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  1. Besphynx

    [MZ] Milice Zachovani [Selective Recruitment]

    Best of luck in the future!
  2. I was present in this situation a video POV will be uploaded by other members of the group shortly. I am the one who executed him within the group.
  3. This would be a pretty cool idea to implement and there are not too many downsides, apart from what Aiko said in regards to meta-gaming when hostage.
  4. Besphynx

    Euro 2016

    Can't wait for tomorrow, hopefully going to be a good game between England and Wales! My guess is a 1-1 draw currently
  5. I am wondering what will happen to Arya, also nice to see the Hound back in action. I wonder what would happen if he were to meet his brother...
  6. Besphynx

    Decending unto the shadows

    Wow, nice to see that ISOA are remembered <3 RIP Vector
  7. Besphynx

    [I.S.O.A] Independent Soviet Opposition Armiya - Origins

    Glad to see this back and hope it is as good as the old ISOA <3
  8. Obviously this [video=youtube]
  9. Besphynx

    Real Military Experience

    If memory serves me right then certain colour blind people are actually very useful in the Army, when it comes to been a spotter for a sniper or by been a co pilot in a jet because you see colour variations differently so you could be able to spot people who are camouflaging them selves easier because of your condition. Or it might just be certain types of Colour Blindness that this happens in
  10. Besphynx

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Got a M9 Blue Steel FN recently and figured I would show you guys Thoughts and opinions?
  11. Exactly mate future proofing il be grabbing one of these end of the month as well Yes, but you won't be using your computer for more then 4 years. Atleast i don't, mine is almost 4 years old. time to sell it to some kid and i will buy a new one for 900€ I could spend more, but i rather have a motherboard that is fitting like a glove with the CPU. Sometimes it will be fast, but will outrun the rest of the computer. It need to be like an engine, working smooth. Stuff that is on the computer that won't do anything because nothing can handle it won't do good. It won't cause a big problem but it is just waste, he could spend that money on a power supply. Power supply is 750W and Ram is 2x8GB sticks. Might aswell stick with the i7 4790k as I have it myself and it is a pretty good CPU, noticeable difference in most games! Also, why shouldn't I keep with the i7 and go down to the i5 that will be worthless in 1-2 years when I could just got for the i7 and be good for another 4+? Rather just spend the money now then and get it out of the way then spend more in the future fixing a fuck up Anyway, it aint for me, just building it for a friend and thought I would get some final advice or a stamp of approval
  12. Yeah, I did originally have it at 750W - Corsair CX750M but I can go back to that, also I could easily get the 2 sticks instead of the 4. I have tried to think things through as much as possible and all the parts fit within the case and easily in the motherboard so there is no issue with things not fitting
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