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  1. yes i was crouching, because you say to me that i should drop all my stuff. Thats what i was to do . for sure i crouch then. also i ask you guys: "Really? You want that i also put down my pants?" @Rocka sayed to me no. then i has all weapons on the ground and get shot. And its not My fault that Damon has try to Kill you but that gives you not the Reason to Kill a Complying Hostage. No Video
  2. Server and location: S1 Zele Militär Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-10-31, 01:30 Your in game name: Iva Klein Names of allies involved: Damon Fenix Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): no Detailed description of the events: I was traveling around with Zain and Damon. After we get into Zele (Millitär Base), we meet some other Guy. First Event was a little conversation, then we get taken Hostage from Zain and his Friend. In a little Garage we should put all Stuff on the Ground. I do what they want, Damon tryed to kill them both, but it dosend work and they shoot him and also me.
  3. I wish everyone a merry Christmas 



  4. officer no fun. thx for rp today. much love to you men <3

    1. Razareth


      Dammit @cheeks & @Spartan

      Look what you have done.

      I'm going to be remembered as Officer No Fun forever :(

      ...but you are welcome :)

      Had fun as well.

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      How dare you use that, Ella has copy right on that name.

      See you in court scrubs!

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      More kids? Fuck... Gonna send Faith into a mental breakdown

  5. Really enjoyed the RP with @cheeks , Officer No Fun (sorry i think i docnt get your name or remember the name) and the rest of the Police Guys. You made my evening fantastic. I hope also that we soon see you again hopefuly. also a big thanks to @Kunkka my lovley brother for protect your sister and the great rp tonight. <3
  6. Maria and Martin lived in a small village near Lübeck. Maria had found a job in a local supermarket and Martin worked in a large car dealership in Lübeck. Her greatest happiness was Jayden. They loved their little son over everything, even if he was a little sodh and a bully.He was always doing stupid things, but they just could not be mad at him. Two years later, Sophia, her little princess, followed. Jayden and Sophia were inseparable from now on. Jayden helped his little sister where he could. Even if it was still before lunch to steal some freshly baked cookies from the kitchen4. During their holidays, they traveled to Chernarus, where their grandparents had a holiday home near Olsha. Her grandfather taught them to start a fire in the wild without tools or to build a fishing rod for themselves. The years went by and Sophia was now 8 and Jayden 10. They packed as usual the suitcases, left their house to the neighbors and took the plane to Chernarus. Once there, they met with their grandparents and drove with a borrowed car out to Olsha. The next 4 weeks were just to enjoy the tranquility of the forest, the lake and the fields. The last day had dawned and the two brothers and sisters mourned it very much. With drooping heads, they walked to the lake with a glass in their hands. Sophia and Jayden had caught a few tadpoles there at the beginning of their vacation and now it was time to release the little frogs, even though the two took each frog and they reluctantly released it The bags were already stowed in the car and everyone was waiting for them as Sophia and Jayden came dripping wet around the corner. Of course, her mother was startled and wanted to know what had happened when she quickly moved the two on the car. The last frog, the smallest of them, was hiding in the bottom of the glass and just did not want to come out. The two decided to help him, maybe he was just afraid of the big lake. So they went with the glass and the little frog Peter into the lake and waited until he left the glass floating. Then it was so far the big departure. After half an hour driving over bumpy country roads, they arrived in Krasnostav. It took another hour before the plane took off, so they checked in and just wanted to go to a cafe when panic broke out. One man ran bleeding into the airport's large concourse, followed by three other men, but they behaved in a weird way, screaming and bleeding from their mouths. Sophia and Jayden were immediately torn away by their parents from the protective glass walls that separated them from the concourse. Then everything went very fast. The people panicked, they ran all over, here and there the two caught a glimpse of some passengers, but the wounds had their parents and grandparents always shielding them. Not 10 minutes later they sat in their borrowed car and drove back to the cottage, far from civilization. On the way, the streets were dead and for the next few weeks they heard nothing of the outside world. Their supplies were running out, Maria and Martin, their parents decided to go to the city to get new food. Meanwhile, the grandparents took care of the two little ones: hours passed and nothing stirred, the next day their grandparents decided to look. Jayden and Sophia were brought into the house. Her grandfather handed Jayden the front door key and ordered them to lock up behind them and open them until they came back. After 5 days, the two siblings were alone in the house, their parents and grandparents were still not back. What you should do? The 4 cans of spaghetti and the drinking water were now used up. Sophia looked anxiously at her brother as he left the house and closed the door behind him. It felt like hours and she ran around the house nervously, then she heard something at the back door. Softly she opened the door and at first only saw a white dress. Judging by the size, this could only be a little girl sitting on the floor. She had deep black long hair and the dress was soiled with dirt. Slowly Sophia sneaked out of the house and looked around. Everything was quiet. In a few paces, she stopped behind the girl and whispered to her. But there was no answer, at least not one she had expected. There was a moan and then a growl, Sophia frowned and took a step back. She did not want to hurt the girl, she just wanted to help her. Maybe she was also looking for her parents. Then the child slowly turned in front of her. At first she noticed the bloodstains on the dress that went up to the neck of her neck. Only then did she see the pale face and the dull eyes. When the screaming sounded, she ran to the corner of the house directly to the lake, but there were more of them. Sophia ran off screaming, shouting for Jayden, but there was no answer. She ran into the forest, down a slope, and stumbled. Sophia grabbed a few branches, but they broke and then it went black after a short strong pain on her head. She woke up in the middle of the night, raised her hand to her head that hurt so much, and then saw the blood on her hand. Where was she? Sophia squatted softly back on the cool forest floor and stayed there until dawn. Only then did she slowly search for Jayden.
  7. the rp from you and your guys was fantastic. now i´m curious if you find me and my sweetheart again, what happend. and what the lovley @Lyca was telling you about us i hope we see us agin <3
  8. @Kunkka i still love your rp and how fast you can change your mood in rp <3 <3 <3 @Lyca i hope you enjoyed the rp tonight <3
  9. thx for the greate rp tonight @Joffrey and guys also to @Roach and his Family
  10. @Iso hate me :(

