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  1. As a retired member of the Austrian military elite Unit 'Jagdkommando' Markus was a consultant within the Nato that was deployed during the unrest in Chernaurus. As soon as he discovered the local troops and infrastructure dissovling beccause of the infected, he went for the woods to escape. When he found out that the borders to Takistan where closed he realised that he was stuck in Chenarus. After weeks of trying to survive alone in the woods he decided to scavenge the fallen cities and villages in hope to find some information about the status of his own family and people back in Austria,.....
  2. IsnGabba

    Does the new VoIP make roleplay sense?

    i think its kind of good, at least you don't have all the backround noises in a Settlement when there are more than 5 people talking.
  3. IsnGabba

    Can't seem to place a fireplace inside of a stove.

    I had the same yesterday, don't know why. 61. will become the patch of the heatpacks mate
  4. IsnGabba

    NVFL/AoGM 20:05 S1 Myskino tents

    I was there. I don't have proof for that but i give you my word that we were there. You know, there is one tree in front of the barn, The guy with the red jacket that survived was running around behind that tree and i shot a few branches off but as i said i dont think i hit him. I don't really understand why you guys say we were not there, cause i got hit in the foot right there (as i said, you ruined my Pants). At least one of you saw and shot at me.
  5. IsnGabba

    NVFL/AoGM 20:05 S1 Myskino tents

    Joseph Ziegel’s POV We were on our way to myskino tents because we saw a Lada drive there and we wanted to check it out. Axel goes to the parked car while we are waiting scattered in the trees. The situation gets messy because a guy in police uniform comes as well. We move out of the trees a little and i think 4 of us were 'near' the car. The police guy and the 2 guys from the Lada are talking with one of ours as I suddenly hear over the radio that there are more people coming. We all scatter as fast as possible. I run to the woods NW of the camp (yeah the woods in the back of the barn) and gather up with Axel and Jack Clarke. Me and Axel Wolf wait behind the barn (I would say 25-30 meters behind it) and Jack Barnes is looking for more people around. I can spot the guy that’s running around rick (red Jacket) and lay low because I don’t know exactly what happened to Jack Barnes. Suddenly there are shot fired and rick tells us that he just killed the guys. I get up and shoot with my Steyr Aug at the red Jacket Guy that is still there (Don’t think I hit though). I get hit 2 times, my pants are ruined and I fall back because I don’t know from where the shots came. Jack Clarke tells me that there are about 15 people coming from the northern woods/field to my direction. I see Axel dying and run as fast as I can to the northwest and escape. To be honest, I don’t think he didn’t value his life. It was kind of messy because of the two hostage situations at the same time. Rick didn’t know about Jack being a hostage and maybe he wouldn’t have shot then. But he couldn’t know since he had no radio. But he knew that we were in the trees not far away from him. I can see how you had 15 guys in the back but at the place where I was you had not. Only a few guys at the barn area (maybe 2-3), after rick killed 3 of you. Otherwise I would have died and not escaped. For the Abuse of Game mechanics. i think that rick did not make it on purpose. He had the glitch because it’s Dayz and the whole game is a glitch. Rick thought after sitting down as you told him it was gone. Why then not go on as he wanted before, trying to escape.
  6. IsnGabba

    What do your group use?

    you really did ask hm?