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  1. whats your fav fallout game?

    mine is fallout:new vegas
  2. whats your fav food?

    my fav food is bacon
  3. lets start a comment war!

    boy or girl? (chose one)
  4. lets start a comment war!

    are girls better roleplayers than boys?
  5. Favorite Gun?

    cz550= great scope-hardly get it robbed from you-easy to find.
  6. Chernarus Live Radio! [SoonTM]

    jolly good show.
  7. Feedback on Staff

    you guys are great and girls
  8. if i join ill cause chaos

    i will be training for the day i be let in you can close the thread.
  9. if i join ill cause chaos

    ill donate when i can.
  10. if i join ill cause chaos

    1 of best mod/servers ever
  11. if i join ill cause chaos

    dayzrp is amazing!!! :} you guy are doing a great job!
  12. if i join ill cause chaos

    i love whateing
  13. if i join ill cause chaos

    im not a badass im Byron (you dont care who i am)
  14. if i join ill cause chaos

    love the nice comments. im getting.
  15. ill cause chaos. its my way of joing clans then geting kicked out by (non-hacking related) crims. and my stunts are crazy fun. dont juge im fun be with. love to roleplay. im to unstayble_(insane). world will be torn apart. storys of me trieing to get classerfied documents from clf-rsm trieing to give other clans then geting capured maby. sounds crazy doesnt it. but great for radio.(love the bad spelling) :3 im just really happy person...