    is there no more love outside? 

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      asking him to hate you? how odd. He will happily comply.

  11. I'm getting old :( nearly to die... I want to back to 24 

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      Go not to ... I'm old and stupid 

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      You're only like what 17..?

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  12. Good night everyone. We see us tomorrow:)

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      Nighty Night banana queen

  13. thx for the rp tonight @Kirby Kunkka and @Jade

  14. Iva had a lovely childhood, at least until she was 5 years old. Her parents were always there for her and they fulfilled every dream she had. Whether it was the visit to Disneyland, the doll at Christmas or the pony for a birthday. Yes, they also gave her a pony. Well they also had enough space. They belonged to a small house in the country with a large plot and a directly adjoining pasture. In the summer they didn’t had to go far to get to the sea, it was only 45 minutes away from Lübeck. It was Summer and Iva was just on the pasture and fed Meilo her little pony with a few carrots. Her mother came to her and said that they would make a trip. Iva was naturally excited, jumped with joy and only then she realized that she did not know where they were going. She asked her mother and she told her that they were going to a wedding in a country called Chernarus. Iva pushed the carrots into her mother's hand, ran into the house, stumbled up the stairs, disappeared for the next fifteen minutes, then came down with her little red suitcase full of toys and told her parents that they could go. 3 weeks later and it probably felt like 6 weeks for her parents, since little Eva wouldn't stop crying because she was impatient, they all drove to the airport. Iva whined the whole time excitedly, when they would finally fly with the big plane. But they had to wait a little while longer because they had to wait 2 hours for the plane to finally take off. Iva looked at the arriving and departing aircrafts until they finally took seats in their own plane. The first half hour on the plane, the little one was so excited and asked the stewardess the most crazy questions as they passed, but then the fatigue came and she fell asleep. 10 hours later they landed in Balota. After her father had carried her out of the plane, Iva slowly woke up again and they took a cab to Kamenka. A short time later they were there and met a man named Igor. Her father greeted him with a joyous Privet. And immediately little Iva asked what that means. The two men laughed and her father introduced Igor to his wife and his daughter. They stayed 2 weeks then they set off again and Igor promised Iva that they would see themselves again in the winter and then sled in the snow. Iva was very happy and could hardly wait for it. After she got a new big sled for Christmas, the little one asked when they would go back to Igor. She wanted to try her sled there since Igor promised her to play with her. Igor had to go out with her for the first 3 days every day and go sledding or build a snowman with her. In the evening she fell dead tired and slept. After the first week Igor invited her to dinner in the evening. They set off for Chernogorsk. The evening was beautiful, Iva was tired and watched the snow drifting outside. At about 11 o'clock Igor said that it would be better to be on the way. After the bill had been paid, they all got into the car and halfway home they were suddenly purring. Igor pressed his hand to the chest and screamed. Iva's parents did the same, their father tried to get into the steering wheel but too late. The car raced down a slope, overflowed several times, and remained lying on its head. Iva woke up, no idea how long she'd been unconscious. Her mother had been squeezed under the driver's seat, and Iva crawled to her, sobbing to her mother, trying to wake her up. Slowly, she opened her eyes and moaned in pain. She looked around, looked at Iva and whispered "Look for Papa and Igor." Iva crawled a little to the front and shook her father's shoulder, then she heard only soft moan. Blood dripped from his head, and he was still hanging head overhead in his seat. Her mother nodded slightly, "Daddy is fine my darling." She looks to the other side and tries to wake up Igor. Her mother had tears in her eyes and she looked determinedly at Iva. "He is only asleep my little one. Can you help mama yes? You have to be brave and crawl out of the car.Then you run back to the street and follow her to the next town and say you need help, right? Iva shakes her head immediately." "I will not leave you alone." Her mother looks at her seriously "My little one must be brave and help mom and dad, I know you can do that, please my darling." Iva nods and crawls slowly out of the car. "I love you my little one!" Her mother still cried after her when Iva set off. The snowstorm still raged, and the air was icy and biting cold. Iva pulled her small scarf closer to her neck and trudged loose. Everything was snowy and looked the same. Nowhere was a street to be seen. But she ran on, hoping to be on the right track. After some time she found the road, looked around and could see the car in which her parents were no longer. Iva followed the road, the wind became more and more biting. She barely felt her fingers and toes, it was so indescribably cold. The snow whipped into her face, the water froze on her lashes. Iva sat down for a moment, just a little break. Her legs were trembling, her strength relaxed, her eyes fell, and it grew dark. Sirens light and loud howl of the siren and strange people who spoke to her in chernarussian. She looked around dazed and saw that she was in a car. No, they were in a hospital car. She shouted at the people who needed their parents' help, that they had to find the car. Mom and Dad needed it. But her voice was hard to hear and the people around her did not understand her. It was only in the hospital, which was four places away, that they found someone who could translate for Iva. Immediately they were looking for the car. But the Snowstorm had worsened and her mother was already laying there for 5 hours. Much too late for her parents. Both died caused by frostbite and later on it was found out that Igor was supposed to have a heart attack. Iva stayed in the hospital for another week, with scratches and subcooling, then they told her that her parents were dead. Iva screamed, shook his head and could not believe it. She began to scream and cry. No one could soothe Iva and so she was calmed with a few medicines until she came to the nursery. 