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  1. Dr. Hannah Alyce

    Worked alongside the British army at camp Bastion Afghanistan, came to Chernarus alongside MSF volunteers
  2. Why thank you Fox, the pleasure was all mine
  3. bye

  4. I don't think it is the best of idea's but it could be well implemented however I imagine a rule/guideline would have to be written and followed by the community. I remember a while back a guy using a defibrillator as a "DNA scanner". The gentleman decided to attach a battery and "scan" someones DNA, however due to the way the game works, it gave the other guy a heart attack and killed him.
  5. With RHS being added to the Steam Workshop soon™ we could have some very solid feeling equipment compared to the CUP weapons, vehicles and gear.
  6. 'Trade Routes' Event Series

    I was told by Pat to bump this
  7. You were running up the street away from the building and any foliage until we started shooting
  8. I was travelling with George and John, George informed us he had run into a guy in a two story building toward the bus depot, the two of us started heading that way, and upon hearing voices me and John set up behind cover, upon Ray exiting the building and confirming he was carrying an M4 (Georges weapon prior to being robbed) and opened fire, Ray ran at me, then cut left to try and flank, I followed him leading the flank in a circle, Ray fired one burst of rounds from the M4 and hit me, the then fired a second burst followed by the dead mans click, I swapped my Glock for my shotgun, and fired pointblank into the unconscious body, I then went and untied George, and we carried on as we were.
  9. [FM] Free Medics

    MRW four people ask me if they can bring back FMDS But I wish good luck to my beautiful Brandon <3
  10. Quote(s) To Describe Your Character?

    "Nothing but good decisions" - Fraser Martin
  11. fuck yo' train grats on the 1000 posts Jorge
  12. Rocket Riggs: Chernarussian highway adventures

    The thing that annoys me the most is the smug fucker just walks away at the end as if nothing happened.
  13. I saw the tutorial on transferring a scenario file from the 3D editor to the 2D editor, to make it readable in a text editor and enable it to be used for the server, however, the 2D editor will soon become unsupported by Bohemia. When saving your mission, un-check this box. This prevents the sqm file looking like this garbled mess. Then makes it into this readable format. Converting to the 2D editor may pose some problems and shift objects out of place and have your construction looking off, or out of place. This method is much easier and quicker than mentioned here.Sorry Levi.