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  1. Thank you so much for implementing my suggestion @Kerkkoh! I just have one question, I saw that your health bar dropped, does that mean that if I emote being severely damaged that I die from one hit?
  2. Roman

    Turbo Kerflonked

    I member, youngest staff.
  3. That's a name I haven't seen in a while...been so long that I've forgotten if I ever actually interacted with this group.
  4. Roman

    God Bless the Kingdom of Sweden

    Glad midsommar! Snart korkas det upp! för faan gubbar nu köör vi!
  5. Roman

    DayZRP 19.6.4

    What about the menu/server hud glitches? @Roland
  6. Roman

    Whitelist improvements

    What about the whitelist questions we wrote when I was admin? @Roland
  7. Roman

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    Thanks for clarifying which year it is. Good luck with the group, you have a lot of patiens in this country.
  8. Roman

    New Dawn - Medical Group [Open Recruitment]

    This isn't the same New Dawn from like 2014-2015 right?
  9. Roman

    I think we were supposed to take a left back there...

    Last known picture of Gabriel before he got murdered.
  10. Drago grew up in the town "Banja Luka" in Bosnia and Herzegovina into a poor family and had to at an early age be creative with how to make money doing various deeds that sometimes wouldn't be considered legal. In his teens he were getting more and more violent and started adapting the life of a criminal, he joined a football firm and went regularly to games just to fight with other supporters. After school he started to get more into organized crime and joined a gang and started to live the life of a hardened criminal. Then in the early 90's the rumblings of a civil war started happening in the former Yugoslavia. Being a nationalist and a violent man didn't make it difficult for him to be persuaded into joining Željko Ražnatović who lead the Serb Volunteer Guard aka Arkans Tigers when they started fighting in his home town. He fought with them until the civil war ended but something had changed him forever. Having to do and see things during his time in the guard made it difficult to come back to normalcy and he were in a constant personal hell where he couldn't live like he was used to during the war. Then he went on the deep web and found like minded people...so he booked a plane ticket to the island of Chernarussia where his plane crashed and he was the only survivor.
  11. Roman

    VIP rank change

    *laughs in bronze*
  12. Wanted to thank the entire group of The Playhouse for all the amount of incredible RP I've had on my character Gabriel. I don't want to really pick specific people since you all contribute to all the amazing roleplay I've experienced. Thank you all for the good times, hopefully there will be lot's more to come with my new character. Also thank you to everyone else that I've met during my time on Gabriel.
  13. Roman

    God Bless the Kingdom of Sweden

    Lite härlig nationalistisk musik så här på nationaldagen: Skål gubbar! Klackarna i taket.
  14. Roman

    God Bless the Kingdom of Sweden

    Passa er grabbar så det inte blir hets mot folkgrupp med allt Svenskt som postas.
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