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  1. Roman


  2. Roman

    What We Can Do

    How awkward would it be if she doesn't know and you just start fucking her husband in front of her?
  3. Roman

    What We Can Do

    haha that's so gay, does your wife know?
  4. Roman

    What We Can Do

    That never happened tho, he was never unbanned.
  5. Roman

    :PartyParrot: :SiestaParrot: :ImoutParrot:

    Tbh, you were a shit CH.
  6. Roman

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    Always enjoyed it when Ray initiated, he never yelled, he just had a lot of authority in his voice. Always turned down my volume when I knew Frank was gonna initiate because his fucking voice pierced ear drums and shell shocked anyone near him so they didn't know what they hell was happening.
  7. Roman

    Help make DayzRp great again

    Just gotta give him a bit of time, that's all.
  8. Roman

    Help make DayzRp great again

    I'm pretty sure that JimRP have stated that Mr.Moon will soon make videos on our servers. That will surely bring some traffic.
  9. Roman

    Good bye community

    Harry! Noooooooooooooo! Best CH. Take care buddy.
  10. Roman

    S1: RDM/No time to respond - RDM via hand grenade.

    Verdict: Dusty, Dustin, Akrasia, [RDM]: Inconclusive. @idole [METAGAMING]: Guilty Explanation: Let's start from the beginning where @Puma and "@smfw" where talking and Dusty initiated. We can hear that Dusty initiates and a firefight ensues. What we can't see is what Smfw did for him to be shot. The only video evidence we have regarding that situation has a very dark picture so we are not able to distinct how Smfw reacted. We hear an initiation and 2 faint shots which we can't trace back to Dusty. We could only speculate at this point what happened so therefor we will deem that as inconclusive and word vs word seeing that Dusty claims one scenario and Puma claims another. Then we move on to Idole's situation. You were initiated on and were taken to what is commonly known as the "piano house". On you walk over there you had your hands up the entire time. At one point you unmute your teamspeak to ask if anyone else was taken and receive the answer that you were the only one. This is considered metagaming since you had no opportunity to use the radio to gain this information. While it was a minor thing it still is considered metagaming since you actually gained knowledge about a situation that you shouldn't had known. We are going to give you a verbal warning to be vary of this in the future when you have surrendered. 11.1 You may not use metagaming to give your character information that he/she would otherwise not have access to or to gain any kind of advantage over other players. Then we get to the meat of the report regarding the grenade. It's not only abuse of game mechanics, it's also straight up RDM and goes against everything that we strive for in this community. We have gone through a lot of evidence, sadly what we got from all the evidence was inconclusive. Even if we know who was there and know that someone there had to place the grenade we can't for certain say who it was. We can't punish everyone there since we don't know if it was an independently act or a group effort. Rest assure though that this doesn't look good for anyone that was part of the situation in the house that couldn't provide evidence clearing their name. This could very easily have resulted in a permaban if we found out who it was. All we can say is that we really do not want to see anything similar like this happen again from the people involved. This is something that we can't tolerate. Outcome: Dusty, Dustin, Akrasia: No Punishment. @idole [METAGAMING]: Verbal Warning
  11. Roman

    S1, Invalid Execution, Powergaming in VMC and Kabanino, 11/02/2017 19:30 and 20:45

    I need for Evan to clarify how he had KoS rights. Did you attempt to roleplay during the hostage situation before you got executed?
  12. Roman

    S1, Invalid Execution, Powergaming in VMC and Kabanino, 11/02/2017 19:30 and 20:45

    How had you gained KoS rights?
  13. Roman

    S1, Invalid Execution, Powergaming in VMC and Kabanino, 11/02/2017 19:30 and 20:45

    So did you execute them because they came back or that they weren't compliant during the second time you had them as a hostage? In what way were they not compliant before you executed them?
  14. Roman

    S1, Invalid Execution, Powergaming in VMC and Kabanino, 11/02/2017 19:30 and 20:45

    @lukzo2024 We need a clearer PoV for why you executed your hostage. Also, did you re-initiate the second time? If so, what did you say when you initiated? Please be specific and give more detail about the reasons for the execution.
  15. Roman

    The Lore Wipe

    Will we get one last big event before the wipe? Like Charnorusia getting nuked?