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  1. This iteration of the DayZRP mod will most likely not feature the same systems, content or quite possibly animations of the previous version that we upheld, this' due to some things no longer being desired/possible with the mixture of the very low relevance overall of the mod in general, I recommend if you'd like to ask Rolle something directly, like in this case, that you ask it here.
  2. Baron

    CONVICTS [Recruitment Open]

    Archiving as requested. Please let us know at any time should you want this to be re-opened. /closing
  3. Baron


    /Closing Please don't necro.
  4. Let's keep this on topic, hm?
  5. I would urge you not to make any preconceptions based on any previous clans and their actions, for example, I do not play a madman, or anyone with a form of psychosis. That being said, I think there has been enough back and forth concerning it's origins and its relation to any form of inspiration, these issues have been addressed and should you want to discuss them further, please contact the appropriate people privately, otherwise please keep on the topic of the group and make sure to provide valid criticism.
  6. That's the point, the Maker isn't real, he's a manifestation of a desperate madman. The Maker has no background bar what Shiros character has devised within his own mind and I believe you're missing that one, essential point. We could, for instance make the argument of where did any God come from? These stories they all originated from somewhere from one or a group of few individuals. In this case specifically, you could align many of these beliefs with Pagan religions, such as Wicca. The prior in this case is Shiro's characters time in the mental institute.
  7. Baron

    [GAME] Forum Games Addiction Level (Of the person above you)

  8. I would classify a good radio chatter thread by how interactive it was, the use of imagery, writing techniques and audio all make for the combination of the ultimate interactive experience for that medium, not only that, but then writing it in such a way that it's not a direct message to a specific user but, a message that's left open ended for someone to respond to, while telling a story. Something that a reader can sink their teeth in to and that a writer can further add to, this isn't broadening the spectrum, but instead allowing for a bigger user base to understand and adapt to the style of writing, there's something rather compelling about responding to another human being when you're all alone. That's my opinion though.
  9. Baron

    Staff Feedback

    Thank you, really. It was a pleasure to speak with all of you.
  10. Baron

    How often are you robbed?

    Unfortunately, Not often enough.
  11. Baron

    Not bleak enough...

    There's very little I can respond to, you acknowledged the moment you bought the game that it wouldn't be finished for some time and there's very little call for more detritus in a game riddled with bugs and queued for new features.
  12. Baron

    Honestly, what are you expecting?

    I have to actually agree with a lot of these points. We all as a community have allowed ourselves to become engendered by our own speculations, instead why don't we look at these problems and discuss them openly, rather than throwing comments back and forth at each other. Instead, why don't we agree to set aside that we're hiding behind a veil of anonymity and remember that we're all human? Why don't we discuss these things on common ground, point out rules that are confusing and as a community find a way to better suggest how to fix these things. This has been done before? I disagree, those referenced in the OP knew what they were doing and as much as they were pointing out the problems that existed, they were doing so in a way that began to specifically target a few select individuals, in some cases, this was staff. Were there punishments warranted? I don't think any decision is taken lightly in staff, as someone who's in a relatively new but impartial stance I see the way they weigh these decisions, we're people too and I think in many ways it's easy to forget that. Who are we to judge people? We're no authority on what truly defines a person, however I continue to believe that hard decisions need to be made, unpopular and thankless work needs to be done and while not glamorous the staff team at large only has one intention in mind and that's the good of the community. I think a lot more people than just staff were hurt by the way some of these particular members acted, acts out of malice and mostly without the intentions of cultivating change but the intentions of cultivating controversy. Do all veterans feel this way? Hell no, I personally agree with a lot of the things that staff do, despite being staff myself I consider my personal opinion to my most valuable quality, as a community member and one that's been around for a while now I'm glad to see these changes being made, some are less popular due to the way they're being handled, swiftly and without much regard and that shakes a lot of people at the foundations, things are changing and some might not see them as changing for the better. Change takes time, the evolution of the community is inevitable and the sooner that we accept that we're no longer the community from 2+ years ago the easier it will be to deal with that fact. Those who are unhappy with the shift from mod to stand alone, those who are unhappy with the new way the rules are laid our should make suggestions on how to better fix them, in a way that doesn't come across as the standard form of nonconstructive complaint, I'm certainly not looping everyone into that group, but the vast majority of the recently banned player base was in contribution to this. Are you being targeted? No, you're not, those that were, were for a good reason, despite what the popular opinion may be, I have very, very high doubts that unless you make yourself an ongoing problem, that you'll ever see the swinging end of the almighty hammer. Play fair and play good, you'll be fine.
  13. You're very welcome jzoid, thank you also Shark for the response. /Solving
  14. No, you would not be in violation of the rules should you choose to respawn after a specifically long period of time, waiting five to ten minutes at the very minimum is recommended, however as the way that shock/health value works can take a while to level out. Keep in mind that as soon as you choose to respawn, it does count as a legitimate death which pull you under NLR naturally. Edit: During a hostage situation if you're knocked out, it's an entirely different case and I would recommend keeping put, or possibly contacting your aggressor if the problem continues, if you're on your own in the middle of no-where, my previous statement stands.