2 weeks later more children came into the nursery She did not let anybody get close to her, and separated herself from the other children. But then a girl came along one year older than she. Eva became her best friend and shortly afterwards the befriended Noah, he was a lot older, 8 years he said, but he was like a big brother for her and protected the two where he could. The years passed, and now and then came a couple who looked at the children to adopt one. But the three had sworn that it would never come to that. No one could separate them. They were already a family. At 8 years, Iva was also selected for the first time and the couple took them with them. Three days later, the man stood with her in the middle of the night again at the door of the orphanage. She had just screamed all the time and wanted to go back to Eva and Noah. The educators separated her for two weeks, from the two so that she did not tie too much to her, but it did not help. The next experiment started again after a few years. Iva was meanwhile 13 and there came a family who was still looking for a girl. The couple already had 4 children. But there were all boys. The mother told her that she would like to have a girl and so she decided to take Iva with her. After only two weeks, Iva was standing with tearful and torn things weeping at the gates of the home, and nothing could be seen of the family. She had blood on her things, everywhere blue spots and scratches. But she did not tell anyone what had happened. Only a short time afterwards, all three of them planned the outbreak from the home, so they were not separated again. 2 weeks lasted the planning, then everything happened very quickly. They had met in the night in the hall, crept past the guards, who looked frozen at the TV. As they opened the front door, a shrill alarm sounded, but all three of them ran. They had only to reach the gate to the exit, then they would be free and could easily go off in the city. Noah was the oldest and also the fastest, he had succeeded, Eva the same. They were waiting a few yards from the gate for Iva. She was still quite sleepy, as everything had to go so fast and stumbled over her own feet. Then she looked to the right, the waiters were close to the gates and Iva turned around and then tried to climb quickly over the fence, but someone grabbed her by the legs and pulled her down again. All screaming and whining didn't help. Eva and Noah, looked sad at her and shouted that they were going to fetch her, then they disappeared as fast as they could. The days passed. Iva always sat apart from everyone else, spoke hardly, and showed no interest in anything else. When they were outside in the yard they stared for hours on a hill not far away from the home. There she saw Noah and Iva waving to her. But how should they free them? Three weeks had passed, and nothing moved. Iva slept and woke up as someone once put a hand on her mouth so she could not scream. She was packed, she could not scream and kicked and kicked wildly, but that did not bother the guard. Her heart raced wildly and he took her out of the house, back into the garden and the direction of an old shed. Eva and Noah emerge behind the shed and the guard slowly takes his hand away from her mouth. Then everything goes very fast, he helps her to climb over the fence and Noah gives him an envelope. Then they disappear as quickly as possible from the home and the warden returns to the house. Iva could hardly believe it. They were finally free, no one said what they had to do or leave. She was happy with her little family, her big brother Noah and her sister Eva. The years passed, they kept themselves with begging or supplies from the elderly above water. Her house was a small resident house far from the city. Iva was meanwhile 27 happy and content with her life the way it was. Until this day. They were shopping, for a little grandma on the outskirts. Just as they were only 2 streets away, everything started. Screams, people who ran into panic, and .... something else. They looked like humans, but they only groaned, were smeared with blood and tried to bite others. What is going on? The three began to run along a road where the house of an elderly lady was, it maybe would have been safe. But there were these things in front of the house and behind the house. Noah shouted at them that they should run away and they did. Noha bought them time but ... he did not follow them. Shortly in front of the house of the older lady they saw that it wasn't safe there. People ran out of the house, bleeding and screaming. Then one of these things fell on Eva biting into her arm and she screamed loudly. They came from everywhere and Iva reached for her hand, trying to pull her away, but it was too late. Several of these men attacked her. Iva could do nothing, a few seconds she stood there shocked then she began to run. Just away. This could only be a bad dream. Yes, a nightmare. Surely she would be awake again and everything would be all right
  15. Should I play again? I don't know :/

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