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  1. Archiving my group.

    actually wondered if you'd do me the beautiful favor of deleting it @Mexi
  2. Archiving my group.

    I apologize for possibly unnecessarily taking up somebody's time but, after looking around for a while and searching for some help, I have failed to figure out how to archive my group. We've been together for awhile but have been for the most part inactive and they only stick around for a title, and I would like to disband the group.
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  3. Maintaing Camp grieving

    Alright. Regarding the loss of gear and getting robbed. When 101 was settled east of Novaya Petrovka, they would get totally bonked every night by random kids just passing by. That's what their RP is, I guess; collect gear -> trade a little bit of gear -> sit and talk about backstory -> sleep -> complain that gear got stolen -> collect gear ->... If it was a group/faction, two or three people who got upset that their mosin was taken would get together and go to whoever it was with pitchforks and usually get killed right away. You gotta realize that having a big settlement full of tents and gear, that is empty for about 6-7 hours, means you're just gonna get finessed on the daily. Besides, ya'll don't even need tents. You have the campfires, of which you sit around all day (when you're not trading/collecting gear), to store your things. Now, on about the fact they leave your shit on the ground. That's fucked up, like, if I were robbing ya I'd just grab the shit I want/need and dip out. But then @Jetwells has a point that if he wants to pillage and burn down your shit he can do so, with all his might and it's great that he/other people do this because it is what allows yall to gearRP so much. While it doesn't make sense to me that you'd burn down tents and shit (that people are likely sleeping in IC) and also doing it at a time they are asleep IRL is kind of fucked and on top of it all doing it solo without a group or reasonable reason lol is kind of fucked up and I can see why you all are mad. I'm on both sides of the fence here but, tbh it's yall's fault for even existing. 101 should just convert to BanditRP and PVP/RPVP and pillage/burn other settlements. That'd make some nice RP and history. Too bad ya got no good pvpers ;))) (not that it matters cuz RP is a #1 priority) rant; but why does it even matter. Why are we posting on this forum or even this topic? Why did you take time (what even is time, is it light?) out of your day to post this? Do you feel impacted by the events happening to 101? Why do they impact the way the universe will eventually turn out? How is complaining about your gear being taken going to stop the planet from overheating and filling up with carbon dioxide (both caused by us) and inevitably killing us,? Idk, but all I'm sayin is yall gotta do somethin other than go to Tisy and get loo0oo0t/sit around and have shallow RP (not that shallow RP is bad RP, because no RP is bad, cuz it's RP). Love you all, god bless ya. (was a part of 101 for three days, about five months ago, so I'm a credible source) joking
  4. The weird trend of character pages

    John Wayne was born in New York, New York. He was an ex navy seal but moved to Russia during the combine invasion.
  5. The Poet [Open Freq]

    * Aldous would be nerkin' his throbber while in his room until he hears the ham radio pick up a frequency, he looks over at it intently and listens to this broadcast before responding.* "Mang not another fuckin' weird dude usin' the fuckin' radio. Jou know we got enough uh you, righ'? Please stop, vato, I'm kinda slappin' the pappy here, jou know mang?" * He releases the ptt and decides to mute the radio this time, and proceeds with forkin' his borkin'. *
  6. Real life picture Thread

    @Kaleb since 2014 and makeout vid. But it doesn't make me a credible human bean on all things Mac. If you wanna talk about music pm me though. He's probably a narcissist like every other famous person, who knows.
  7. Real life picture Thread

    probably me when I first starting playing DayZRP then got banned for being underage (not really, i think) Me sophomore year.
  8. *LET ME START BY SAYING THAT I AM POSTING THIS FOR ANYONE WHO HAS THIS PROBLEM IN THE FUTURE* this was the best place for me to post it If you are getting an authentication error or a message telling you that your authentication ticket is expired (ERR_BAD_SSL_CLIENT_AUTH_CERT) , a really big reason why is if you are using ESET Antivirus. If you do infact use ESET, you need to open it, go to setup>advanced setup>web and email> SSL and TLS (disable this) If this method doesn't work, for now you are stuck using another web browser such as internet explorer (like I did) This bug will stop you from being able to even log on to DayZRP, so yeah it blows.
  9. The Fate of New Gorka 87.8 (open frequency)

