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  1. Yes, very strange that there's actually not already just a plain one.
  2. Yes please, fucking sucks to halt people just because you need to take out a bottle or something.
  3. Hopefully we'll get to meet again. Thank you for the rp.
  4. If the game is from 18+...then how are kids playing the game
  5. Sounds like good money, I'll sell it to a wannabe gangster for 10k.
  6. It's a very good weapon, much better then a shitty AK.
  7. You ever found my favorite UMP in the bush?
  8. Roman

    Restraint + Crash = Dead

    He right.
  9. Had it for 3 days, tried everything. Nothing helped. Then I died and that fixed it.
  10. OxeN

    tack för rolspelet din legend, cred till dig och slava Russia and glory to Chedaki.

  11. Roman

    Frannys Artworks

    Dope af, hope to run into you IG.
  12. Roman

    Okay... This Fog.

    This is fucking shit, please fix now. I want to actually be able to see the game I'm playing.
  13. Also helped my friend to restart the computer.
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