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  1. *Sean sets down his can of Peaches and reaches for his radio* Good point Dom. Saying one side of a story is right before hearing the other side is how things get out of hand. Its also how innocent people end up getting killed. Not going to lie, sitting this one out is probably going to be my option. But what do I know? Hmm.... *Clicks radio off and goes back to eating his Peaches*
  2. xDESTROYx

    All Frequencies: The Death of a Former Brother

    *Practically falls over an exposed tree root when hearing the broadcast and decides to chime in himself* " Wasn't expecting this today. Was expecting it to happen eventually but not out of the blue like this. I mean....It's not like I'm ecstatic about his death or anything...I was with The Reapers back in the day and Mikhail was a good man. But as of recently....He's changed. Taking the life of an evil person is one thing but innocent people? No. Mikhail had to be stopped. He was too far gone. My condolences to the rest of the Reapers but....It needed to be done. Rest in peace, Tovoarish." *Shuts off radio and sets up camp where he is, finally coming to terms with what happened*
  3. Either way you don't just shoot someone who combat logs you report it. That's still technically considered KoS I believe. And you most certainly did not say 10 seconds to comply you said "you have three seconds to put your hands up." Granted it's your word against mine since I didn't have enough time to start recording.
  4. Server and Location: S1, Berezino dock/lumber mill area Approximate Time and Date of the Incident (SERVER TIME): 8-7-2015 at 21:34 Daytime or Nighttime: Nighttime Your in-game name: Sean Greene Names of Allies involved: - Name/skin of suspect/s : I didn't get a name. Didn't have enough time to ask before he killed me. He had a Tortilla bag and either a beanie or a radar cap. Suspect/s weapon/s: AK-74 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (If any): - Additional Evidence? (Video/Screenshot) : I didn't have enough time to start recording before he shot me Detailed Description of the events: I was checking Berezino for a Black M65 jacket while waiting for a friend of mine to log back on. I went AFK in a building for about 30 seconds then got back up and headed to a house. As I got outside the door, I could barely hear a voice telling me to stop then I heard a shot hit the house next to me. I didn't have my gun out it was on my back so I didn't pose any threat to the man. He stops me in front of the door and says that I only have 3 seconds to put my hands up. I go to hit F2 to put my hands up and in my nervousness I hit F3 and sat down by accident and he shot me in the head. I know for a fact that if you don't have a weapon raised to someone or pose any kind of a threat to someone you have to give them at least 10 seconds to comply. Not only that but there was absolutely no RP involved he just told me to stop, gave me 3 seconds to comply then shot me. He also already had an AK-74 and a Backpack and some sort of vest so there was no reason for him to rob me.
  5. xDESTROYx

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    I can understand where Rolle is coming from with the whole retroactive whitelist thing to make sure everyone follows lore and knows the rules but it's kind of a kick to the face to the people that have been here for almost two or three years like I have. To have to reapply to a server I had to initially donate to get into at the time just because of a new whitelisting system is pretty ridiculous in my opinion. I understand it wouldn't take too much time to reapply to the server but you have to realize that its only partially automated. Admins and Gamemasters still have to read the backstory/lore bit. Now imagine EVERYONE had to reapply. It may only take a half hour to an hour to fill out but EVERYONE is doing it too and waiting for admins to read the lore part to approve you. Regardless if its mostly automated with the amount of apps people could be waiting days or weeks to get rewhitelisted. I could see if you did it for people that applied within a certain date. People that have applied before November 2014 will be fine but anything after that they will have to reapply but making veterans that have been here for almost 2-3 years is, in a way, insulting. If it goes through and everyone has to reapply, no matter how much I love the people here in this community, it might be the final straw for me and I'll most likely walk away.
  6. This might be the wrong Greene. I was not part of this situation at all. I wasn't at green mountain during that time I was near Svetlojarsk I think. EDIT: I am part of The Reapers but I wasn't near Green Mountain when the altercation took place
  7. xDESTROYx

    New rule changes 2014-10-15

    I agree with all of these new rules. To the people complaining about the new initiation rule, it makes more sense this way. Most robberies before this rule went like this >Walk up on guy in field >Guy has M4 that I want >Initiate cause I want M4 >leave Robbing should really only be for when you're desperate. If you've been looking for B+ bloodbags for a long time because you're friend is on the brink of death and that's the only way to save him. You run into someone in Cherno, ask if he has them and he does but he refuses to give them to you. THAT is a good reason to rob someone not "He has shiny stuff I want his shiny stuff". Its survival RP not a "Who has the best swag" competition.
  8. xDESTROYx

    [Aeternus] Aeternus-Survivor Group (STRICT RECRUITMENT)

    I'd like to join. I'll PM you now.
  9. It's been a while since I've played DayZRP but I'm coming back! Making a New character as of right now (mostly thinking of a good backstory and such). Will be logging into the server later tonight hopefully!
  10. //I get it....Community of Dave from Fallout?
  12. What do you mean by that exactly? Like I sign in to his paypal account on my forum account? Or he logs into my forum account and uses his paypal?
  13. So I have a friend that will donate the 5 euros towards the prioritization for whitelist applications. I would pay for it myself but I'm awaiting a new bank card at the moment and do not have a paypal account. Is it possible for him to pay for me in any way or no? Thanks for your time.
  14. new to dayzrp. wanted to check it out because a few of my friends play it and it looks pretty fun!