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  1. Okay now you're making shit up at this point. I'm not wasting my breath on a person that wants nothing more but to have somebody banned without any knowledge. Honestly you can't be this ignorant. I've never met such a group being this rude, saying things a child would say throwing a temper tantrum over nothing, you're better than that.
  2. First of all I ran to Kabinino as a plan since everyone else was seeking refuge there. Second of all I fired out of an Ill-Will gesture simply cause at 9:03 I was initiated on which you can see him firing at me.
  3. If you think two friends talking about what's happening is Metagaming and are this ignorant to believe that large groups are goody goods that don't metagame, then you're out of your mind. We are allowed to talk to each other OOCly as long as we don't take In Character information for our advantage. This video was posted for entertainment but if you want to ban me, make your move.
  4. Well I uploaded the video for entertainment, not once did I metagame. I didn't take out of character information in game not once as you can clearly hear my friend telling the people Icly he doesn't know what happened to me as we were merly talking about it OOCly. I initiated and fired back cause they shot at me from behind as I ran from them, they initiated on me. You're taking this very poorly.
  5. This ain't the place to really talk like that.
  6. The accounts provided are from Illya Kitchov. Apologies for Discord.
  7. Cool, thanks for the info and quick response, I appreciate it.
  8. So I just want to ask to see if this issue maybe already in the works of getting solved, but I have been accepted through the application process yet' I have been accepted. I also have a picture to show that I have been accepted just in case if you ask questions if you need me to post it, I just want to know what's wrong and if there's like a timer or something for the Whitelist to take effect.
  9. Hey, just saying hi since I feel like stopping by and giving a shot to join this server. I'm pretty much just any other ordinary guy that enjoys playing games, nothing more to say. Other than that, evening to all.
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