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Community Answers

  1. Always thought @Terrawould take over... #HoferChanged
  2. Thank you for the feedback, we are glad that you enjoyed the hostilities and we will work on your other point regarding the execution and interrogation. It's nice to see proper feedback. Much love.
  3. Thanks a bunch to @Stagsview and crew who made the event happen today, it's really cool that you help advance lore for groups.
  4. You have convinced me, we should instead take all weapons to make it less confusing for civilians. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Is that the same slut we met last time in S-GRU?
  6. Where's my tank? I need it for RP.
  7. We are bringing back CLF, I think it's time.
  8. Time to save the server again.
  9. Yeah...gotta say that what Angel is spewing is a lot more serious then the discussion about IC rules and makes it very uncomfortable knowing we have such a person with those views is staff. This is the sort of propaganda that leads to atrocities around the world when you downplay racism against certain groups of people and normalize it. It happened in Rwanda and in Germany. #NeutralRP
  10. Yes please, I need to know where the roleplay is being done.
  11. I just remember that you didn't get IG during a pretty long period of time so we couldn't move the story forward so the roleplay with FM came to a halt since it was OOC based. So when you finally did get IG we wanted it done with. I would just had given us what we wanted.
  12. Awww yeah! Great job! Gonna be lit being a drunk "cultist".
  13. Tfw you log in and run around for 5 hours without finding anyone because no one is online and you didn't know.
  14. I've made friends and then lost friends so that isn't it, I've had some good RP but it hasn't been worth the time wasted. I literally can't figure out what my favorite thing is...maybe fucking around when drunk when I literally have nothing else to do.
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