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  1. Had a great cross country journey with the fabulous @FireDude. Let's go on more adventures soon!
  2. Missing Pieces Moonlight filtered in through the curtains as Ashley sat at her kitchen table. A shot glass set beside a bottle of whiskey just above the scattered documents she was looking over in the dim lighting. With a frustrated sigh she dropped an old photo and leaned back in her chair. Her hands moved to tangle into her long wild curls in frustration as she fought a scream. Nothing was going her way recently. “I’m missing something…” She started to speak while leaning back down to rest her elbows onto the table as she sorted through the pages once more. The culmina
  3. I'd like to keep base building, but perhaps use a better mod such as BaseBuildingPlus? It allows far more customization.
  4. If you don't wish to head too far south you can always come over to Olsha. We have a variety of RP available and some solid Internal with many different groups. Of course you have to make the effort to get past the general distrust most people will have for outsiders at the onset of your initial interactions.
  5. I left my hot bar on and crashed, but here is SOME footage of the Power Incident T.T
  6. What always happens to me is that when I want to randomly explore and meet new people I find no one, BUT the moment I am on a rescue mission or have somewhere to be IC the random strangers come out of the fucking woodwork! I always make an effort to stop and say a few words, but some situations you can't just grab someone you don't know to tag along and or it would make no sense for them to run off blindly with you to save god knows who.
  7. Oh god this is old XD Round Two! Waking up in a New Chernarus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Funeral in the Rain Olsha @FireDudeand @IntenseGeek
  8. I am not crying... Why you gotta do my boy Bishop like that! Fucking fantastic RP from everyone though.
  9. Short session since my ass is actually sick atm, but very enjoyable. Thanks to @groovy toezand @groovy dingofor visiting with me at the Haro medical facility and the lovely nurse @Ilikelettucefor caring for me. Looking forward to more role play there in the future.
  10. I thoroughly enjoyed Deer Island. Would definitely take a boat trip down if made possible.
  11. Listening to my drunk self makes me laugh, but yeah there was some good shit in there despite how it ended. Loved the catchy jingle =D
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