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  1. Hello All

    oh Hi mark.
  2. PC Build Sharing

    Lol its fine man, Pics arent necessary, I guess ill have to consider that firefly now, thanks man!
  3. PC Build Sharing

    Awesome build man, sad because no pics. how do you like the firefly? ive never used a hard mouse mat, and was wondering how it feels compared to a soft mat. I use a cheap mat from amazon, and dont want to upgrade unless its justified.
  4. PC Build Sharing

    Thanks Eagle. Appreciate it! Im sure your build is top-notch as well!
  5. PC Build Sharing

  6. PC Build Sharing

    So, i thought maybe a thread where everyone can discuss hardware, share their personal PC builds, and just general PC-gaming related stuff. This way, as a community we might be able to figure out what settings and hardware have the best performance on DayZ. I guess ill go first then. My build is pictured here. Hardware is as follows I7-7700k Corsair H80iGT AiO water cooler Strix GTX 1080 Ti Asus Maximus IX hero Mobo Samsung 850 pro 120 GB 2x 2TB HDD Crucial Mx300 SSD 512 GB Samsung 850 evo 250 gb Corsair 400C case Dell S2716DG 1440p 144hz G sync monitor Corsair k70 RGB Logitech g502 Now, on to performance. Attached is a screenshot of my settings. I get about 120 FPS consistently, with some drops while in cities. Anyway, thats everything about my build, feel free to ask questions, and im always looking for recommendations on how to get better performance, and im excited to see everyone elses builds.
  7. Anthony smith

    I am Anthony Smith. I was born in the USA, and i grew up, hunting animals with my father, and generally living an average, southern USA lifestyle. I always loved the idea of experiencing another culture in more than just a touristy way. My best friend throughout highschool, named Rad, was of Cernarussian descent, and therefore, when i asked him where i should go for college, he suggested Russia so i could also visit Chernarus. Hell, before meeting Rad, i didnt even know Chernarus was a country, and i sure as heck didnt think i would consider going there for leisure. However, by the time senior year came around, i had been denied by every college i applied to, and i was down to one option. Platov South Russian State Polytechnic University, and, a week after i lost all hope, they accepted my application. It took some time to get used to, but i eventually was comfortable with living in a foreign country. All my classes were taught in English, so there was no reason to learn Russian, and i easily made friends that i trusted. By the end of my first year, i had a decent GPA, and i felt that i was ready to take a nice vacation in Chernarus, although it was a war-torn country, it still had a charm to it. I booked a hotel room in Chernogorsk and arrived on July 6th 2016. Little did i know, after just one day of fun, the 7th was the start of something awful. The infection. On the 11th of October, after i had heard more about the infection from the locals, i heard on the radio from the Chernarus officials that it was advised that civilians stay inside. So, i listened, i didnt want to die! However, looking back, this probably wasnt the best choice, as from that point on, i have been stuck here. After staying in my hotel room and stealing the food from the other abandoned rooms for a while, i left the hotel for the first time, and out of blind luck, that was the day that the plane hit the hotel. So, with my temporary base gone, i had to find somewhere else to go, and i found a perfect spot, up in the hills above chernogorsk, where i am writing this from now, in my makeshift camp, trying to survive with my limited skills and will to return home.
  8. S1 Bad RP @ Lonely House

    @Lego How were you informed that devin was initiated on, we took the radios IMMEDIATELY
  9. S1 Bad RP @ Lonely House

    I was on overwatch from the hill, 2 guys eventually spotted me right next to them, i ran across the field, met up with jasper, we hid in trees, guns went off, we returned some fire, probably didnt hit anyone, we ran towards the opposite trees, ran through the forest, saw 1 guy, guy kills jasper, i kill guy, my leg gets shot, i shoot guy, think i killed him, i die, the end, i didnt even rp, i just ran from the people initially because the aimed a gun at me and we were already talking about how shit was about to go down.
  10. Hilarious Video Rip Benjamin Flint...

    10/10 Rip Benny Boy, you will be remembered
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is easy to survive broken legs, we left him a hatchet to make a splint, and you can still crouch and get headshots even with broken legs. Unless you dont know how to play the game, surviving broken legs is something everyone has done, and im sure i can find many people who have had to kill a zombie at the same time. we left him with broken legs because we were bandits, why would we want to enable him to immediately chase us down. it makes sense in the situation to leave him occupied. The rule states that you must leave your hostage with a " Realistic" chance of survival, which we did, as realistically, many players can survive broken legs, and the rule leaves it open for interpretation rather than giving examples. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: none What would you like to achieve with this appeal: get the points from the no care for hostage removed, as the combat logging is valid, so no complaint there. What could you have done better?: Asked support what " Realistic" chances of survival are.
  12. s2 - RDM Kabanino

    I was the person in the video who said "Who died" and i was one of the 2 who ran out of the house and checked the body, i did take some 9mm ammo and a can of food from the body, as far as it being rdm, Moody clearly said to not go out, and why would moody unpin a grenade and drop it inside? that would kill himself? there would be no point in doing that, so the obvious way he threw it was outside, which leads to him saying "Dont go out!". Also to respond to Leucifer saying that " B.) They didn't communicate well enough to let people know that they're holding them hostage, " we were never holding him hostage.
  13. S2- Gear RP, Bad RP, Tisy Base

    Okay, George, Cracker (Colton), Dakirro, Jasper and I were at tisy base looting, when we spotted a pack of wolves which noticed us and started to chase us, Zombies joined in on the chase and we ran towards the bunker/ industrial compound ( Not sure what to call it) where we saw @Mehmet Oz standing, We turned around and shot the wolves and zombies, (not sure if mehmet helped or not, i wasnt paying attention to him) and then we saw mehmet start to back off towards the bunker, so we ran towards him and i told him to put his hands up and drop his weapon ( He complied perfectly), the group surrounded him and i restrained him and he began to speak , asking me if he recognized me and i said "No" but now i am aware that i never did say that in game, might have said in TS or forgot to use push to talk. Cracker ( Colton) had a little conversation with him asking him if he was ok and that type of stuff. And we began to sort through his stuff, taking all of his ammo and weapons and throwing the rest on the ground. we were arguing in TS about what we should do with him and George and I wanted to leave because it is a dangerous place to be, so we started to run off, and Cracker (Colton) said he would stay back with the guy, so as everyone ran off, i guess Colton stayed back and let Mehmet eventually run off unharmed, and we left the base
  14. I was with George Bartan, I do not record my POV , I logged out 15 minutes after as i thought it was 30 minutes, since we initiated him at first, so i assumed that the timer was up and I needed to run an errand, so george and i logged off in a cabin off the airfield. as for the unsurvivable condition, his inability to move is a game glitch, as he should still have been able to crawl, and it is easy to make a splint from a nearby tree, we left him a hatchet so he could have killed any animal and used their meat for food, so in my opinion he was not left in an "unsurvivable" condition, but i will leave that up to the admins to decide
  15. S2- Gear RP, Bad RP, Tisy Base

    Im not sure about their forum names but our allies were Jasper, Dakirro, and George Bartan on TS, I was anthony smith, and cracker on TS is Colton deller. I do not have my POV recorded but the interaction was very chaotic and i thought i was responding to him in game, the microphone symbol was showing but it glitches for me sometimes as i think im talking when im actually not, he asked me if he recognized me from a heli crash and i responded no, but i guess it didnt go through VOIP.