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  1. I play a business man, stuck in chenarus airport..after the aftermath. He was on business trip. But of course logically if you find a better weapon, your going to pick it up. You dont need to be an Einstein to wield an AK its a peasant assault rifle.. Just saying...Whatever you find its to make due, background stories are a problem, not how somebody dresses i looted the camp near the airport of course i found some military grade gear, that dosent mean iam military, its a bloody apocalypse..fashion or gear is not viable, what you find you wear.
  2. Arestus

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need a GUID reset please. Pleasee // Owen PM Sent
  3. Ok il check it thank you very much!
  4. yes I do! through steam, and tick on!
  5. Solved that issue by deleting some files ,a reupdating now i have new problem! new post? It seems every time i try to start epoch now, i updated, start the commander as admin, it crashes the A2oa and saz it has crashed. Any idea, guys i know..we are pain..but problems ocure
  6. I was runing..and message poped out you have been kicked thats it! went back to main menu.. Sorry about that I didnt get any error, or file etc.. On server RP1 S1 Classic Dayzrp No error nothing..just boom..twice I have nothing xtra on it, just barebone arma2 AO and dayzrp
  7. Hi guys, i just got back in the game, some of you ,actualy helped me get in. I played today on a normal dayzrp server , and he told me , you have been kicked of the server, while chased by zombies? Help..
  8. THANK YOU!! we solved all the problems! Everythings works now! Cd key related good! so as many times i reinstall its all good.. This thread can be put to solved
  9. It worked ,back in the game FInaly!!!! ))) See you in game m8s! And thank you!!
  10. No..through the dayzrp launcher?
  11. Works like a charm now! Now how do we make epoch up and runing, do i install it over commander or manualy..please That's great man, glad it's fixed. Well to play on DayZRP Epoch, all you need to have is the latest version of the standard Epoch mod, which is, if you have that, you are ready to play! You should then be able to join the DayZRP Epoch server through DayZRP Launcher. Working on it, Keep you updated in few min! Thank you i will! Just realized he already has it, you can see in this screenshot, aha. Yes i had it, but deleted it , because i thought that could be the problem Downloading at the moment! same error
  12. Works like a charm now! Now how do we make epoch up and runing, do i install it over commander or manualy..please