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  1. I enjoyed the RP today with @Jean and @Eagle. We should go off another adventure sometime soon!
  2. Lyaria

    French Foreign Legion (Open Frequency)

    "Unfortunately I too have found myself caught up in something I cannot step away from. I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. I hope we can meet sometime soon."
  3. Lyaria

    French Foreign Legion (Open Frequency)

    *Zia checks the radios to ensure she was not about to run into any danger and replies.* "I will be leaving Kabanino shortly and can meet with you on the road or a specific town. Perhaps the one...." *She licks her lips and tries to not mangle the words.* "Nord a la montagne verte. It is a good middle ground, ano?"
  4. Lyaria

    French Foreign Legion (Open Frequency)

    *Lazily swings in her hammock as she monitors the radio waves. Hearing a new voice she turns up the volume and takes a few notes before responding to the message.* "Bonsoir Sergent je suis Zia Popov." *She continues on in English knowing that her French is limited to the basics she learned while visiting the country on vacation before this all began.* "I am a local reporter who has been in contact or attempting to reach many of the other groups of survivors here in my home country. I seek to provide the people of Chernarus with a credible source of news they can trust. As you can imagine I have my work cut out for me. I have yet to meet any of your fellow countrymen in my travels...I would like to change that. I would like to meet with the Legion and can also make myself available in Lopatino this evening. Please let me know if this can be arranged."
  5. I've been role playing for about two weeks now on a new character and have yet to be robbed. Hell I even waltz about with a M4 and plate carrier. I was initiated on once due to the suspicion that I was spy...but I role played it out and even got to keep my stuff. I bring this up though because I tend to run off on my own about 70 percent of the time and when I meet new people I simply approach them and act confident with my weapon out and observing their movements. If they get sketchy I ask what is wrong and I'll blatantly ask about their buddy in the woods nearby. Stay observant and make them nervous and nine time out of ten they will think twice about robbing you. For all they know you were about to rob them if you play it off right. So keep cool and if you don't think you can defend yourself with a M4 then don't bother grabbing one.
  6. Lyaria

    Actual PK Suggestion!

    The problem is sometimes the people who are being validly executed are having this done because they repeatedly attack the same group of people. So even if you tried to keep your interaction to a minimum they come again and the process repeats....
  7. Lyaria

    I'm boutta jump I swear

    I loved watching you run around with your paper taking notes! You will be the best of us, kid. I might steal that move though :3
  8. *Zia tunes her radio as she peeks out a window down to the streets below checking to see if it still clear.* "This is Zia reporting live on a situation appears to have unfolded earlier in Kabanino. I returned to the small town after my journey North to be met with a disheartening sight. Blood painted the streets with bullets left discarded and still smoking in the snow. I saw men with weapons drawn running between the houses further ahead and simply stepped back into the shadows. There did not appear to be any signal from the town residents that all is clear so I have relocated to a nearby town and will stay here to report more on this situation as it unfolds. If anyone has any relevant information to shed light on this event then please contact me over the radio." *She flips on her spare radio as she prepares to begin monitoring the airwaves for further information.* "I will follow up this report later with eye-witness accounts of the events that transpired. Stay safe out there."
  9. *Zia cracks her neck as she tries to work the stiffness of the cold morning out of her bones while pressing down the PTT of her radio. The resounding cracks and her sigh broadcasting before she speaks.* "Michael this is Zia. I am uncertain if you are the Michael I met in Kabanino yesterday, but anyways I have a request as well. I am in need of Cassettes for my recordings. Please keep an eye out for them in your scavenging and I will pay well for them. I travel along this Silk Road often so we will meet soon I am sure." *She rubs the sleep from her eyes and grimaces at the bright sun glaring off the frozen snow in the nearby field.* "Perhaps you find nice pair of shades for a woman too?"
  10. I figured it out! Was not pulling the mouse out across to open the various categories so I was getting a random generated one when I simply tired to click it open.
  11. I feel like an idiot but I cannot seem to get to any of the other gestures aside from the F1-F11 set ones. I just want to sit... I was able to hotkey the radial menu but I always make random gestures when I try to open it. Any advice? Or links to something that explains it.
  12. "I am alone. I will meet your man.'
  13. "There is man lurking in woods. How many are with you?"
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