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  1. Any% Speedrun World Record.

  2. acd0a388820de12dd21e40ebed113dcb.png

    I forgive you. ❤️

    1. Roland


      Working as intended 😄

    2. Roman


      Yeah, after more then a year. Well deserved tho, wont complain.

    3. Roman
  3. Can't wait for all the emotional camp fire RP this group will bring, proud to be part of it.
  4. "Apply to Staff (9/14)" Do I really have to? I didn't agree to this. @Roland

    1. Roland


      Yes, it's a requirement.

      Alexa, play Lena Philipsson - Det gör ont

  5. Fyodor Andropov was born in Санкт-Петербург (then named Leningrad) in January 1980 to a middle class family with a father with military background. Growing up Fyodor did well in school and wanted to make his parents proud, he knew what he wanted to do when he grew up. He wanted to follow his fathers footsteps and join the military to help keep the country safe after the Sovjet Union collapse in 1991. He graduated with good grades in 98 and the in the same year he enrolled in "Russian Armed Forces" and began his training, he continued to do good and worked hard to be in the top 5 of his class. After a few years he got sent to fight in the second Second Chechen War, where he fought for several years until it ended in 2009. Having proved to be a very good soldier both during training and the during the war he got into the Spetanaz program and started his training. He enrolled in the Ground Forces division and learned how to be the most effective soldier, that's what he did until the outbreak happened and everything changed.
  6. I do not speak from my own experience but the experience that many of us went through growing up in St. Petersburgh, it was tough and was a lot tougher for my parents when they first immigrated here from Ghana. There weren't many minority groups in my community, I didn't have many friends either but not all were objectionable with bigotry towards me and my family but I've only known this culture, I love Russia and its why I chose to help defend it in the war against the Chechens. I was defending the people of Russia (even if some of them hated me for my skin color) against a great evil and was proud to serve in the spetsnaz. I was still looked down on by some but most respected me and stood by my side and by the side of other minorities who were proudly serving their country. After the war ended I left spetsnaz and went back to civilian life with great pride, it was here where I found my true calling and purpose in life. During my time in the army, I met a man named Klement Mbarga. His parents immigrated to Russia and like me was born here. We both became great friends and together after the civil war we founded an organization and named it 'The Patriots' or 'Vlastenci'. Our main goal was to help veterans such as ourselves readjust to civilian life and making sure they got the help they needed for any physical or mental problems they faced. Our organization didn't stop there, we also helped minorities in our country as well. We would help educate those who immigrated here from all over the world on Russian culture and its history, we also offered them financial support as well. Our organization came with much criticism implying that the state did not do enough to help support spetsnaz veterans. We faced setback after setback but we always pushed forward, we always looked forward and everyone at Vlastenci were proud of our achievements.
  7. I think it's time to bring back the mod @Roland I like the new ban changes, it's something I've had similar thought about. If @Terrais okay with this then I'm ok with this. @HoferYou've changed man. Big ups to staff tho, they've literally tried everything and beyond to make the community rise from the dead.
  8. Always thought @Terrawould take over... #HoferChanged
  9. Thank you for the feedback, we are glad that you enjoyed the hostilities and we will work on your other point regarding the execution and interrogation. It's nice to see proper feedback. Much love.
  10. Thanks a bunch to @Stagsview and crew who made the event happen today, it's really cool that you help advance lore for groups.
  11. You have convinced me, we should instead take all weapons to make it less confusing for civilians. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Is that the same slut we met last time in S-GRU?
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