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  1. * - static skin - face, head or skin color cannot be changed. * - may change clothing color and appearance every time you log in. Check your skin and it will dictate the customization
  2. I'm happy to help, send me it and i'll sort something out; also its need to be done today cause im going away for the week
  3. This looks great! excellent work buddy
  4. This is brilliant, the way you speak reminds me of me when i'm happy. Keep it up!
  5. It's all down to exceptional applications, no secrets nothing
  6. n0valyfe


    Firstly my name D: hgfjkghfjkgh wth! secondly, it's anything to do with body knowledge so try to avoid any direct contact with it however if you're just passing through and take no notice then it's fine (just do not go anywhere near it in the vicinity). Just don't go back to it knowing about yourself!
  7. So far im 2 days into quitting its hard as fuck
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