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  1. Dat necro beanz 😄

    Were you on a nostalgia trip?

    1. Para


      You too huh? 🤔

    2. Aisling


      @Roman yes Indeed I was

    3. Roman


      Just read it, looks like I had your back. I had totally forgotten about us having a PR manager.

      I don't even remember if I was staff at that point anymore.

  2. Haven't read the script for this season, gonna be interesting.
  3. Roman

    DayZRP 20.6.5

    Saint Roman Ski Resort added to Chernarus It's about time I got something named after me.
  4. Roman

    car stuff

    Might be the best or luckiest driving I've seen. Learned my lesson to watch the screen while playing...
  5. Did you write that while wearing your cat ears?
  6. "Got weebed for 25 days in november, remeber having Diamond rank for a month around this time. Couldn't use my diamond perks for my profile cause everything was weebed...." -TurkRP Not fun and games when you pay for a service you cant use.
  7. Then I blame you two, disgraceful display. Shame. Can't find him when I @ him. That's because you are a weeb with cat ears.
  8. Aight, I've been thinking about making this thread for a while now but I've thought that these shenanigans would stop by now. I know that some staff think that changing members names to something anime related is the funniest shit since pickle Rick but it's time to stop. It makes it harder to find people on discord and it's just very unprofessional. There's a member called Grimm who's name is beyond recognition, it's gone too far. Please be professional and stop this tom follery. Best Regards The best roleplayer.
  9. "Do you have pliers?"
  10. Reginald "Tiny" Mijailović was born in Novigrad in 1980 by his two Chernarussian parents, at an early age his parents moved to Sweden for a better life. He grew up in Sweden but visited his relatives in South Zogoria every summer. When the war started he heard about all the things that the Russians were doing to his people so he decided to go there and fight with his bratris.
  11. Yes, let's make OOC arrangements for how we want the story to proceed.
  12. I think we might need more neutrality so certain members can enjoy their roleplay and not let others interrupt their internal story lines.
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