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  1. True. Just make a high speed PFC carry it.
  2. My bad, not the Assault, meant the Coyote Bag. And SPOSN is definitely the best looking imo and it does match the smaller rucks pretty well. The Alice (even tho dated) still seems like a decent alternative to the newer ruck.
  3. But USMC and USA aren't the same, different uniform, mission, Culture.
  4. Any idea what the US Army would wear, seeing as there is a lack of Multicam/OCP. Was thinking of something along the lines of: -Tan Tac-shirt (due to the flag) -Either BDU pants or green Cargos -ACH/Tactical Helm -Balaclava/Facecover (Optional) -Green Raincoat (weather dependent) -Eye Pro -Regulation Gloves -M4A1/M249 -SPOSN, Assault bag or Rucksack A tactical shirt Reskin would be perfect, that way we'd keep the arm pockets with the flag patch, could possibly add other nations flags instead.
  5. Might not be the right place for this but I was wondering if there are lore friendly official uniforms for these "pre-infection" groups that can be recreated ingame?
  6. SPC Shepard was stationed in Utes before the infection and sent to Chernarus during the initial US push to provide Retransmission Operations. Apart of a small team of 8 soldiers, Shepard, being the 2nd senior most member, and his team were tasked with setting up Retrans in order to provide constant communications with the advancing force and the rear. The mission was easy at first, but a few days in things started to go to shit. The team was supplied with a reasonable amount of food, clean water, fuel, and ammo. Small groups of infected and survivors began to wander up to their hill top. The infected were easy enough and most the survivors were just trying to get the hell outta dodge. Some wanted more. Some tried to steal the supplies the team relied on, deadly force was authorized but at the discretion of the Squad Leader. The Squad Leader, SGT Hallard was a fairly new NCO and didn't really have any combat experience under his belt, he was also somewhat of a coward and was hesitant on decisions regarding engagements. This proved to be fatal for himself some of the team. A larger, armed survivor group came to the Retrans site, some in the group had previously been to the hill, demanding supplies from Shepard and his team. SGT Hallard was hesitant about communication with the group but reluctantly agreed to talk with them. The leader became irate after being denied supplies and a shot rang out. Hallard was hit in the head and died instantly. A firefight ensued and one more of the Retrans team was killed and two wounded, but the Armed Group were destroyed. The leadership role fell upon SPC Shepard. Shepard radio'd up but there was no response, the radio chatter of earlier was no longer there. There was nothing. He made the decision to load the wounded and dead into the teams second truck and head to the AXP that was previously selected by Higher. Only 4 members remained to try and continue the original mission. In terms of firepower all they had was 3 M4A1s, a M249 SAW, and the M2A1 mounted on the MATV. The team held on, for 2 and a half weeks, things were quiet. They didn't hear from the rest of the team and no one came for them. Weeks went by. Food began to run out and tensions began to rise. The resupplies stopped, all communication ceased. Shepard was able to keep the group in check and hopes as high as he could, but it wasn't going to last forever. He decided that himself and one other, PV2 Jefferson would head into Chernogorsk and try to find other US troops. The two behind were given a much looser ROE and SPC Pavlo was given temporary command of the Hill. As the two neared the Dubky Apartments the smell of burnt, dead flesh began to grow, smoke was everywhere, twisted growls emitted from the buildings, bodies littered the streets, both civilian and military. Jefferson puked off in the grass due to the sight of everything. The two decided to try for the last known location of friendlies near the city, a small COP west of Dubky, upon their arrival they came across a female, early 20s, crouched over a body. She seemed to be rifling through a dead soldier's pockets. Jefferson yelled out to her to put her hands above her head and take 2 steps away from the body, not facing them. An outline of a pistol tucked in her waistband showed through the ragged jacket she wore. She yelled something to them in Chernarussian, neither knew what. As Jefferson approached her, she twirled around and began to pull the pistol from her band. Shepard took two shots to her abdomen, dropping her immediately. No one else was at the camp. Not alive atleast. They decided to return to the Hill. Hopefully they could get in contact with someone if the others haven’t already. Hopefully they can get out of this god forsaken country and just go home. Hopefully.
  7. Thanks, hopefully I get through this whitelist soon so I can meet the community and get back into RP with a good group.
  8. I was apart of the UNCF on Falcon and the Black Banner Militia towards the end of Aftermath, if that helps.
  9. Will do, thanks! Your name seems kinda familiar. Myself and UtopianFubar use to run the more successful UN-based group.
  10. Hello everyone, I recently applied to the community after taking a rather long break from DayZ. I have experience with the RP scene of DayZ previously playing in 3 different RP groups: New Dawn RP, FalconRP and lastly Aftermath RP, all that have died for more or less the same reasons. I look forward to RPing with you all and hopefully meeting badass RPers and maybe seeing some old faces?
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