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  1. Thanks for all the warm welcomings! I will be in teamspeak looking for friends
  2. Hi, I used to play a lot like 2 years ago. My name is Will, and I am from the USA. Working on completing the quiz to get in lol... Hope to catch some of you around in game sometime!
  3. Will-Mac

    Your worst experience in dayzrp?

    Earlier today when I went up to the little downed heli camp at NWAF, and a zombie one-hit me knocked me out. The guy let me die basically
  4. I don't see a huge problem as long you don't over use the words all the time. Actually let your character RP, so if you have a Islamic character, I don't think that he is going to be saying the "N" word every 5 seconds. Here in the States, the Public School system is corrupted. A lot of dark skinned people call eachother "nigga", and as sterotypical as it seems that was White people began calling them during the Civil Rights movements. Which is a huge curve ball.
  5. Got a AK 47 HOLO, Skorpion, almost full toolbelt. Lots of food, water, and bloodbags.
  6. Yeah, ever since Frankie made a video. Jesus I feel bad for the admins. Getting these noobs that only join because they wanna' see Frankie. Hence, he probably hasn't logged in since that video.
  7. Most likely gut some animals. Find a backpack, and run the Deer Stand route all the way up to the NWAF.
  8. Will-Mac

    Server wipe and patch

    So if it's 10:50 here, in 10 minutes the KoS hour begins because the server is 6 hours ahead of me? I'm GMT -5.
  9. It's the processor. I have a Intel Core i5. Amazing thingy.
  10. What resoultion does everyone play on? I play on 1920 x 1080p
  11. Will-Mac

    Official CS:GO Thread

    I've put way to much money into this game. I love it. Play Competitively all the time. Working for my Nova III soon. Only 23 Wins.
  12. I would gladly try my best at it. I'm not too familiar with the server yet but I know a lot about DayZ and RP'ing in general. A lot about Weapons In real life, and how they work. Especially Military Grade weaponry. I know what guns are in the server and what not. I can easily get used to the server more and understand some more of the fundementals.
  13. House Music, Drum N' Bass, Dubstep (not my fav word to call it), Hardstyle, and American Pop... Some Rap Current songs I am listening too: - Recess: Skrillex - Flight: Tristam - Till it's over: Tristam