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  1. *Sophi sits in a lonely house in the forest and is awakened by the radio. She hears she agrees to her brother, quickly runs the stairs down to the next room, gnaws the radio and presses the PTT key * I ... I'm somewhere in a big forest .... I … *She pauses briefly and looks out of the window* I do not know where I am *The rain crackles loudly at the Window and when she looking out the firs blur in the vicinity easily through the strong rain* what happened to you? I think you luina only misunderstood. Perhaps she could do nothing. I ... I'll look for you ... and find ... I'll go right away ... and please ... do not listen to the bad people iim radio *She takes her things and opens the house. You can hear about the radio that the rain gets louder and sophie coughs a few times* Stay where you are ... I'll find you *She lets go of the button and goes out into the rain*
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  4. Oh yeah I wars realy a little bit scared thx for the rp
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  5. sorry but i must do it....for my love,my familie and my friends i´ve buried you and sam will never forget you!!!
  6. * The sun had already risen and is slowly lighting up the house. Samantha comes down the stairs sleepily, goes outside and stretches * "Ahhhhhhh ... Bad idea ... I feel like shit" *Samantha groaned painfully as she gently tries to untie the bandage on her left shoulder. * "Away with this crap" * She throws the remnants of the bandage into the grass in front of her and kicks it away. Sam leans back on the wall, puts her head back, closes her eyes and breathes deeply. Birds were heard, the soft rushing of the wind and the quiet rippling of the stream a few meters away. The silence was abruptly interrupted as her radio went off in her pocket and she heard the voice of max and a good old friend. * "Thus a friend becomes an enemy ..." * A smile appears on her lips as she reaches the radio and presses the PTT button. * "Ohh Yeah Max. We've proved that. Each of us is ready to die for the other, and so are our families. Then I can only say ... " * Sam breathes deeply * "... We'll meet again! And it will not end with my blood. It will end with your blood! Max trust me! I wasn't sure in the past, but I am now! Trust me!" * She opens her eyes, looks into the sky and nods slightly " "Each of us should enjoy the time we have with our loved one. One thing you really showed me ... how quickly everything can be over, how fast your love can go from you! Max my old friend ... enjoy the time with Lyca, enjoy the time with your friends, your family! Because everything will end soon! " * Her smile disappears, she pushes off the wall and slowly walks to the little stream * "Now to you dear Petra. You were just like my sister. I've told you more than once that I'm sorry. More than once, I also said that I will not raise the gun against you! And what did you do? You shot me! You were the one who tried to kill me. So do not call me a sister. We too will both see each other and end everything. You should have just left it alone and walked away... Enjoy the time with your family and your loved ones! " * The rushing of the stream gets louder and Sam goes to it, puts the radio aside and dips her hands into the cool water. Here and there the sun shines through the trees, reflected in the water. Sam took some water with her hands and made her face fresh, then she grabbed the radio again. * "I am sorry we have to fight. I'm sick of seeing friends die each day. But if any of you two dare to attack my family or my beloved I will fight! Now, dear Max, dear Petra, I wish you a beautiful life. Even if it will be ending soon! " * Samantha releases the PTT button and goes back to her beloved and her family *
  7. * Sam sits on her bed and holds her left shoulder * "Shit Guys from Maxwell ..." *she curses them* *The bandage is partly loose and Samantha detaches them and throws the bloody rags angrily into the opposite corner. She looks behind her at Shark, her beloved. Tears gather in her eyes. * "I am so happy that I have not lost you .... I hope that I never have to go through it again." * The pictures come back to her head. The images of herself standing on the tower, Max telling her about Shark and his death * "Never again!" *Gently she strokes his cheek.* "I'll protect you ..." * She gets up and looks out the window into the rainy night and shakes her head.