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  1. If you feel like you've been threatened by an admin you can contact server owner @Roland. Have a nice day.
  2. Great lads, wish I would had got to play more with the group. Thanks for having me. Up Joyces. o7
  3. It should be, freakin' whopped his ass. I'm currently working on new goals, maybe killing a wolfpack with my bare hands... Too easy after you've punched a bear in the face. The stakes got raised pretty high.
  4. I would also from now on like to be known as John "The guy who punched a bear once" Krieg. Thank you.
  5. So after months of looking for a bear and failing to punch two of them this finally happened: It's been my only goal in DayZRP and now I'm accomplished it. I will show this footage to everyone I meet IC on my go pro. #Worldstar #Theguywhopunchedabearonce
  6. Roman was born in Longford, Ireland by mother Mary Joyce 1977 and lived there for many years helping out the family and his brothers. Then in the 90's Roman joined a bunch of real lads that didn't think that Ireland belonged to the brits. So after a few years of fighting the good fight he and several other lads went to Croatia to make some deals that would help them with the struggle, there he met a nice Catholic woman and got married. He traveled back and forth between countries and visited his family as much as possible in Longford. In the late 2010s he and his wife moved to Chernarus where he had heard there were dock work that paid good money, then in 2017 he got a call from his brothers that they were out on a bare knuckle fight tour and would arrive in Chernarus soon. Then stuff happened and zombies etc.
  7. Roman

    5.0.3 Media Thread

    I AM SORRY but those screenshots doesn't seem like they're taken from DayZ. Either way, really enjoying the media thread. Keep up the good work fellas.
  8. Thanks for having me on, really enjoyed our conversations.
  9. Roman

    King's Ridge

    Thanks for the feedback Ryan, I hope you find your organic roleplay elsewhere. Hopefully we can reach a neutral understanding in the fucher.
  10. Haha! I'm usually pretty good at staying off road since people drive like maniacs haha.
  11. Yes! It was amazing, nearly gave me a heart attack because I wasn't looking at the screen at the time and then when I looked up I just saw my life flash before my eyes. I was so impressed you guys didn't ran me over, I think most people would've haha.
  12. That was me and I agree, wouldn't had complained if I died since I wasn't paying attention. It was fucking awesome tho @Ron! Most realistic thing I've seen in a long time, was so amusing seeing if you would make it. You were so close to crashing.
  13. A very neutral podcast.
  14. Roman


    Who knew there were so many gay people in Livonia.
  15. Roman

    King's Ridge

    Expect that I'll powergame that I have Corona beer in my backpack and I'll slowly drink it in front of you while saying "I hope I don't get sick from this old beer".
  16. Roman

    King's Ridge

    Shutup Qnr, you're literally a text rper which in it self should be considered BadRP. ❤
  17. I ate Chinese food yesterday if that helps, I also love Indonesian cinema.
  18. People are having fun? Where???? @Roland what's your stance on fun again? I'm for removing all weapons just to see how people would initiate and kill each others, should be a gag.
  19. Roman

    King's Ridge

    That's what can happen when you have original ideas. Hello best friend, you know me so well.
  20. Roman

    King's Ridge

    How hard can it be? I'll just wing it. Usually I just kick people if they are passed out until they wake up.
  21. Roman

    King's Ridge

    I'll powergame a chopper so we can travel between countries easily.
  22. Glad the combat logging finally got changed, it was mind blowing why you'd punish the victim. I think it could be worded a bit better tho so maybe look into that, making it more clear that if no one has KOS rights on you you can log out etc.
  23. They should be more aggressive, being aboosed by staff is the best.
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