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  1. Oh man, that was some legit shit my guy. Like Roman was having flashbacks to his NAPA days and just wanted to cut heads off Gonna be real interesting, we just have some things to take care off within the group first haha
  2. Roman


    I don't know about you guys but 1.0 is everything I've waited for for 5 years.
  3. Roman

    Kozlovská Rodina [Strict Recruitment]

    Will Liska finally have...dare I say it...friends?
  4. Roman

    Passport Mod for RP

  5. Roman

    Teamspeak 3 Memorial Thread

    Remember the good times @Roland ?
  6. If you are not pure blood chernarussian then you are ruski scum
  7. Roman

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Convicts v3?
  8. Roman

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Thank you! Not sure who you are but it seems like we are in the same group so I'm looking forward getting to know you.
  9. Roman

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    Play a Ruski character and we'll find you real soon my guy.
  10. I've nutted so much that I'm literary a dry bag.
  11. We've been trying to find you guys for so long. We had resort to just killing regular Russians instead.
  12. We just get so much content every time we get in game.
  13. Cerna Liska is a decent enough group. Also thanks to @Jackson Susville for being a great hostage and playing along.
  14. Roman

    Youtube Rewind 2018

    Haven't watched it and ain't gonna watch it but I'll give my honest opinion on it. It was shit and I hate all kids around the world for making human garbage famous and rich. Makes me wanna become more garbage so I also can become rich.