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  1. Also remember that the more gear you leave them with the happier they'll be when it's over because then they wont focused on what they've lost but instead focus on what they've gained roleplay wise You could also during the time off assessment when they have lowered their guard a bit give small comments that kinda hints at maybe not so nice things, like talking about how you once maybe shot a guy in the leg because they didn't listen to you or something. Then they will start to wonder a bit but then you go back to being friendly with them, so then when you actually do become hostile it wont come entirely from left field. Just don't make it too obvious and initiate when they least expect it.
  2. Choose your targets wisely, roleplay with them for a while to get a grip on them. Run with them for maybe 30 minutes and if you feel that you'd been getting good roleplay from them you most likely will get it when you rob them if you also have sensed that they've enjoyed your RP. Don't go after several people, two people at max I'd say. So don't start off as hostile, be deceptive so they wont see it coming.
  3. Roman

    Shepherds - [IC Recruitment]

    Can't believe you guys left me when my car broke down, feels bad man. Jesus would shake his fist in disappointment.
  4. I'm the drift king:


    1. Roland


      Durifto kingu!

      Sugoi sugoi Roman-senpai!

      drift drifting GIF

    2. Hofer


      What is that response @Roland

      mother of god danger GIF

  6. Roman

    The Commission [Open Recruitment]

    Maybe staff should re-think someones position in the community that just tried to extort and threaten a member based pretty much on lies...
  7. Roman


    Great ERP! How do I join?
  8. Roman

    Your most memorable moments

    Probably when B-17 defended our self's against 3 other groups (think one were CRA) at a castle. Most intense situation I've been in. We all died in the end.
  9. Roman

    A better tomorrow - DayZRP Movie

    Can't believe I watched the whole thing...
  10. Roman

    Old Timers

    I think I met you guys the first time around and thought that it was a really good idea. Good luck! Great concept and great roleplayers behind it. Can't wait to meet you all.
  11. Hey! I was trying to figure out who you were, I don't think I ever got your name since I just kept calling you Cali. Thank you for the short but sweet roleplay, hopefully we'll meet once again. Sorry that I logged but I just couldn't be bothered with the state of the servers.
  12. Made me laugh. The interview were very ERP.
  13. Roman

    Interview With A Community Member: Imation11

    Still waiting for the T-dawg comeback and his useless white privilege. One of the best rpers and people I've met, shit doctor but with a heart in the right place.
  14. Roman

    Declaration of War

    I think the goal should also be to archive the group.
  15. Roman

    What are you excited to see most?

    Getting drunk and bantering in discord while trying not to die in firefights. I usually fail.
  16. Roman

    S1: NVFL in Stary Industrial - 2019-09-27 20:45

    We met DrHukeSteez and some other guy at Stary and roleplayed a bit, I then initiated on them with my bratri and took them to the big red metal barn where we started with hostile roleplay. One of my bratri told the other guy that we'll let them go if he tortured DrHukeSteez, all the suddenly DrHukeSteez pulled out his shotgun and blasted my m8 in the face a second before me and Kuba could rain down hell fire on him. He clearly had no ways to survive that since we outnumbered him and had weapons to end his life quickly.
  17. That sounds like character development, good for you. Good luck out there.
  18. So you want people to know who owns the base, look at the playerlist to see if they are online before they raid? Want them to wait for you before they can raid? Or is it just the thought of people "stealing" that is the issue here?
  19. Former Community Helper Roman made a thread a while back: In this thread Master @Roland stated his opinion. I hope that this will change since a pretty big majority of the community wanted to change it.
  20. @Voodoo you're welcome, my campaign worked. #BallsToBalls

    1. Voodoo



      When's the next drinking session?

    2. Roman


      You better join the next drinking session boi!

    3. StagsviewRB


      What a meme, it finally happened.

  21. #Voodoo4Admin #BallsAgainstBalls #VoodooGoesWild

    1. Phoenix


      what the fuck 😂😂😂😂

    2. Voodoo



    3. Hofer


      john c reilly seriously GIF

  22. Roman

    New mods suggestions (September 2019)

    Yes to everything! Let's go!
  23. Roman

    Interview With A Community Member: AndreyQ

    Tldr Better luck next time.
  24. Thanks to all the lads today for some great roleplay! Also want to give a shout out to @Mia and later on @Polaroid.
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