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  1. Harvey Taylor, aged 17 with brown hair and he suffers from frequent anxiety attacks, he is a passive teenager, and he quite naive and he doesn't really understand how the world works, he is very open to everyone and has no hatred towards anyone, he prefers to be alone but doesn't mind the company of others. Harvey was born in the North West of the UK to a family that has very low income, he was always a naive child and he never really understood how the world worked, he thought it was a friendly place to be and that no trouble would ever come his way. During his school years was when he started to find himself and this is when he developed a passion for photography. For Christmas his parents manged to scrape enough money together to buy him a used Sony RX1 camera. He would spend most of his days outside and alone taking pictures for the next years of his school life. Sadly when coming to the end of his school years this is when Harvey started to find out the world was not a nice place, his mum was involved in a hit and run attack, she was later diagnosed with dementia, this broke Harvey as his mum didn't remember who he was anymore, he hated seeing his mum like this, he became depressed and started having anxiety attacks. He later moved on to college, he was still having frequent anxiety attacks but he tried to focus on his passion for photography, the college Harvey was attending gave him the opportunity to travel around the world to work on his photography assignment, Harvey decided to take this opportunity and in June 2017 he took a trip to Chernarus, he planned to stay here for 5 months and leave for home again in November of 2017. Sadly this was another episode of Harvey's bad luck, just 2 months into his 5 month trip, the infection started spreading.. this left Harvey stranded in Chernarus with no means of escape.
  2. Good job papi watchman, keep it up bby <3
  3. Sorry but I didnt, sadly shadowplay doesnt work for me.
  4. I talked to 'Ivar Fritz' about shooting him. the reason i am on the logs for shooting him is because my gun bugged and started unloading roads which i had no control over, he was fine with that and i told him there was nothing hostile towards him as i wasnt in control of shooting him. I think ravplays was there too and can confirm it was a bug and there was no hostile intent towards him. In reply to spacecowboy, i am on no-ones side and i remain neutral as i just saw the initial robbery in stary which lead to Ivar shooting his robbers in the field. I notice that i am seen connecting and disconnecting in the logs. for some reason my game constantly crashes and im not sure why it does that which is why i am connecting and disconnecting constantly.
  5. I saw this happen, the people who were robbing you got shot by somebody they robbed in stray which i also saw after i logged in from crashing the people who robbed you seemed to have shoddy RP as they didn't say much to the person they robbed, they gave him no RP or no story to role with they just simply stole his gear and locked him in a shed. The guy who got robbed chased them with his friends and shot them in the filed at vybor military, again i was watching this and from my POV i couldn't see that you where held hostage, so i image they couldn't either.
  6. First of all, didn't know u was bleeding, maybe could have said something? and i told you to wiggle out of the cuffs prior to carving you.. not my fault you cant follow instructions.
  7. Lyca, i left after we carved him, we closed him in the shed so he was safe, there was a gun outside and he had an axe.
  8. GrainSack - 'This came to us a shock because it was not made clear to me or Jeff that Harvey was in anyway hostile, and claims to "hate the UN - because everyone does" (according to Jeff who was taken hostage.)' Can i ask why i am mentioned here? i never said anything about hating UN, that was Travis and he was talking about himself in that situation.
  9. Sadly i dont have a POV of the situation. I'm pretty sure i waited 30 minutes before i logged off but if not, how many minutes did i log off too early? The reason i didn't ask for permission to carve into his arm was because my character had something carved into him without any permission so i didn't know there was an issue with that.