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  1. Lyca

    • Lyca
    • Roman

    You guys scared me ... lmao... I was ready to put my hands up XD

    1. Roman


      We would never 😉

      Twas just a friendly talk

  2. It's Friday! cracked my first beer! Angerfist is blasting in the stereo system! Let's do some Rrrrrpppp!

  3. Roman

    Add Check Pulse Mod?

    *ID* Oh hello Mr. John Smith of the group "x".
  4. Special props to @Hanro today. Thank you for amazing roleplay. #RiPDull
  5. Question you'd like to ask: Any update on the "New anti-rape rule suggestion"?
  6. First status update:

    Hardstyle blasting in my ears and my first beer cracked. Let's do this shit!
    Eat, Sleep, Roleplay, Repeat.

    1. Jannik


      okay what about sex??


    2. Roman


      I said "eat".

    3. Roman


      Guinness is the best beer in the world, don't change my mind.

    4. Stagsview


      Ringwood is the best beer if them all 

    5. Roland


      I like Sofiero because it's cheap and gets me wasted quickly.

      I have no taste at all.

    6. Jannik


      We know you dont have any taste @Roland 😉

    7. Roman


      Who the fuck drinks Sofiero if they ain't alcoholics or poor 😄 @Roland

    8. Roland


      I was poor for 3 years because of Kronofogden, remember? Only now I have bounced up from the bottom thanks to the item shop, but old habits die hard 😄 

    9. Jannik


      :D kinda sad #feelsbad


    10. Roman


      I've contributed to that item shop, buy yourself a Guinness on me old friend 😉 @Roland

  7. Roman

    Chernarussian Language

    Yea...I think that might had been me. I didn't try to put you on the spot or anything. That's kinda why I said that I was going to attempt to pronounce it since my character isn't Chernarussian, that way I could leave it up to you if you understood what I said. But I do apologize if you felt that I pushed you on it. The phrase was: Jak se màte? (jak se mahte ) = How are you? But I do understand your question since someone started speaking fluid french to me since I play a french character, so I had to go OOC and say "I don't speak french" and then started emoting *speaks in french* "text"
  8. Roman

    "Comfort" The Drug of Novigrad

    Great stuff Staggs! The drug makes sense and it fits so well for this world. It can also produce many fun things to roleplay with.
  9. edit Any progress on the investigation?
  10. Roman

    New anti-rape rule suggestion

    Hey @Roland, have you seen any of the rule suggestions in this thread that you like so far? Just wanted to know how things are progressing. Thank you
  11. Do anyone else in your group have a recording from this?
  12. I want to ask what the lies were? If I understand correctly you say you gained execution rights when I initially lied about that I wasn't with the white armbands that I after some roleplay confessed to. So you killed me for something that I eventually told you the truth about. My character had just recently came back to the group after being away for a long time and didn't know anything about the claims you made regarding the groups recent activities and was therefor not lying. When you threatened that I would die I started to give you guys my characters truth. I would also ask if you have video evidence during this situation so we could get some clarity in your claims that I was lying during the whole situation.
  13. Server and location: S1 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-30, 21:39 Your in game name: Gabriel Valentin Names of allies involved: Alyssa Black, Derek Crow Name of suspect/s: Dew and The Jackals Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: So I walked up to Green Mountain to see if there were anyone there and saw several people with orange armbands. They approached me and asked me about my white armband. Knowing that several groups are hunting us I tried to lie about who I was with and said that it was a bandage for a cut I got earlier. They questioned it and asked me to remove it (which I did) so they could check if there were any cuts. I emoted that there were no cut so they then told me to get to the main building where I got initiated on. There they started questioning me about me and my friends and I tried to lie about us to protect my friends. After some hostilities I eventually told them the truth and they then asked me to radio my friends and get them there which I did. After a little while @ScarletRose and @yuthee arrived and got taken by them and brought them to my building. They started making demands that we are to stop doing what we do in the country and told us to leave South Zagoria and if they would ever hear that we were still around they would gut us as a f****g fish. @ScarletRose agreed to their demands and asked for their frequency. When that was over @Dew asked me to step aside and said "...and to show you that I mean business" he executed me. I was roleplaying my character and I gave vague and false answers to protect my group as it would not be realistic for me to tell the whole truth to everyone who asks. There are many threats that people make during a hostile encounter, such as the threat of death, threat to leave the country etc that are not valid demands. While they did tell me not to lie or they would kill me, I did not take this to be an attempt to gain grounds for execution. I do not recall a very clear demand for me to answer a specific question and I am also unsure how they would prove me to be lying. I am still unsure about what they believe to be the lie that warranted my death. Once I had told the truth, the RP continued and it was only probably 20 minutes later that they decided to execute me under the guise of an entirely different reason. If the demand was clearly meant to be an answer or die request, I did not interpret it as such and hence continued to RP in keeping with my character. I was completely shocked when I was executed and immediately thought it was a rule break. Only when Jasper provided clarification did I realize that they believed they had rights based on what I had said earlier. I was under the impression that this was an interrogation, where they would force me to reveal more and more information. If I realized that they believed that saying they would kill me if I lied was grounds for execution, I guess I would have told them everything from the start, even though this would be completely out of character simply to avoid death. I believe that I was invalidly executed considering the circumstances, but if staff believe that their demands were sufficient, then I would like to report for rule play. If they believe they gained rights to kill me based on a lie, then why did they not kill me at the time and instead continue with the RP and use their ‘kill rights’ to make an entirely different point.
  14. So what happens if we find people that clearly aren't 18+?
  15. I think that if you read the OPs section regarding "saying no" you might understand why this might be a more difficult problem then just going // to say no. You are entitled to your opinion of course if you don't agree. I just happen to agree what has been said by OP and truly believe that the extreme wording I used is an actual possibility.
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