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  1. So good to see this thread back up, brings back great memories. I see you only have one enemy listed, still can't fathom why people pick on the FM's... I guess weak minded people do, but it is what it is. Maybe i will be around and slap me some JBG around show them something about how to survive. You can only assume which type of peeps they are when this is one of their lines "Of course the children were the easiest." Instant Classic, expect me in a couple days or weeks, will have them calling me papi in no time. -Raul Trejo
  2. Can anyone confirm if these mighty veins my character possesses is the work of the vitamins i always forced him or what...
  3. Saving myself dat carpal tunnel, bro. i was diagnosed with carpal tunnel this week. Saw this and lol'ed a bit.
  4. Ramadi Marksman

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for having that hideous profile picture.
  5. Ramadi Marksman


    OR... good job for donating money for the server to stay up and running so you can play everyday.
  6. People kept telling me to "boil" my water before drinking it, and i always thought it was on an RP sense, so i would rp the fact i was boiling it, one day picked up a tin can by accident went to cook some meat... only to see... yeah... boil water.
  7. Sure, why wouldn't you... this rule only benefits groups with big numbers. Basically what Vile said "With the size of clans currently, a single clan could effectively steam roll half of a server without ever firing a shot." The YOLO mentality is not applicable to everyone, some people actually know what they are doing when they choose to not comply. Common sense should be enough. -9000 from me.
  8. I happened to be around a couple of times and your character will be missed, noticed you like to brag.... uhmmm well i have been holding on to this for the longest time, back in D3, you fine folk tried to take two choopers from Zelenogorsk player camp... i flanked... uhmmm u dead! Good luck! Come back when it all settles down. Rest in Pieces former Joe Chang (Pretty sure you then changed to Ta Fu)
  9. Mind you i found a bigger backpack and a higher damage weapon in the supermarket... it's like c'mon guy... watchaaa doing... i was hoping for a trip to the woods... or soomething.
  10. Right on cue Osaka [video=youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hY92JJWnK4 For some reason i though surrender option made you drop your weapons and your shit...
  11. Flopping whinners! LMAO c'mon Karim.
  12. Ramadi Marksman

    Dramatically decrease food/drink spawns

    WHAT!!!! Didn't you have like 10 can foods on your backpack in that video you uploaded against SKA? C'mon guy, who you kidding!
  13. Ramadi Marksman

    Dramatically decrease food/drink spawns

    Yesssir, was thinking the same thing today (while at work) was reading a thread about currency and whatnot read that Jerry Can's & fuel would be a good currency, also would food, and people could actually RP hunters and perhaphs set up shop, i would say +1000 for this.
  14. Not funny at all mate, very misguided sense of humor.