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  1. Hello again! I will have 3 years on DayzRP on the 12th but almost a year ago my computer broke and I just now got a new one. Basically I never got whitelisted into DayZ Standalone and I need help getting whitelisted as I don't know how everything works anymore.
  2. Thats the problem there are no digits there yes
  3. When I go to steam to get my player ID it's not showing up in the url link if there is any other way I can get it and you could tell me how that would be appreciated!
  4. Homie307

    1.63 support thread

    Have you set your game to "beta"? no?
  5. Homie307

    1.63 support thread

    You are launching through steam correct? yes
  6. Homie307

    1.63 support thread

    Hello my player ID and GUID did not change when I updated to 1.63 if somebody could please assist me in fixing my issue I would appreciate it.
  7. OK Thanks! Thanks for the help!
  8. So I remember reading there is a way to change your name I just forgot gow to do it. If anyone could tell me that would be superber, Thanks!
  9. Hey everyone just wanted to let you guys know I will be leaving for Canada tomorrow with Shadow Drakgon, I will be back on the 29th so until then keep on RP'ing guys! I'll miss you :-( Goodbye Friends.
  10. Homie307

    Important community announcement

    One question, for GTAVRP will we have to get re whitelisted or will it move over like our DayzRP whitelists?
  11. Homie307

    Important community announcement

    I am excited for this change I would love to see some GTAVRP that would be pretty cool in my opinion!