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  1. *Zia looks to Yuri to see if he wishes to respond first before taking up the transceiver* "So how would you propose things should be? Are you in support of this Anarchy organization or do you have an alternative way of life for these people to live? As it seems now you either submit to their rule or fight them? I am still trying to get an interview with a member of their organization, but in the meantime I will continue to collect and review reports of their actions. You seem like you speak with weight behind your words. Like you have been on one side of the endless fighting you described at one point." *She taps her pen audibly again as she thinks* "Do you have a story to share? Perhaps if you can put it into words then others will hear your story and understand better. It sounds like you wish for a change to happen but are exhausted with either trying to see it through or hearing it fail..." *She sighs* "I hope that you stay safe out there as well. The world is dark and full of many dangers. Some are even of our own creations." *Transmission ends*
  2. "This has been very enlightening, Mr. Maklovich. Thank you so much for your time here today. I'm going to open the broadcast to others now if anyone has any further questions." *She unlocks the PTT and ends the current transmission*
  3. "I see. So what areas do you claim as your own then and would that not make you the same as the party you fight if you too have control of a specific region? You mentioned rules as well. Care to elaborate on those at this time?"
  4. *She sets the pen down and takes a sip of her own drink before responding* "I have heard the recent commotion about attacks on this Anarchy organization and a confusion about who was behind the attacks. There was an incident where the Runners were implicated as being behind it due to someone misunderstanding what was screamed out during the fight? I hope that has all been cleared up. Can you tell me more about the Black Roses? Do you have any long term goals and what about "Their" rules do you not agree with?" *She taps her finger on the wooden table for a moment before addressing any listeners.* "To those listening I will open the broadcast to questions after the official interview is over. Now Mr. Maklovich I have only just returned to the area so perhaps you could expand a bit more on who it is you are fighting as well. I'd love to hear your side of the story."
  5. "Mr. Maklovich when I was last in South Zagoria you were affiliated with the Pamyati, yes? Can you tell me a bit about your time here in Chernarus and what your current goals are?" *She clicks a pen idly* "I have heard various rumors, but as you know I much prefer to take first hand accounting of events from those who lived them."
  6. *Zia sets the handheld transceiver on the table between her and the man across the table. The PTT locked on as she loaded a fresh tape into her recording device. A crackling fire can be heard in the background before she speaks in her lilting Chernarussian accent.* “Good Morning people of South Zagoria. My name is Zia Popov and I am an Investigative Journalist seeking to bring first hand accounts of events occurring in the region as well as in depth reports on the various organizations that have taken up leadership in this area. In my travels I seek people of note to interview so the people can hear for themselves why they fight or enforce the rules that they do. The dynamics between various groups and organizations has always been clouded with rumors and misinformation. I seek to change this.” *The sound of a bottle opening can be heard as she pours two glasses* “I am here this morning with an old acquaintance of mine. A man who some of you may know by name and others by the organizations that he has been affiliated with.” *The sound of a glass being slid across wood can be heard as she pauses* “Thank you for taking the time to meet with me this morning and allowing me this interview, Mr. Maklovich. Shall we begin?”
  7. Had an interesting night over at the Green Mountain Charity. Thanks for letting me in for the night!
  8. *Zia chimes in excitedly* "Nay I have not had a similar experience myself, but that does sound quite unusual." *She checks the numbers she had transcribed from his message earlier.* "5..2..10..and was that 49 or 45?" *She taps her pen to her pad audibly as she sucks on her teeth.* "Strange indeed. Is anyone missing currently? Perhaps if we can attempt to identify who the man that gave you that note is then the numbers will make more sense. Hmmmmm..." *She goes to gnawing on the end of her pen in thought and releases the PTT*
  9. *Picks back up her radio and replies* "Thank you for the offer. I will have to take you up on that. I will be in touch soon on that frequency." *She then sighs and responds to the other man* "Any more details you can provide on what I will be reporting on?" *She releases the PTT.*
  10. *Zia fiddled with her radio until she was back on a familiar frequency. Tuning in and pressing down the PTT she began with a cheery Chernarussian accent.* “Dobry Den good people of Chernarus! This is Zia Popov reporting live, once more, from Kabanino. After an investigative mission to the West I have returned to continue bringing breaking news from the field to you, the people. I am not certain who remains from my time here before, but if you are on the airwaves then please reach out and contact me. I would love to catch up on the ongoing history of this beautiful country and find more reports to follow up on. If you know a good rumor or story then please let me know. I will inquire and get to the bottom of it.” *Transmission ends*
  11. I enjoyed the RP today with @Jean and @Eagle. We should go off another adventure sometime soon!
  12. "Unfortunately I too have found myself caught up in something I cannot step away from. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. I hope we can meet sometime soon."
  13. *Zia checks the radios to ensure she was not about to run into any danger and replies.* "I will be leaving Kabanino shortly and can meet with you on the road or a specific town. Perhaps the one...." *She licks her lips and tries to not mangle the words.* "Nord a la montagne verte. It is a good middle ground, ano?"
  14. *Lazily swings in her hammock as she monitors the radio waves. Hearing a new voice she turns up the volume and takes a few notes before responding to the message.* "Bonsoir Sergent je suis Zia Popov." *She continues on in English knowing that her French is limited to the basics she learned while visiting the country on vacation before this all began.* "I am a local reporter who has been in contact or attempting to reach many of the other groups of survivors here in my home country. I seek to provide the people of Chernarus with a credible source of news they can trust. As you can imagine I have my work cut out for me. I have yet to meet any of your fellow countrymen in my travels...I would like to change that. I would like to meet with the Legion and can also make myself available in Lopatino this evening. Please let me know if this can be arranged."
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