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  1. Really? Ice block brand? Still better then adults magazine .
  2. Sorry for that . Filip is a polish name and this is the appropriate one. I think that in USA and other :english: countries Filip = Philip .
  3. Hello, My name is Filip and I just want to say hello to everyone who is reading this . If my app will be accepted, I will play as John Winchester (not this one from Supernatural unfortunately ) who once was a boss on gas station in Elektro. He had a simple life with his brother(he was a librarian) until the zombie apocalypse came. He had to kill his owne brother in the front of their house. But he was not crying - he was laughing. To the God. He cried to much in the past days because of losing all people he loved. He did not lost his humanity but he was in distress. In the next few days, he will regain his strength and move forward... Maybe he will find someone who will need help or will be able to help. Unity is a strength. This is a concept of my character for now, but I can't promise that I will don't change this concept. Right now I have to wait until my app will be accepted (or maybe not?) and this will probably take some time I think... Anyway I'm 25 and I work as a IT specialist in big car company in western Europe (Poland, Wroclaw exactly). I work a lot with different databases and I use sql a lot to get what I need. I'm also a programmer so I can fix some things in users programs. Debuging is pretty fun . I love western movies(The God, the Bad and the Ugly is my favorite one!) and I love cRPG Games (Baldurs Gate, Torment and Fallout). I'm also a 3d micro helicopter pilot and I have few bonsai trees .