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  1. Maybe going to give it anoter chance and build up another character, ideas is not what's missing . Let's see how it goes.
  2. OOC: So yeah, it came to the crucial point where i just can't stand it, the RP on this server or is bad or must keep finding the same people, this leading me to once i get approach i can predict what is going to happen. It always follows the same sequence; *HEY STOP OR SHOOT, DROP THIS AND THAT*, *GIVE ME YOUR STUFF*, NOW DIE OR BE LEFT TO DIE. I'm sick and tired of this, i may haven't been the most active rp'er, didn't wrote a history but the folks i have encountered didn't let me rp too, it is just banditry and robbery so with this final words i say goodbye to the good people that i had fun with. IC: While burning the last cigaret from the pack, I lay the ground and stare at the night sky one more time. My trusty and sweet Mery, that never let me fail a shot lies clean and immaculate like the first day i got it. Carly, the Sassy Colt, there is no use to clean her, loaded and ready for a last show. I guess is time for me to leave, don't know where but i have to leave. Here signed in blood, Ricardo Costa. *Cocking Sounds*, ... Goodbye Mery, Goodbye Carly, Goodbye friends... , *Gunshot*.
  3. Name: Nick Waits Age: 29 Height: 179 cm Weight: 80 Kg Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Brown Pre-Outbreak Profession: Writer,Composer and Literature Teacher Demeanor in Three Words: Grim, Morose and Wise
  4. koztax

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Need another GUID reset, i goofed and entered the GUID from dayz commander. Sorry for the trouble //Terra: Reset. Re-enter
  5. Thank's fo your kind help... although even after i updated the GUID and PID i still get the message that i´m being kicked due to not being whitelisted, in the website says that i am whitelisted.
  6. koztax

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need a GUID reset, i messed things up while registrating //Terra: Re-enter. GUID reset
  7. Hey I've applied for whitelist a long time ago and after a long wait i had some changes in my life and wasn´t able to use the computer, either was way to busy or simply dead tired. In the meanwhile i have been accepted and now im back on game. I´ve Introduced my IG character as Nick Waits and today i will start to roam the Chernarus World. So now i have one question in mind, how should one proceed to play as a different character, like if i don´t identify with the "Nick Waits" persona anymore. How can i change it ?
  8. Thank you for the wellcome I've read the rules and understood them. While waiting for my application to be processed i will start writing a "diary" and bacground story for my character here on the forums. feel free to criticise and give tips or hints on how to improve my rp Nick 'Raven' Waits diary See you
  9. Greetings everyone. Since i've not been whitelisted yet i will put my creative vein to some use other than RP'ing and i will start writing a more detailed background story for my IG Charater, Mr. Nick "Raven" Waits. So here it goes... Entry 2784 It was a dim grey colored day, the birds were flying and the frogs were croaking in the swamps. It doesn't get more cheerfull than this, now that my world came tumbling and forced to live of squirrel meat and water from the lakes... Every day i think in putting this story to an end, close this diary and join them... It is really terrifying how can some whant to die so desperatly when deads roam the streets of a once live and populated city... Ironicaly sadly i nearly died today, one of them almost got his fangs on my calf and had to turn his head in goo. I ran... With my hands gloved in putrid gore i sat and quietly heard the soud of a dead ghoulish army, passing trough the streets they once shoped, worked, loved, and cried. I need to find more smokes and some canned food, i can't bare to have to eat another filty squirrel. It tastes like puss. Let's see what will happen tommorrow... Just don't whant to see any more bandits. At last some rest... OOC As you can see my character has a dark and grim prespective of the world, he used to be a blues/rock singer, one of the sad ones. Since he lived in near to complete lonelyness he just doesn expect nothing at all from life, he just whants not to die by other's hands... Its all for today, see you on chernarus once whitelisted PS: Any critics and advices are wellcome
  10. Hey im Ricardo and i will be playing with you as Nick'Raven'Waits see you on chernarus, i want to hear your stories