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  1. His grandad firebombed garrisons, as his grandad did before him. Petrol bombs and firearms are what put food in the family' belly and kept more of them out of the ground then most deserved. Gunrunning is a tricky business. It takes you places you never thought you go, meeting people you never thought you would meet. Sometimes on those far away adventurous a virus breaks out and forces you to land in a shit hole of the wrong side of the Iron Curtain. Sometimes that same adventure forces you underground, living off cans of dog food, while other times you could be partaking in a grand feast with some crazy warlord type. The thing about weapons is that they will always change hands, I would just prefer if they passed though mine first. Commission is key, but getting your name out there is what matters. All in the day in the life of Declan Toole.
  2. Supplemental rules to prevent such acts. Or, we just deal with the never-ending waves of baddies and let perma-deathing major characters change the ongoing story that is DayzRP. I've suggested this before but if faction leaders have the same rules and you cut the head of this hypothetical snake then the body should die, or at least someone should else should have to take over. I think it would be interesting if permadeath could shape groups and factions, even settlements. If nobody takes over then it goes away or turns into something else. People die all the time, the game is about survival and not everyone should survive. Just thoughts.
  3. Those that want to survive will seek like minded individuals as we do in real life. Those that want violence will find it and if they fail they will eventual lose that character. The only reason banditry is so prevalent nowadays is because everyone sees how benificial to survival it can be. It is easy, too easy. If these same people keep dying and not accomplishing their own goals, they will adapt or perish. If becoming a bandit is more risky than being a survivor, the sentiment will change. However, you can't change the mind of a butthurt sixteen year old hell bent on griefing you. Nothing changes if there are no changes made. +1 for the permadeath rule.
  4. Eventually I would suspect most of these reckless throwaway players will be weeded out and the more careful players will band together. #walkingdeadrp
  5. JaredA

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    I did this and got initiated on for being nosy.
  6. JaredA

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    RP "Bambi"
  7. JaredA

    Random name you remember from a long time ago

    Juggs, Jerry, and good 'ole Winslow Barrington... and that Archer kid.
  8. *You hear a short buzzing before the man begins speaking, a man being coached to read something under duress* There is only one thing that matters now and that is to keep going. Keep moving, keep breathing, keep fighting. Why do this, why not just give up? The burning in your chest is why. The silence being broken in your mind. The need to take it all back. The need for revenge! We want their blood on the ground, their bones broken, their fear turned against them. We aren’t the only ones who should be looking of their shoulders. How ‘bout we make them pay for once? Will you stand up for once, dust the dried blood and dirt off of yourself and defend yourselves and those you love? Will you stand together, bound by vengeance and hatred under a single banner. A black banner. The Black Flag. The world is a changed place, ruled by wicked and powerful men. Dangerous men with armies of loyal lapdogs who beat you down and take whats rightfully yours. You deserve more, we all deserve more. We deserve to live how we want and to live free. There is no one to protect us. There is only us now. Stand with me and take back what is yours. Throughout our short time as a society, in times of distress and hunger we have risen the Black. What better time to cast off the shackles of society and make something for yourself? If you want something in this new world, you have to take it. Yours has already been taken, your souls, determination, or will the fight. Take it back, support the Black. You will hear from us again. "Is that okay?", the voice asks. A single word replies from a second, more discernible voice " Yeah"
  9. I think maybe 5 deaths in total not 5 for each individual scenario and not like it's impossible to track. That gives plenty of reasonable miracles for which you can survive and continue but just enough to be more careful if you hope to draw your story out more. The system should be unforgiving but fair and logs are constantly checked anyway.
  10. Sometime decisions need to be made for the greater good of all. Maybe the permadeath rule apply to members of groups and factions, that way natural order and progression can take effect. Making it one of only a few disadvantages of joining a group or settlement. Important people shouldn't be untouchable, doesn't matter what side of the hero spectrum you play. Groups can rise and fall just a naturally as settlements, and should be treated as so.
  11. In all actuality it should. If you die to a horde, it should count. Catch a stray bullet, counts. Executed, counts. People will bitch, as that is human nature, but with adversity comes change and growth.
  12. Knowing that a character could be permed would drastically change how people play in this community. There is no fear of death, only fear of reports. If I knew that if I keep running my mouth with a gun to my head that I would be killed off I might shut up, might. Why don't we playtest it? Could that bandit group you don't like finally be killed off? Did your favorite hero just fight his last fight? NOPE?! Why not? If doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is the definition of insanity, are we not all insane to expect anything different if things stay the same?
  13. Patience isn't everyone's virtue and everyone's RP is different. So group A and group B can just keep continually capturing, torturing and executing each other without consequence or resolve? Rules are put in place because someone at some point and time did the opposite, if there isn't a guideline or rule stating what someone remembers, when they remember it or even if they remember it at all then it will be abused.
  14. It really has nothing to do with frustration, just stupidity. How are storylines suppose to complete or feuds stop if there is never an end. No conclusions, just constant fighting? If I wanted a problem to be somewhat resolved before, I shot you in the face and that was it. You don't remember it, you can't.
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