    *Aldous would be woken by this broadcast, as he is leaned against a chair next to the hamradio. He quickly responds to Rico.* "Ayo mang, jou know myself and the rest of the MC gotchoo on this mang, jou need hands to move boxes and we there for jou bro. Jou reckon jou can keep a place open for us to use as a clubhouse if we move witchoo, mang? I'm thinkin you're gonna need more than just sleepy policemen to defend that place you know mang? Hit me up on a private frequency if you gotta talk mang, ms-13 and the Brood got a future mang you know? I see it mang. It was taken to the table and the club supports whatever path ms-13 takes or wants to take. You all are da future of New Gorka, mang." *Aldous thinks before letting go of the ptt, he anxiously fidgets with his bandana, waiting for a response.*
  10. Why we should have First Person ONLY.

    Expect a lot of Beanz soon, grand master MS Paint. @MrBowTie
  11. Why we should have First Person ONLY.

    RP would be real immersive, yeah. But, you'll be begging for 1st person only until you get into combat. Maybe over time we'd get used to it and shit but people have been fighting in third person and first for too long to just change it now. Something that makes us so skilled at combat in this god forsaken fuckin trash game is being able to switch from third to first to third to first. It's essential to actually staying alive, even though it makes no damn sense, in rp, that you can be outside of your body. Also, the argument that "well if we can do it in arma 3 and combat is ok, it will work in dayz, right?". Arma 3 actually is a developed game, whereas (for some reason, despite being made on the same engine or whatever) dayz is a cluster fuck of buggy, laggy, nasty, choppy movement in first person. Despite all this, god bless ya muthafukin soul for the MS Paint job. I literally love it. People need to do more MS Paint to make fun of ingame situations. So much funny shit like this happens/is happening in dayzrp rn, it's great. More MS paint. +100000
  12. *Aldous stares out the window of the warehouse, watching the New Gorka guards and some assholes duke it out and compare dick sizes, the usual. He sets down the box of broken control parts and sighs in heavily. Aldo walks to the spare room and takes a seat in an old chair. He pulls the small radio from his bag and begins the loop message.* *looped message begins* Harley Davidsons, comradery, brotherhood. To bring an end to the tyranny of these disgusting fascist fucks. Do you want these things? Do you wake up every day wanting to fight to achieve these things? The Brood of Nihilism MC welcomes you into its warm embrace and emplores you, you, to find us. There is little meaning or things left to achieve in life, so why not take what you have now any do what you can to make the most of it? Emotion, compassion for life, these things mean nothing if you do not understand that what we do here simply does not matter. Do you ever think this way but never have anyone to share these thoughts with? But, you do. The Brood welcomes you. Come find us in Gorka, and we will happily make you a prospect so that you can find your way deeper into the Brood. All ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion or lack thereof are welcomed. We only hope that you begin to realize what it means to live free of tyranny and outside ruling. The pressures of society and otherwise will become null to you and you will be truly happy. Just reach out. And what the hell, we honestly need ya. Meet us on this frequency, even. Viviendo Libre. *looped message ends, then proceeds to repeat after several moments* *Aldous continues to move boxes into the new clubhouse alongside Luke.*
  13. The weird trend of character pages

    For me, it sort of goes back to Half Life 2 RP in Garry's Mod. Everyone would use the male_07 model because that shit was just the best one we had. Then TnB's model pack got released to the public and people were able to use a lot more different types of male_07, like ones with gas masks. You even see trends like this in DnD where there's eight different motherfuckers who all look the same and have the same backstories. I find that to be original, you should have a lack of backstory to display to the public. Backstory limits character development through actual ingame RP, and people often put their backstory first, over their experiences in S. Zagoria, when making decisions. Not to be that guy but like, Neegan, a totally gnarly example of how backstory should in no way affect how you act in the new world. Like, his decision making and attitude changes, for the most part, entirely after the apocalypse and his experiences. *also gonna take this post as a chance to flex hard with my characters* Aldous Fernando Bao' Dong Petsha Loiza I also see a ton of people just using default stalker models (such as the sunrise suit and just random exoskele's). This would most likely be because it's the only other dystopian game/concept they've heard of.
  14. The Brood's Ideology (As written by Aldous Fernando) Ideology (The 15 Foundations)