* "The weather suits this day". *Then the noise from the radio is heard, Max's voice. Sam takes the radio, goes downstairs and opens the door. Rain whips her face and she looks down to avoid the rain. She then presses the PPT Button * "Maxwell, there are more than enough lies in this world, more than enough liars, and you were the one who told me at the grave of Shark that you're sorry. You also forgot to say what you did to him .... Hmm, why don’t you explain what happened to him, what you and your people on Green mountain did to him so that everyone knows the kind of person you really are. He trusted you" * Samantha pauses, wipes her tears from her face and speaks seriously * "Why don’t you tell him that you've tied bandages around his face, and then waterboarded him, that you cut his Feet with a knife, even though he was already unconscious! What about the kicks in the ribs? That one of your people pissed on his face? Hmm? Maxwell? Why don’t you tell everyone that story?” * She shakes her head and a laugh is heard * "So I think that after all this, every hostage would admit everything you would want them to, just to make you stop, so do not call that strict interrogation, that's just torture, I wish for everyone to know that you and your people are monsters just like the rest of us. Do not fool people into believing what you did was right, don’t hide behind words.” *She crouches, leans with her left hand on the stairs and groans painfully. Then she sits down* "Lyca is my friend and she will stay a Friend , she saved me today and I am very grateful to her that she took care of my wound, I'm terribly sorry I couldn't help her! " * Lyca’s cries will haunt Sam’s memory for years to come. The blood dripping under the mask to the ground never leaves her thoughts * "Yeah, I've been trying to help her, and Shark stopped me, but he never hit me and he would never do that, if I could turn the time Back ... Then I'd undo everything, I would have never offered you a simple treat, the Apple. " * Samantha's stuff is now totally wet and she is shaking from the cold * "Yes, he was in the blood-rush, Sure, after what you did to him .... He's just like you in the blood rush, or tell me ... Why did you do this to him? Maxwell ... You once told me that you were a good person, that I would be a good person. Now look what has become of you! Do you want to tell me that you have not been so influenced by your new friends? Do you want to tell me that you are not doing everything to defend your loved one?" * The rain falls so slowly, the wind settles and it becomes calmer * "You want him to come out today, you want him to go back into your hands voluntarily? Sure, so that you can Talk with him again ... Oh, wait ... that's more torture, and then you'll try to kill him again” *She catches her breath, the rain taking its toll on her* "Every one of us would protect him, as he does for us, we are a family! Can you say the same about yours?" *Sam gets up and stretches as her shoulder begins to ache * "I can still tell you one more time Maxwell! I am very sorry about Lyca. But dare not attack my family again! I will defend them all with my life and they will do the same for me! Consider this the end of our so called friendship" * Samantha releases the PTT button and goes inside, she puts the radio on a small cabinet. Then she looks for dry things, turns around and goes back to Shark's bed. Carefully not to wake him, she lays down to him. Sam bends over Shark, gives him a gentle kiss, cuddles up to him and sleeps with a satisfied smile *
  8. *It is a cold, stormy night and Samantha lies in her bed. The wind whistles through the leaking window and it heaves loudly in its frame. Nightmares prevent her from sleeping, she tosses and turns restlessly. Sam is terrified, sitting in her bed with an angry heart. She looks around the room for a moment, taking her mind away from the night. The room is empty, with only Sam and fallen chair for company. Slowly she calms herself down, breathing deeply. Then she hears her radio and shakes her head. Samantha stands up and pulls her jacket on, then reaches for the radio next to her and goes to the window. After thinking for a few moments, she then raises her radio and presses the PTT button* Hey Maxwell, it seems to me that your words did not quite correspond with the truth. Why do you have to announce what you ... *Her voice fails briefly and it is a heavy breathing to hear* ...what you did to my friend? *Another pause, rustling is heard and loud steps* You were my friend, I trusted you. Well as Shark said... I should not trust anyone. Not before and certainly not now! But from mistakes I can learn. Even if this was the most painful mistake of my life and cost my beloved his life. *Samantha pauses for a moment and opens the door. Immediately the cold wind whips her face and blows away her tears. She sits down on the stairs at the entrance, loads her pistol and presses the PTT button* But this mistake ... Maxwell.... you know ... it will never happen to me again! *Samantha fires and a loud shot is heard on the radio and an infected slumps to the ground* I also know my time will come very soon. And do you know what Max? I'm not afraid anymore! I will be with my beloved again. Then we will never be apart. *She takes a deep breath, looks into the sky and wipes away her tears* But until then ... I have things to do… *She releases the PTT button, puts her radio in her pocket and slowly walks into the forest*
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  9. Never again the Banana Crew!!! at the grav at the Grave Only the Banana Girl Never again the Banana Crew$Nthe evNnenraed
  10. Thx @Elmo for the fantastic rp. You have saved me... for the moemt