car are often required. I have been around long enough before this implementation to see the reports where folk complained about not being able to hear voice initiations while in a car and requested a rule for text initiations. @AndreyQ put it wonderfully, if you mistake a text intiatuon for one of your boys goofing around, then the issue is with you, not the initiator. Text chat has a variable range at the same distance as voice, meaning that there is no advantage gained from text initiation either than obscuring vocal direction, which the vehicle does anyway. Making a rule against text initiations is not a solution for the problem you face. History has already proven why text initiations are required. -1
  6. Why is this an issue? If the initiating party wishes to search through a persons effects themselves, tying people up is an option. If a quick frisk search to remove radios is more appropriate for the situation, the emote exists to allow that. Here at DayZRP we try to find a middle line between realism and the limitations of gameplay. In the real world I wouldn't have to commit to some pseudo bondage to find a persons radio, infact it would be extremely weird if people did that every time. It's absolutely a non-issue and only serves to pit a limitation on initiators by requiring them to carry around some form of binding. No. -1
  7. In all honesty it's just generally considered not a cool thing to do within the modding community, and considering that's a source of some very good content, you more often than not want to apply by the agreed codes of conduct. Though with the developer actually in our community it seems, that may not be an issue anyway. Essentially we can modify our content to fit theirs, but not theirs without permissions, usually.
  8. Glad to see the answers helped you mate. //Closed and resolved.
  9. To answer your questions, is it intentional? Only the mod author knows the answer to that one. Will our dev team be able to do anything about it? Likely not. From what I have understood about how these mods have been handled so far is that anything not developed in house cannot really be edited by our developers. There are multiple factors as to why but the main one being the whole permissions on mod editing deal. The only thing that can reasonably be done at this time is to navigate to the mod page itself and appeal to the developer to have the issues looked into. Not really a productive answer, but the most realistic one I can give you.
  10. On one hand, there is going to be an obvious need for funds to prompt further development, on the other? This is some bogus recycled content. Still though, this boasts positive that Bohemia still cares enough to input dev time on this rather than ARMA4
  11. A pretty biased poll, time to stop the stamina discussion now I think. It's been established, and while I actually agree with @APositiveElmo regarding nerfing items like dex and buffing stamina, the new vehicles implemented have been performing amazingly well despite what I thought would be a janky mess. People have become very used to sprinting everywhere as fast as possible, and that's in part to the fact that we've lacked a variety of working vehicles for some time, but the consensus always was prior to Standalone that if you wanted to get somewhere fast? Grab a vehicle. It's inherently a part of what makes DayZ the game it is, taking the risk and bundling a few of your friends into a rickety mess of a car in the hopes you actually get to where you need to go; without dying to opportunistic roadblocks? That's DayZRP in its brilliant infancy, and people want those days back so I hear. Ultimately, seek changes that would bring a positive experience to the server as a whole, sprint stamina while definitely convenient is not necessary. Hop in one of many fancy vehicles and run over some infected for extra points. Oh and nerf dex while we're at it.
  12. +1 It's all to clear that Dex is and has been easily abused, while I would not necessarily nerf spawn rates further, I would firstly make the amount of pills variable and not the static 50 pills currently found. Then look into making the abuse of them far more severe than the admittedly rare sickness that you occasionally receive, abuse of an amphetamine to that degree would lead to a very quick overdose, as a matter of balance I wholeheartedly agree this should be a thing. You should not be able to neck 50 pills in the space of the same amount of minutes and hope to be very healthy for very much longer.
  13. My only issue is that the vehicle model and textures themselves look like a direct rip of the ARMA 2 model, while I'm not able to confirm that immediately, putting it alongside another vehicle would likely make this one look a little matchbox-y. Regardless I love the mod itself and the idea behind it, but still believe there might be better looking vehicles to add to our server first. +1
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